7 reasons you why you should start your online store RIGHT NOW!

7 reasons why an online store is a great choice in 2021!

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Why are the millennials going gaga over online stores? Is it just another fad? Or a style that is going to fade over time? No, it is not just another buzzword that will soon wane. Online stores are here to stay because of the rising internet penetration in India, and across the globe. Ever since the pandemic-induced lockdown was imposed, many traditional businesses shifted online, which granted them ease of accessibility and they could continue operations even when the borders were shut.

But why should you create an online store at all?

Here is a list of 7 reasons why you should start an online store:

1. Inexpensive to start

An online store is fairly inexpensive to start. All you need is a computer, a domain name and a web hosting service. But that pretty much it. Unlike the offline store, it does not demand fancy doorknobs that you have to spend on. Instead, here, in the online setup, if you have a couple of things, then you can start your online business right away.

Along with this, with limited interaction, you don’t need many employees, which saves you a lot of money. In addition to this, rent, electricity, water is not charged extra, which reduces overhead expenses.

2. Free Website Builders

A mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly website is all you need to start an online store! If you get that right, appropriate traffic will definitely reach you. If you are thinking building a website is going to cost you hefty, then that is not the case. Some websites like Dash101 offer free website builders that help you to build awesome websites for no cost at all! Sounds like a good bargain!

3. 24×7 operations

If you are hiring a team, you might as well hire them from all across the globe. With this, you can pretty much be available 24×7 and fulfil the orders of your customers on your online store.
When the offline stores sleep, they are no longer accessible, you can bag all the orders, and complete them on time!

4. Location

So what if you are based out of Mumbai and your customer is in Bangalore, he is still going to order if he likes the product. Online stores defy the barrier of distance and bring customers and the store owners closer! You can be located anywhere in this country and continue doing your online business and get orders from across the map! Sounds quite interesting!

5. Lesser investment

The need for investment is lesser than that of offline stores. To start a shop, you need a physical place, and the way rent is rising rapidly, that would mean taking home lesser money. But instead, online stores would continue working at much lesser investment. The only investment it needs is sweat and hard work!

6. Flexibility of time

Online stores guarantee the flexibility of time as it does to location. You need not have fixed hours of business. You can work when you want to! Online stores can be taken up full-time as well as a side-hustle to earn extra money or create an extra source of money to help you retire early. You have the ultimate freedom to work whenever you want to, wherever you want to and however you want to!

7. Reach more pin codes

With the internet reaching at least 45% of the population in India, the use of the internet has greatly risen. This also converts the population into online consumers when they can buy new products. This is a boon for online store owners as more and more people from remote areas can also buy, which is otherwise a little difficult in the traditional setup. With logistic aggregators like Dash101, the cost of shipping is as low as ₹23! Dash101 also helps you to take your business PAN India as it delivers 27,000+ pin codes.

To conclude, starting an online store is always beneficial! It can be a great way to earn extra money to have a better standard of living. You can start your online store, too! If you think it is a tedious process, let me tell you, it is not! With Das101, it takes only a couple of clicks and a few minutes to create your online store. It is that easy! Download the Dash101 App now!


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Poorva Wele
Poorva (she/her) is a Content Writer at Dash101. She writes about tips on online stores, logistics, courier services, and so much more. Happy Reading!