Best Courier Services in India for Your eCommerce Business

Save Time and Efforts With the 9 Best Courier Services in India


Running an online business might seem easy, especially when comparing it to the traditional brick and mortar store. However, there is one catch, and that is choosing the right courier service. Your shipping strategy and the courier partner you choose to ship your products with can make or break your business. For this reason, you must always choose from the best courier services in India.

The impact of a courier partner can be immense on your business. After all, they are the ones to deliver the products at your customers’ doorstep. Therefore, a courier partner represents your brand by taking your parcel from your door to the customer’s doorstep. While some offer cheap services, others boast of the expedited delivery facility, but that might come at a high cost.

Therefore, you have to make several considerations before choosing the right courier service for your online business. Striking a balance between different parameters is ideal.

But don’t worry, if you can’t figure out where to get started. Here are the best courier services in India that help you save your time and money-

Best Courier Services in India


Courier Service

FedEx is one of the best courier companies in the world. It has decades of years in delivering parcels around the world. With its quality services and delivery experience, it has earned a name for itself in the international logistics industry.

FedEx also has an excellent delivery fleet across India that enables the timely delivery of parcels across more than a few Pin codes. Moreover, FedEx has a dedicated unit for eCommerce parcels. Using them as a courier partner can help you save both time and money. 

In case you want to ship any urgent orders, FedEx comes to the rescue. They help you ship expedited orders at the lowest costs.


Another popular courier partner on the list is Xpressbees. The courier company is relatively new in the eCommerce market. But, it has managed to establish its dominance with quality servies. Xpressbees manages to provide low-cost delivery services with superior delivery quality. Several eCommerce brands are using Xpressbees and fulfilling their promises to customers with ease. 

Moreover, with Xpressbess, you get to deliver in remote areas where the delivery fleets of a lot of companies do not reach. Furthermore, Xpressbees helps to deliver expedited shipments on time. This way, you can promote any quick delivery options on your website and draw attraction from customers. 

Ecom Express

Ecom Express

Ecom Expres is another courier service that makes it to our list of best courier services in India. It delivers orders all across India and provides sellers an opportunity to deliver seamlessly to international locations. 

The courier company provides free tracking for its parcels. This means you can also provide tracking information on the package to your customers. Ecom Express allows for hassle-free shipping from a user-friendly platform. 

It is an excellent option to ship with Ecom Express is you already have an online business and want to expand it to the world.   



Delhivery is one of the best courier services based in India. It helps people deliver their parcels to critical locations in the country. In case you are an eCommerce seller, Delhivery has more than a few opportunities for you.

It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that Delhivery holds your hands when it comes to delivering eCommerce parcels. With its dedicated unit and facility for eCommerce orders, it helps you deliver at the lowest rates. More to this, it also allows added facilities such as warehousing, packaging along with first mile and last-mile services. You can count on Delhivery for the best in class delivery experience.


Shadowfax is one delivery partner that helps deliver the parcels to your customer’s doorstep with the utmost care and quality. As a result, Shadowfax has fewer eCommerce returns that result due to damaged packages. The courier company stands out in its pricing and exceptional eCommerce delivery services. 

One of Shadowfax’s most unique qualities is that it offers a separate courier line for reverse logistics. This way, you can manage your returns more efficiently. Moreover, Shadowfax also helps in expedited shipping at low costs.  

If you’re carving a niche for yourself in the eCommerce industry, Shadowfax is the perfect solution or you. 

Bluedart Dart Plus

Dart Plus is a distinguished line of courier services by Bluedart. It is an economical speed trucking solution for your online business. Bluedart is one of the best courier services in India that helps in delivering the parcels on time. It is a reliable courier service and is already used by thousands of eCommerce companies across India.

Bluedart is famous for its visibility in the logistics industry. This means it helps people ship flexibly and conveniently track the packages. When shipping via Bluedart, you can provide your customers with a heightened delivery experience with real-time tracking. It is also one of the fastest courier services available in the market today’s flat rate weight segment. 


Essentially, a delivery service started by Flipkart, Ekart, has become a popular eCommerce courier service. It helps sellers deliver parcels to their end customers without any delays in the transit. 

Even though the company was founded in 2009, it has come far along with the market competition. Today, thousands of sellers ship their online orders via Ekart to ensure fast and superior delivery quality. 

Previously known as Flipkart Logistics, Ekart offers a seamless order tracking option. This way, you can integrate it on your eCommerce store and help your customers track their orders in one click. 



DTDC has one of the largest networks of delivery Pin codes in India. For this reason, it is also one of the best courier services in the country. DTDC doesn’t just handle your domestic eCommerce parcels but also helps you deliver internationally. 

The courier company is known for its fast and reliable delivery services. DTDC also offers a reliable customer service, where you can reach out for any issues. 

In case you want to maximize your reach to the customers, DTDC is a courier service you must try. They have a user-friendly platform that helios sellers ship their orders conveniently. 


Dash101 is a one-stop logistics platform that helps you ship with multiple courier partners effortlessly. Using one single platform, you get to ship with all of the above courier partners.

While some of these have excellent serviceability in certain areas, others have lower costs. For a seller, this can be a dilemma to choose one from all of the above. Using Dash101, this confusion is put to rest.

Sellers can look at each courier partner’s pros and cons on the platform and decide to ship with once. Moreover, Dash101 analyzes and recommends the best courier partner for a particular shipment. It does not just help you ship seamlessly but also grow your business.


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