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Social Commerce: The Next Big Thing in India

We’re a part of an ever-evolving world, this applies to all the spheres of life from the fads of fashion or the newly introduced trends in eCommerce. S-commerce commonly known as social commerce may just be the next big thing in the world of eCommerce. And the earliest positions are up for grabs. 

Social media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram best suited for social interactions. We’re already well aware of that. On the other hand, eCommerce platforms used for the primary purpose of shopping. Social commerce integrates the two divergent experiences and eliminates the need for users to switch their mental-mode. In the east, the convergence of the two is more evident, with apps like WeChat for instance. WeChat, one of the examples of social interactions as well as for shopping. With commerce and social experiences intertwined, the roots of S-commerce germinated.

Social Population in India

India has a population of over 1.2 billion and has the most varied markets in the world. Due to strong retail and positive customer outlook, India can expect to witness redefining trends in the consumer industry. Enhancing the experience of the customer’s shopping journey will be the key focus of brands and technology.


S-commerce is the future of commerce and will soon gain immense popularity. Young customer’s purchasing decision is majorly dependent on posting ratings and reviews. In India, social media platforms and online product reviews influence millennials shopping decisions. India currently has nearly 200 million active social media users, as the numbers will continue to increase at a significant pace. Categories such as fashion, baby products, fast food joints, personal care, and women care brands are gaining prominence on social networking sites.

Millennials are spending a majority of their time on social networking sites, streaming music and video content, actively participating in Omni-channeling shopping. With a significant amount of engagement created, social networking platforms have become an immediate medium for instant gratification. 

Which areas can tap into the potential of e-commerce?

Social ecommerce

Over half of the total consumer demand on social media platforms comprises cosmetics and a load of beauty and care products. Hence, the beauty segment follows food, beverages, and grocery.

Furthermore, India has emerged at the top in terms of leveraging social networking platforms for the sale of goods and services. Brands need to up their marketing strategy to seek out new potential consumers. Brands need to provide an experience rather than just the product.

Consumer Behaviour

Studying consumer’s shopping patterns and online behavior is imperative in social commerce. Moreover, these insights could contribute to bettering the customer’s shopping experience. Social commerce is not just a passing eCommerce trend but is a development that follows the creation of eCommerce sites. Brands need to be consistently proactive in tapping into the potential of S-commerce. Especially in its initial stages and capitalize the insights obtained in the changing tests of the younger customers. Marketing for S-Commerce will add an important aspect to the marketing plan of your brand. Eventually, it would also become an important tool for brands to gauge the impact of social commerce. 

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