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Acquisition of AR firm Scapic by Flipkart Group

Image Courtesy: Techno FAQ

To offer customers a more immersive experience, Flipkart Group on Tuesday announced the acquisition of Bengaluru- based Augmented company Scapic. However, the sum paid has not been disclosed as yet.

Scapic is a company located in Bengaluru that is currently serving clients across eCommerce and marketing. It is a cloud-based company that enables the creation and publishing of AR and 3D content.

As published on India TV, Kalyan Krishnamurthy, chief executive of the Flipkart group said, “As we make investments that focus on developing and nurturing the retail ecosystem, we are also committed to making our platform easier to navigate and richer for consumers in terms of content and experience.”

The Scapic deal is expected to bolster the shopping experience on Flipkart that is now owned by Myntra. The Flipkart group is all set to welcome onboard a talented team of experienced developers and designers. The team is working towards providing deeper camera experiences, virtual storefronts, and new opportunities for brand advertising.

In a joint statement, Scapic co-founders V.K. Sai Krishna and Ajay P.V said, “Customers now require better visuals than ever before. Scapic is building visual technology that brings products to life using AR and 3D. Advancements by the Scapic team in the field of AI (artificial intelligence), computer vision and AR have made this change possible. Scapic’s no-code platform helps create immersive experiences across categories such as fashion, furniture, and electronics,”

In less than a year, Flipkart has made two investments. The first one is a produce startup Ninjacart, and the second one is a logistics firm called Shadowfax.


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