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How to Get Started with Your eCommerce Mobile Application in 2021?

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Taking your business to the world can be one of the biggest challenges. This is especially true if you are a budding business. But, with the assistance of the Internet, a wide number of possibilities open up. For example, if you can take your business to the customer through a mobile app online store. The app store opens the door of possibility for your business to reach to the customer’s favourite shopping device- the mobile phone. 

Today everyone owns a smartphone around you. And there is no way that they have not opened or looked up the apps on the app store. The app store, whether on popular platforms such as Android or Apple, hosts a ton of apps. This opens up a plethora of opportunities for businesses. Today anyone can create an app and host it on the app store without any issues. All they have to do is stick to the guidelines and create an engaging app. 

Since customers love to shop on the mobile phones, creating an mobile app online store can help you get those extra sales. It actually helps you create an edge in the market by providing the customer with a distinguished customer experience. Creating an app is after all more than just making sales. No doubt that your sales are amplified with an app. But, it goes more than that to having a home in the customers’ devices. And who wouldn’t want that?

But, for a small business the idea of approval on the app store and creating an app can be a big hassle. Not if you are reading this! We understand that creating your first ecommerce app can be scary. For this reason, we’ve compiled all the information you need to get started with it. Read on to find out more.

What is an eCommerce App?

Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart are some of the popular names when it comes to ecommerce. And not only this, but today some of the word famous brands also have their very own eCommerce store for the customer.

While the Internet has made shopping a tad easier for the customer, mobile phones have taken it to a whole new level. With mobile phones, people can now shop on their favourite devices with better controls and customized options. While browsing the web on mobile phones is one option. Another impressive option are apps. If you have ever used a mobile app, you know that its pretty convenient to do whatever you want with it. Suppose you have a shopping app, a lot of things are sorted out for you-

  • You no longer have to keep remembering the website or browse it repeatedly on the browser
  • No worry of remembering your shopping id and password after logging into your account
  • One tap access to your purchase history and more
  • Notifications about sales and more
  • Easier returns and updates about orders

Therefore, an ecommerce app is a type of software application that is made specifically for your mobile phone. Be it its design or functionalities, everything is suited for the mobile phone and the user. Therefore, it gives added convenience to the customer to go through the utility of the app.

What is the Need for an eCommerce App?

When you just sell via an eCommerce store, there are no chances that you can reach your complete potential. If you look around, you will find that everyone is glued to the devices. As an online business owner you need to capitalize on this opportunity and make the most of it. Here’s why you need an ecommerce mobile app-

If you look at the statistics, you will find the number of mobile app users constantly growing up. Start by taking a look at your customers and the devices they shop from. If a large number of your customers are shopping from mobile, it means that they’d prefer using an app. Statistics suggest that within the next two years, mobile commerce will become as much as 73 percent of the total ecommerce market around the globe 

Customer’s Favourite

Every customer’s phone is filled with mobile applications. And ever since ecommerce has become so popular, customers love having shopping apps on their mobile. While some sellers might feel like they need not have a dedicated mobile app, the numbers suggest otherwise. The idea is that customers love mobile apps. And no amount of browsing on the web can change that experience. 

Competitive Advantage

Gaining a competitive advantage is every online sellers’ desire. But with so many new businesses emerging in the market, it becomes difficult to catch the customer’s eye. Mobile apps when published on the app store can drastically change all of this for you. If you tell your customers to shop on your app, they would be drawn to your business. Because you are not only providing them with a distinguished experience but also constant engagement. 

app store

Greater Conversions

A mobile app on the app store guarantees you higher conversions. That’s because you provide your customers with unparalleled experience, competitive prices as well as an engagement source. Customers are more likely to add products to their carts. Moreover, they might also browse through your products and respond to updates more than before.

Better Engagement

With a mobile app you can work on your marketing communication. This will help you keep your customers engaged in the long run. One of the best things you can do is send your customers push notifications. Be it offers, latest updates, information on new products or more. Mobile apps can have everything for your customers. Once you start engaging them more, they will more likely purchase from your store. 

How Can You Create an eCommerce App?

If you want to create your ecommerce app, you first need to analyze your needs. Before you start looking for platforms to shop, take a look at the series of steps below-

Find out Your Niche

The first and foremost thing you need to do is find your niche. Research the market well before you land on any conclusion. Find out the niches that have the scope in the time to come. Moreover, you can come up with a vertical niche instead of a horizontal one. This means instead of ending up like an Amazon like store where there are less chances of raking, create something like a store only for crockeries. 

Write Down Your Essential Features

Once you think about your niche, you need to think about your app. Before you host it on the app store, the next thing to do is think about the features. Step into your customer’s shoes. Think about the features they’d like to have in your app. At the same time, look at your competitor’s apps. If something is working out for them, they’ll work out for you.

Plot the Design Carefully

Design your app carefully. Take a look at the top ranking applications on the app store. By looking at these, you must design your features. Understand what would work out for your niche and how your customers are likely to respond to it. 

Select and Develop the Platform Wisely

The only technical work you will have to do is while developing your app. Make sure you select the right platform for your app. Today, there are many new technologies in the market that will help you build an app without any hassle. Other than that you can hire a team of developers to help you build your app. If you are starting small, outsourcing this job would be another great idea. 


No matter what you do, never forget to test your mobile application. It will be a representation of your business on the app store. Therefore, you need to present your best foot forward. Test the app with different features. Alternatively, also ensure that it doesn’t crash when a lot of your customers use it. 

Launch the App on the App Store

Next, all you have left to do is launch your app on the app store. Make sure that you fulfill the criteria mentioned in the app store. Then move onto the next step of creating your account on the app store. 

Customer Support

Make sure your app has a customer support option. Since your customers might face problems while making purchases or more, there are chances that they’ll need help. Be it a calling option or chat support, make sure you add a functionality in your app.

10 Proven Tips for Developing an eCommerce Mobile Application

The step by step guide can help you create your eCommerce application. But, you also need to know the tips of creating an excellent app. This will help you get a good impression in front of your customers. Creating a smart mobile app can help you drive your conversions and at the same time provide the customers with a great experience. Take a look at the top 10 inside tips below-

Minimalistic Design

One of the basic things that your ecommerce app needs is a minimalistic design. Any customer would feel super irritated to enter their details again and again. Similarly, if they can’t find the options to login and search through the menu, they will probably leave your app. The point is that complicated design can lead customers away and become an inconvenience. For this reason, you need to keep your mobile application simple and easy to understand. 

Make sure you don’t create unnecessary options that become bothersome in the long run. One smart tip is to not force the login process. Instead let customers browse your products and keep asking the details at the end of the checkout process. Another tip is to add the sharing button to your social media app. This way customers can share what they’ve bought on social networks with their friends. For you it means indirect advertising. 

Streamlined Checkout

The checkout process of your app on the app store must be seamless. There’s a simple rule in eCommerce. If there are too many pages during the checkout process, then lesser will be your conversion rate. In other words the more questions you ask your customer after they’ve added the products to their cart, the lower will be their likelihood to place a successful order. Make sure that the login is quick in the app. And so is the checkout. Avoid complicated animations or heavy graphics that can slow down the entire process. Similarly, make sure that the CTA is at the right place.

Simple Navigation

A good eCommerce app must have a simple navigation. A customer shouldn’t find it difficult to locate your products or search for their favourite items on your app. One of the biggest principles of design is consistency. Make sure that your app design is consistent across all pages and versions. At the same time, your app must also have functional consistency at all times. This means that if a customer is accustomed to locating the CTA at one place on the screen, the same should apply to all other screens. For example, if your ‘Add to Cart’ button is blue on one screen, it should be the same everywhere. 

app store

Visible CTA

Your call to action links must be visible to your customers. Don’t keep them hidden or in such a part of the screen that is not clearly visible. Most sellers use a bright colour for their CTAs because it is visible even from the dimmest of screens. Most people have low brightness on their screens, therefore, it is easy to miss out on important texts. But, if you create a bright and vibrant looking CTA, it will be hard to miss. A clear CTA makes the shopping experience simpler for your customers. At the same time it also improves the chances of your sales. Along with a CTA, also make sure your customers can easily add or remove items from the cart.

Easy Input Provisions

The shopping experience on the mobile phone can be different. There isn’t much space so you have to squeeze in the options. Therefore, you need to place your elements in such a way that the customers can take a specific action. One of the friendliest zones on screen is the near the thumb. So, if there is a call to action link you want to place, make sure it is near the thumb zone. Some of the most important CTAs to place in this area are ‘Add to cart’, ‘Checkout’, ‘Pay Now’ among others. One important rule when it comes to mobile commerce is the three tap rule. This basically means that the customer only needs to tap thrice to get the product they want.

No Delay in Loading

Apps that are slow to open are often uninstalled. In the world of 5th generation cellular technology, nobody wants to open a slow application. Therefore, you need to make sure that your mobile app is fast and responsive. Statistics suggest that even the delay of a single second in loading a mobile page can lead to reduced viewership by a minimum of 11 percent. As a result of this the customer satisfaction can also drop by 16 percent. Make sure you speed up the app and use a progress bar to manage the impatience. The more delay occurs in opening or loading the elements, the higher will be the drop in customer’s attention. 

Wish List Feature

Always have a wishlist feature in your eCommerce app. The idea is that customers love to pick items that they might like to buy at a later stage. They might be saving it for a price drop or to buy it during a particular occasion. If they have no mechanism to save these items, you might lose sales. And that is why you need the wishlist feature. It is quite similar to shopping at a retail store. When a customer goes to a retail store, they browse multiple products, pick some of these. However, they only choose to buy a handful at the billing counter. The same goes with the wishlist where customers add the products they like. Then they revisit it to purchase it at any time they like. 

Safe and Secure Experience

Having an eCommerce app is just the beginning of everything. One of the most important priorities is to make sure that the customers shopping on that app have a safe experience. They must be able to upay online and submit their details to your business without the fear of any information being stolen. This is the reason your eCommerce app must focus on high level security. Because if there is a breach and you lose information, there will be nothing like it. Customers will stop trusting you and you’ll end up earning a bad reputation online. With a secure shopping experience, each transaction is done in an encrypted manner. 

Customer Service

Customer service is an indispensable part of the business. No matter how many help pages you create, or how simple your options are, customers will have queries. For example, they can have issues with returns, understanding the products qualities, faster shipping methods and more. All of these must be addressed at the earliest. A live chat option on your mobile app on the app store can facilitate the easy interaction of customers with our customer service. Remember that the more reachable you are for the customers, the more will they trust you. Today live chat options are easy to install in the app. 

Auto Suggestion

Auto suggestion is a handy feature for customers. It means that when they are browsing your mobile app on the app store, they can go anywhere in the app, and their data can be saved. This saved data can be used to predict what they are looking for in the future. This feature is known as auto recommendation. It hel[s the customers find what they are looking for in the shortest amount of time. Autosuggestion helps complete people’s queries. If you add it to yoru store, it will also make the customer feel valued and appreciated. Over time you can analyze all of this information and help provide a better experience to the customers. 

If you can hire a developer and create an app there is nothing like it. However, today there are also several options in the market that can help you get started. Take a look at the top options below-

IBuild App

This app builder on the app store specializes in creating small apps. The interface is easy to use as well as full of drag and drop features. You can easily publish apps and promote your business using IBuild easily. 


The platform lets you create any type of app without learning how to code. It is another popular mobile application that lets you publish on iOS and Android. The only catch is that you can create your app with BuildFire if you have a Shopify store.


Using AppMachine is a child’s play. You can publish your app anywhere and promote it via a QR code. The app also offers detailed analytics that can be used for decision making. 


The GoodBarber offers you one of the best designs for creating an ecommerce mobile app on the app store. It also offers features like checkout, auto-login, discounts, coupons, permanent cart, push notifications and more. This app also allows order tracking facility as well as statistics. Therefore, not only can you sell easily, but also keep a close eye on them.


One of the leading app builders in the world is Appypie. You can create any type of app on the app store using this application. You can also integrate third party tools into your app using API. you can publish apps both on the app store and play store using Appypie. 


Swific is an app builder on the app store that helps you create apps that are more sales focused. It is an economical solution for small sellers and offers several themes and designs. 


While the app is not free to use, it offers several functionalities for the sellers. For example, you can create an app with a PayPal integrated gateway, push notifications, google maps and more.


Dash101 is an eCommerce platform that helps you get started with selling instantly. You get to create a mobile optimized version of your store. Moreover, you also get to leverage features like logistics and inventory management in a hassle-free manner. 


Shoutem is one popular app that offers plenty of features to its users. It has over 40 templates and several features that are also customizable. The apps can be published on all platforms with customizable pricing and product pages.


This app builder on the app store lets you do custom development of your eCommerce app. You can create product and product categories. At the same time you can also offer your customer an integrated PayPal gateway for payments.


Creating your app on the app store can have a profound impact on your business. It can help you skyrocket your sales, provide your customers with a distinguished experience and engage your customers. Apart from that, it can also help you gain an edge in the market. As you launch your ecommerce app on the app store, make sure you don’t forget the web version. For example, Dash101 can help you kickstart your dream eCommerce website within minutes. So, what are you waiting for? 


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