3PL Companies that you should know about in 2021.

Top 5 3PL Companies in 2021 you need to know!

3PL companies

3PL, the abbreviation for 3rd Party Logistics, refers to outsourcing elements of warehousing, inventory management, distribution, and fulfilment services. While companies can ship independently too, they ideally opt for 3PL companies to reduce costs. Since 3PL companies help focus on a business’s core competencies and leverage their expertise to gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead in the game, they are preferred.

3PL companies offer to outsource logistics. It encompasses anything that involves the management of procurement and fulfilment activities. Thus, in businesses, a 3PL quite often has a broad meaning that applies to any service contract that involves storing or shipping items.

It is a helping hand that helps moving products through the supply chain.

Let’s take a look at some notable 3PL Companies that you should know of in 2021:


Amazon is the largest 3PL company to exist. It offers shipping, customer service, packing, and advertisement of your product on your behalf. Some even call Amazon an online powerhouse, which is true to its name. The marketplace that Amazon built over the years is very large. Hence, the scope for businesses to flourish is also greater.

Container corporation of India ltd

Concor India or Container Corporation of India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Indian Railways. It is one of the new launches but still one of the notable 3PL companies. CCI provides inland transport by rail for container management of air cargo complexes and ports in the country. It is actively involved in the development of col-chain logistics in India for frozen items. CONCOR plays a key role in India’s economic and industrial progress of the “Navratna” companies in India.


DTDC came into existence in 1990 as a 3PL and fulfilment company. It has grown to be one of the most noteworthy 3PL companies in India. Along with this, DTDC ships in India and also in foreign countries. DTDC has now established its presence in the UK, US, Singapore and many countries.


Gati claims to be the pioneer of the 3PL companies in India. It delivers to 21,000+ pin codes. It takes care of the distribution by air, road and water. Gati provides end-to-end logistics. Depending upon the urgency, you can check different plans that it offers.


FedEx is an American Multinational Company, providing its 3PL services in India as well. Because of its vast area of operations, it makes the cut of being in the top 5 3PL companies. It deals in healthcare, retail, industrial, consumer goods, technology, and electronics. Its holistic approach helps you to improve your business. Thus, this makes FedEx a frequent choice of many businesses as well as individuals.

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