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11 Best Industries to Start an Online Business in 2021

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The idea of an online business sounds fascinating. It is easy to set up. Moreover, there is no burden of hiring physical staff or a store. But, as exciting as it sounds, it is also wise to choose a good industry to step foot in. Understand that the market is also filled with competition. Therefore, unless you know the best industries to start online business, your efforts will not be fruitful. 

The best industries to start online business have changed ever since the pandemic hit the world. In other words, while some sectors flourished earlier, they have come to a halt now. Therefore, it is best not to step in such markets. On the other hand, there has been a greater requirement for tools such as in the healthcare and fitness related industries.

But, first make your mind for selling online. While you might be still in the early stages of the research, it is best that you know the reasons to step into ecommerce. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Read on to find out everything about the best industries to start online business. 

Why Start an Online Business?

The advent of ecommerce has brought about some radical changes in the world. The buying patterns of customers have changed. And what was once evergreen is barely able to move now. The biggest of all has been the downfall of brick and mortar stores. People have moved to shop online more.

Greater Reach to Customers

When you’re selling online, you reach out to more customers than ever before. No matter where you are located, you can sell to anywhere in the world. This means that with the right products, you can target any market and customer segment you want. This is not possible in a traditional business. In other words, while you only reach out to customers locally in a retail scenario, ecommerce has several possibilities to offer.

Business from Home

One of the perks of ecommerce is that you get to run a business from home. Get started with the market and reach out to the world from the convenience of your homes. If you are just starting, you need not hire a big staff or office for the job. All you can do is put your inventory in your spare room. And Voila! You kick off with your business. The situation is entirely opposite for other types of businesses.

Fewer Hassles

Obviously when you have little investments, you have less things to worry about. When you’re selling online, you don’t have to get in the hassles of hiring a staff. Similarly, you don’t have to rent a store space or buy equipment. Therefore, this will result in fewer hassles. When you have less things to worry about, you can invest time on the growth opportunities. 

Greater Growth Possibilities

Online business gives you more space to grow. There are less bottlenecks, which is why you get to expand your business freely. Online business gives you the flexibility to do more with less investment. You might become the apple of the eye of a market segment in Europe with your products. All you have to do is invest your efforts in the right marketing strategies. 

Best Industries to Start Online Business

So, now that you are well aware of the perks of online business, let’s give you a taste of the best industries to start online business.


Food is one of the best industries to start online business. Its market is ever growing and changing. People are today ordering more than ever. And that is partly also because of the pandemic. Sine customers cannot step out of their homes that often, they end up ordering food and enjoying the experience at their homes. Therefore, when you start selling food online, you will have a lot of customers to cater to. Moreover, you will also get to make more profits. Food market is never getting saturated, especially when you’re able to stand apart from the competition. 


Yet another one of the best industries to start online business is pharmaceuticals. The point is that COVID 19 has brought the world to a halt. Customers are avoiding long queues or going to physical stores. In maintaining social distancing, online businesses have become an important part of the customer’s lives. Pharmaceuticals is one area of business, where you can step foot. Be it prescription medicines or beauty and wellness products, you can capitalize on the growing market. 


The handicraft industry never goes out of trend. People love to have handicraft items in their house. In fact, these products strike an altogether different emotional chord with the customers. Therefore, if you want your customers to have an experience with a unique product line, the handicraft industry is for you. There are several local artisans that you can partner with for the handicraft industry. This way you will be able to sell a wide range of products to customers who are looking for such options.


One of the most evergreen and best industries to start online business is apparels. If you look at Instagram these days. You will find the platform flooded with small apparel stores. And that is because customers are loving the products that these offbeat businesses have to offer. You too can pick a segment of apparel and begin selling in the industry. For example, you might be living in an area where there are manufacturers of sarees. These manufacturers can create a saree based upon the design you offer. Therefore, you can come up with your designs and get products made, only to sell online. People these days love to purchase handmade products because of their exceptional nature and weaving. 

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Productivity Tools

How about selling gadgets that help people become more productive? Another one of the interesting and best industries to start online business is this. A lot of people have switched to the work from home routine due to the pandemic. Owing to this, productivity has also suffered to a greater extent. You can target such segments and sell products and unique gadgets that help people complete the task on time. Owing to the current situation, you can also market this business in an engaging manner. 


The hyperlocal business has opened several opportunities for businesses. It has become the best industry to start online business. And that’s because customers are refraining from going to grocery stores like usual. Instead, they want the product to be delivered to their doorstep. Groceries are an excellent option because their demand never diminishes. People will have to buy supplies every month. And if you are able to establish a good customer base, you can flourish with repeat purchases. Ure your customers with attractive offers and a wide range of grocery options. Study your area and understand what are the brands that customers prefer the most. Then sell those in your store. 

Cake and Bakery Products

Cake and bakery products are yet another line of business. With the western culture influencing the Indian markets the demand for cakes and bakery products have increased. Today, the customer wants to cut a cake on every occasion. Not only this, but people are also exploring new flavours. You can start a bakery in your locality and catch everyone’s eyes with your delicious recipes. Remember to deliver these carefully as they can spoil the entire customer experience. 

Gift Items

Gift items are yet another one of the best industries to start online business. You can start a business that sells unique gifts. Moreover, you can segment your products according to various categories. For example, you can have gifts for father, gifts for kids, 25th anniversary gifts, flowers, 50th birthday gifts and more. Most customers often keep on wondering what to buy for their loved ones. With such sorted menus and options, you can have customers purchasing from your business in no time. 


Why not take the furniture business online? With people working from home, the demand for chairs, tables, workstations and more have increased. You can target these segments and impress them with your wonderful products. 

Healthcare Equipment

One of the best industries to start online business is healthcare. People are becoming passionate about healthcare. They are more aware than they were before and have started taking measures to stay fit. You can target this segment of people and sell them healthcare equipment and gadgets. For example, you can come up with gymming equipment and sportswear. Partner with some reliable brands or find your own line of products. 

Homecare Products 

With the pandemic season still going, you can target customers with homecare products. Cleaning mops, home sanitizers, washing equipment as well as vegetable sanitizing sprays are some of the common products in this area. 


We hope that you now have a much clearer picture of the best industries to start online business. If you know where the profit making capabilities are, you have nothing to worry about. Just put your best efforts and keep working in the right direction. Don’t forget to partner with a reliable logistics platform like Dash101, that can help you get started with your online business. With Dash101, you get to ship with multiple courier partners at the lowest shipping costs starting Rs 23/500 gms!


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