eCommerce App - Features to Help You Boost Your Business

9 Must-Have Features for Your eCommerce app

Having a well-structured and responsive isn’t enough for your eCommerce. It is important to have an eCommerce mobile app as users find comfort and convenience while using an app. The fact that built-in features can also be accessed while using an app may have a major role to play in this. However, having a Mobile App isn’t merely enough if you don’t have certain features. Following are the top features that you should pay heed to during your eCommerce mobile app development.

eCommerce app offers Easy and Quick Registration process


You can use the best marketing strategies to draw attention to your eCommerce App. But you have only a few seconds to keep your users glued to your app. To achieve a good conversion rate, make sure that your sign-up process is short and simple.

Easy product navigation

Fun fact: Your mobile screen and your user’s attention span are both limited. Ensure that your users can easily navigate products by categories, instead of bombarding them with a lot of different products. Having categories and subcategories will facilitate an easy journey for your users.

Use eCommerce App analytics

Make it a practice right from the start to use an appropriate analytics tool to track the growth, patterns, profitability of your business. Integrating analytics tools can help you to understand the areas that need you to work on which eventually improve your user experience.

Multiple payment options

One of the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment is users not finding their preferred mode of payment. So, make sure that you’re facilitating more than one mode of payment to cater to a variety of audiences on your eCommerce App.

An effective feedback system

Customers like to share their experiences. Hence, it is a must to integrate a feedback system in your app. Ask the users to rate your app and review your products.

Quick access to customer support

If your customers can contact your customer support easily on your eCommerce App, it can prove to be a major game-changer for you. It’ll show your customers that they are valued. Quick responses from your brand will ensure brand loyalty.

Recommendation of relevant products

Personalized recommendations can eventually generate more sales. When customers see relevant options, they tend to consider more options and widen their search. Sending out personalized recommendations through email campaigns can establish a connection with your users.

Order fulfilment status

An easy-to-understand summary is one of the most basic features that an eCommerce app should have. After the purchase has been made, for complete visibility it’s necessary to keep customers updated on the status of their order.

Simplified purchase journey on eCommerce app

Your eCommerce app should focus on simplifying the entire purchase journey of the users. Complexity and delays will only lead to more cart abandonment instances. Add useful development features like search history, voice search, etc. to improve search functionality.

The competition in the eCommerce industry will continue to get tougher as days go by. You can’t anticipate the competition to get easier, you need to up your game. These are the most basic features that are required on an app and can be integrated if you want to offer convenience for your user.


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