Mobile App - Why Should You Have One For Your Business

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile App For Your eCommerce

Close Up Of Mobile Phone With Realtors Property App Lying On Table
Close Up Of Mobile Phone With Realtors Property App Lying On Table

eCommerce websites and mobile commerce aren’t optional for an eCommerce business. Both of them have different roles to play in the customer journey. It is essential that you pay equal attention to both of these aspects and do not overlook the mobile experience while designing the eCommerce strategy for your business. This is why a lot of companies are now building mobile apps for their business. A responsive website is an excellent starting point in your eCommerce journey. However, having a mobile app has its distinguished features over mobile websites. If you still aren’t convinced, this list of compelling reasons will convince you that your business needs a mobile app.

Mobile App Offers Better Customer Experience

Even if you have a responsive website, every time a user opens your website, the browser would prompt the user to sign into the account to continue shopping. Once the user signs in to the mobile app and the customer’s details are stored, you can use their info and give them more relevant searches.

Since users don’t have to constantly keep signing in, the ease of use is already higher. Ultimately the user satisfaction is also higher as the overall experience is simpler.

Having access to phone-native features

The phone’s native capabilities are accessible using a mobile phone, which is not possible in case of mobile websites. Features such as GPS and Camera can help improve the user experience. 

Mobile App Offers Checkout and Payment

Most retail businesses fear the shopping cart abandonment, whether it’s in-store or on an eCommerce platform, customers are likely to give up on purchasing the item if the checkout process is tedious.

Mobile apps remove friction from the entire process by simply making it interactive. The popularity of mobile wallets exists only because of quick transactions. Furthermore, fingerprint scanning and facial recognition help in removing the friction from the checkout and payment process. 

Use Mobile Apps as a Marketing Channel

Mobile apps make it easier to deliver a unified omnichannel experience to the customers. Also, apps can allow social media integration that combines the channels of customer engagement. Also, the customer preferences are saved on the app, after which it is curated and displayed to relevant customers.

Use of Advanced Tech for Interactive User Experience

Mobile Apps and technology are like two sides of the same coin. Incorporation of augmented reality in smartphones is already happening. Sephora and IKEA are pioneers of this transformation. You cannot deny that the use of AR/VR makes apps more interactive and engaging. Ultimately, customers have an engaging experience which they cannot experience through mobile websites.

Enabling Notifications

The best part about having an app is the fact that you can send notifications very easily. Upcoming sales, new collections and collaboration can be introduced through notifications. Pro tip: Don’t pester your customers by constantly sending reminders and notifications. There is a very fine line between increasing visibility and being annoying.

These are some of the primary reasons why you need to look into having a mobile app. In comparison to a mobile website, a mobile app is much convenient to use. With a mobile app, you are taking the pressure off your customers by giving them a simpler yet positive shopping experience.


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