4 Ways To Make Money Through Amazon Marketplace

4 Ways To Make Money Through Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is an eCommerce giant with one of the biggest e-commerce websites. Amazon Marketplace provides millions of people with its outstanding number of products; from clothing to electronics to home appliances, and the customer service is absolutely remarkable. Well, did you know that you can earn money through this huge platform? Here are 4 ways.

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon offers different ways through which users can earn money online in the comfort of their homes. 

You can make a good profit with Amazon and it’s actually a good way of an income if you keep working hard with consistency. 

You can choose the right way for yourself and make money:

Amazon Handmade 

Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Handmade is for artisans who are keen on selling their products online. Products including accessories, clothing, jewelry, etc. which are handcrafted are in good demand. 

To begin as an Amazon handmade seller, you need to first sign up and fill up an application form wherein you have to explain the nature of your work and production. 

You don’t need to purchase costly selling accounts in order to start selling your handcrafted goods. It’s totally free to join and register for this program while all you are charged is a 15% referral fee on your total sales price. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Amazon Marketplace

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and the easiest way to earn money through Amazon. All you need to do is refer quality products on your blog, website, etc. (from Amazon) with good content that pleases your audience and makes them purchase the products. 

Once people purchase the products through your affiliate link that you are provided with when you join the program, you earn some profit on each sale referred by you. 

You can choose any product from the millions of products from Amazon that you want to advertise on your website or blog. Amazon affiliate is absolutely free to join with no requirements of third-party approvals. 

Kindle Direct Publishing 

Amazon Marketplace

Kindle Direct publishing is another easy way to earn money for aspiring writers who can publish digital books. If you are a good writer and if you can trust your abilities in writing riveting books in good numbers, then you might as well join the Kindle Direct Publishing. 

There are quite a lot of users who have successfully earned with few bestsellers. However, if you keep writing and publishing interesting books consistently then you can make some good money on this platform.

Fulfillment by Amazon 

Amazon Marketplace

Here’s another exciting way to earn money through Amazon. With FBA, you need to send your products to any fulfillment centers by amazon without stressing about the packing and shipping of the item or any customer service. 

Research about the products in demand and the items you are confident about, and sell those items with a per-unit fee depending on the weight and size of the item. There are other charges including the storage fee and monthly fee that depends on your product inventory and sales. 


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