Why Automation in Warehousing is Great for E-commerce Business?

Why Automation in Warehousing is Great for E-commerce Business?

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Automation in warehousing is not a new innovation. It is something that has been around for many years now and is only gaining more momentum as E-Commerce businesses become larger and more in demand.  Even though labor can be cheap in our country, land costs are increasing and consumer expectations are on a rise. Let’s understand why is automation in warehousing great for any eCommerce business.

Customers want quicker and easier options and deliveries. As part of the process because technology advances are taking place at a rapid speed. Things required to be more cost-effective. And keeping this in mind, warehouses and the entire supply chain system cannot rely on its entirety on manual processes.

While warehouse automation initially started out only with the larger corporations to help them gain tremendous success. It is now available to small and medium-sized corporations as well.

What is Automation in Warehousing and what are the benefits of the automated warehouse?

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Automation process can essentially be classified in four ways – 

  • Picking Automation – In this with the help of Robotics and modular shelving systems, accuracy and efficiency have greatly improved. Hence reducing repetitive, error-prone, and time-consuming processes.
  • Inventory Automation – Inventory automation is probably the easiest and most cost-effective automation strategy. It has the ability to cut down on errors to do with data entry, inconsistent inventory, transcription, etc.
  • Barcode and scanning automation:  To achieve accuracy in documentation, keeping tabs on inventory and items is important. When we automate this system, labels such as barcodes, racks, warehouse signs, and scanning of hardware can be accurate. Also, with better speed thus reducing errors in the process.
  • Back-office automation:  While automating every aspect of your business we must not forget the Back-Office. Automation here helps in ensuring data is always up to date and maintained in a timely fashion.

Benefits of Automation in a Warehouse

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  1. Increase in Speed – An increase in speed is one of the primary benefits of warehouse automation. And the biggest boon to all businesses utilizing this process. Even the quickest and fastest human mind will fall behind as compared to an automated system. Automated systems tend to leverage on the most optimal route available. Hereby, enhancing and further boosting the efficiency of product picking. It speeds up product retrieval and order fulfillment. Along with this, it will also speed up your inventory management process. Additionally, technology will help in counting and taking charge of inventory accounting.
  1. Reduction in Cost – Automation in warehouses dramatically brings down the requirement of manual labor. This helps save money and reduces the risk of manual errors. During peak periods when overtime is required, automation helps take control. Thus, can simply function on a daily basis without any extra hassles or costs. 
  1. Improvement in Productivity – Automated systems are a faster and more accurate process of ensuring that products are moved from Place A to Place B correctly. The technology allows for efficient functioning without restrictions and can cover a larger amount of work done in a shorter time frame.
  2. Maximization of Space – Maximization of space is often a forgotten but important aspect of automation. It tends to benefit people by creating a finite resource, especially in distribution and warehousing facilities that are always packed with all kinds of goods and products. Warehouse automation helps by maximizing the available space and by implementing robotics it frees up vast and valuable floor space, which makes room for even more product storage.


Warehouse automation is required when handling and manual processing of inventory and data is starting to become a burden because of labor and time-intensive processes, order fulfillment delays, and inaccuracy, and you are looking at improving the process to help your business grow. E-commerce companies like Dash101 provide end-to-end logistics solutions. The company provides delivery to over 27,000+ pin codes across India and has 8 major shipping partners. 

If you are looking are expanding your business and facing issues in your supply chain then getting an automated system for your warehouse is the best way forward. 

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