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AR & VR To Revolutionize The eCommerce World


The year 2016 was a transformational year for the AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality) industry. Software giants like Google and Facebook saw the immense potential in VR platforms while eCommerce explored the scope of AR. The advent of apps and high-tech devices shed light on user experience. Here are some benefits of AR & VR that have help revolutionize the eCommerce world.

Superimpose 3D Objects

Virtual reality helmet and laptop, black background. 3d illustration

AR enables brands to superimpose 3D objects in various spaces to aid comprehensive product information. The cosmetics market, retail industry, and design companies namely MAC, IKEA, and Converse offer AR services to assist target audiences with their purchase decisions. Customers in return get an authentic and enhanced digital shopping experience.


Another benefit of AR is that it permits online-shopping users to personalize their store/app as per the needs and preferences. Shoppers can customize their experience according to their style, sizes, and other requirements. Such type of digital customization does wonders and helps increase the customer base to a great extent.

For example, MAC, a cosmetics brand, offers their customers predominantly women the benefit of picking their perfect make-up product with a selfie. Their customers can swipe through a range of shade and colours, and watch it superimpose on their faces. They can even take photos and share it with their friends and family for opinions. All this without the hassle of trying the product or applying make-up. Thereby, immensely saving their time and effort. Similarly, IKEA allows customers to fill up their spaces with a wide variety of furniture as per consumer preferences in real-time via their smartphones. This results in the gamification of the process of making purchase decisions. 

Marketing Campaigns

Manifestation robots rights rally.

Several marketing campaigns have used AR and VR technology to their benefit. For instance, few years back, VR played an important role to make the process of vaccinating young children easy. It’s well known that children fear the prick of needles. To assist doctors and parents while vaccinating kids, VZ labs, developed an animated story. Kids have presented the story through VR headsets. The protagonist of the story interacts with kids and takes them on a mission. As kids have their attention completely surrendered to the story playing in the headset, the doctor injects the medicine. 

Social Media

Social Media Influencer Recording Vlog

Facebook and Instagram introduced software called Spark AR allowing users the liberty to create their AR filters and publish them. The software makes the process of filter creation convenient and enables brands to run campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. 

AR & VR Replacing Mainstream Advertising

blank advertising light box on modern airport terminal

The age-old tradition of reading brochures and instructional manuals will soon be replaced by AR & VR technology. Consumers will receive product demonstrations through visuals simply by scanning code that enables AR services or using specific brand apps on smartphones.

The invention of AR and VR will soon create a series of opportunities for brands selling on e-commerce portals, retail outlets, and other social media platforms. It seems futuristic just the way Amazon scored over Walmart with the power of the internet 20 years ago. It is time for brands and untapped markets to explore its merits, use the technology to scale up businesses, and offer convenience to the masses.

In order to incorporate the use of AR and VR to create a unique user experience, the first step is creating an eCommerce store. Well! If you are just getting started with it, Dash101 is here to help you. Why hesitate? When you can get your very own eCommerce store in just a few clicks. Go ahead and join the revolution with Dash101.


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