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How to Provide Your Customers with the Best Customer Service Ever in 2020?

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Most sellers put too much effort into their business that they forget about the values imparted towards the end of the customer. While you might be working day and night to fix the nitty-gritty details of your business, it is important to also be on the other side. Wonder why some companies provide the best customer service while others lag behind in the same? That is because they forget to step into the customer’s shoes, in the process of doing things their own way.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about providing the best customer service ever.

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How to Provide the Best Customer Service Ever?

Now that you understand what best customer service is, let’s take you to the next chapter. If you are just starting new, chances are that you will struggle with your customer service. And that’s because you have to take care of several aspects to provide customers with an unparalleled service. Let’s take you through the tips and tricks of best customer service.

Be Approachable to Your Customer

The first and foremost thing for a brand should be to demonstrate a friendly attitude towards the customer. This means that they should be polite and friendly. Think about a real life situation. Do you sometimes find people unapproachable or that you cannot discuss your problems with them because they don’t seem friendly. The same goes with your customers. Remember to be polite and gentle and demonstrate a friendly attitude. Use words like, ‘I understand’, ‘I can surely help you with this’ among others that demonstrate empathy.

Respond Quickly

One of the best things that you can do for your customer is to respond quickly. Have a fixed response time in your business and communicate the same with your customer. Remember to be practical about the response time, but don’t take too much time as well. It is always useful to remind yourself that your customer has reached to you because they are interested in your products. If you take too much time to reply to them, chances are they might have found a better deal elsewhere. Alternatively, they would have lost interest in the product by that time. 

Understand Your Product

If you are selling something, make sure that you understand your product well. This is a practice for best customer service. You must not live in any grey areas. And that’s because the foundation of any good business begins with knowledge. Understand it this way, why will the customer purchase from you, if you don’t know about your product. For example, consider that you’re selling apparels on your online store. The customer asks you whether you have a particular t-shirt in cotton or polyester fabric material. Unless you have this knowledge you cannot answer the customer’s query. Maybe the customer is looking for something specific. And when they find it in your product, they might end up buying it immediately. 

Listen to What the Customer Has to Say

One of the most important aspects of best customer service is that you pay attention to what your customer has to say more closely. If you’re not listening to them, you’re missing out on a big opportunity for business. When you listen to them, you not only understand their likes and dislikes but also their personas. Therefore, maybe you can suggest a product that suits better to their needs than the one they came for in the store. Listening is a powerful habit that can help you gain a lot of information from the customer. Furthermore, you can use that to provide value to them. 

Ask for Feedback

Don’t forget to ask your customer for feedback. Asking for feedback after a service has been imparted helps you improve. It also serves another purpose. It makes your customer feel more valued. In other words, asking for feedback can be one of the excellent habits for the best customer service.

Understand Customer Personas

How will you help the customer if you don’t understand their personas well enough. Understanding customer personas can help in going a long way with the customer. If you truly know them, you can curate a line of experiences for them that really matter. For example, if your customer has faced a certain issue in the past, you can keep an account of it. This way when they call for more assistance regarding the matter, you already know what they’ve been through.

Build a Relationship 

Build a relationship with your customer. This is a practice of best customer service. It helps you engage them more effectively. In addition to this, building a relationship with the customer also means that you make them a part of the family. So, when they shop from you again, you provide them a comforting environment that is based on trust.

Conclusion: The Best Customer Service Lies in Understanding

The point is simple, if you understand your customer well enough, then you can provide them with the best customer service. If you understand your business well enough you can curate experiences that lead to best customer service. Remember that shipping has a vital role in best customer service. For this reason, you must choose a shipping provider that you can trust. Dash101 is a one-stop logistics platform especially designed for small businesses. It helps them ship at the lowest rates with 8+ courier partners. 


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