How to list your products on social media platforms?

How to list your products on social media platforms?

social media platforms

If you have an online business, then your presence on social media platforms is a must and how! Social media paves the way to many more customers and eventually helps you to target a wider audience. Along with this, most social media giants have a dedicated shop section, where you can list your products or services, through which users can directly make a purchase. This is a seamless checkout process, which also means the chances of purchases increase.

But should you consider marketplaces that are powered by social media platforms? Absolutely YES! Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shop, WhatsApp Business are here to help you with your business. You should be on marketplaces for 2 reasons: 1) Target the customers who are already there, 2) Hassle-free checkouts. Both of them eventually help your business get more purchases and thus, more revenue.

In this blog, we are going to take you through three social media platforms and a brief tutorial on how to list your products.

Social Media Platforms to improve your business:

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace was introduced in 2016. It helps you to buy and sell goods directly on the app. Facebook took on Etsy and eBay to launch Facebook Marketplace. This feature is path-breaking because it helps a Facebook user to buy or sell within the main app. Most importantly, this feature can be accessed for free.

How to list your products on Facebook Marketplace?

  1. Create a Facebook account if you don’t already have one.
  2. On the left side of your active Facebook account, you shall see ‘Marketplace’ tab. If you cannot find that, type ‘Marketplace’ in the search bar.
  3. Then click ‘Create New Listing’, proceed to click ‘Item for sale’.
  4. Add photos of your products, make sure the photos are of high-quality clicked from different angles to help the customers.
  5. Add a brief description of the products that you just listed.
  6. Fill all the required spaces and then click ‘Next’.
  7. Finally, click ‘Publish’ to post your Marketplace listing.

2. Instagram Shop

Social media platform Instagram launched Instagram Shop in March 2019. Brands like Zara, Nike, Revolve were among 26 brands that were chosen for a beta run. Instagram is ramping up Instagram Shop and has also added the checkout feature in July 2020. This lets the customers check out the products without leaving the app, thus benefits the business. Instagram Shop like Facebook Marketplace is free to use.

How to list your products on Instagram Shop?

  1. Create an account on Instagram if you don’t already have one.
  2. Make this account into a ‘Business Profile’ to access Instagram Shop.
  3. Select any photo or video that you want to upload.
  4. Now tap ‘Tag products’ and tap products in the photo or video you want to tag.
  5. Tag products by searching them in the search box. Tag the desired product.
  6. Tap ‘done’, then tap ‘share’

3. WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is one of the widely used social media platforms in India. They introduced WhatsApp Business in January 2018, especially for small businesses. WhatsApp Business is free to download app that helps small businesses to personally connect with customers and highlight their products and services. WhatsApp also allows to creation of a catalogue that is displayed on the business profile.

How to create a catalogue on WhatsApp?

  1. Open your WhatsApp Business App.
  2. Tap ‘Settings’, then ‘Business Tools’, and then ‘Catalog’.
  3. If you are creating a new catalog, tap ‘Add new item’.
  4. Tap the ‘Plus icon’ and add images.
  5. Click on ‘Gallery’ or ‘Camera’. WhatsApp Business will allow you to add up to 10 images in one catalog.
  6. Add product details like product name, product description, price of your products.
  7. Tap ‘Save’.

Social media platforms can help your business get new customers, retain the old ones, and bring back the lost ones. In the day and age of social media, a firm presence here is a need. With tools like these, it helps customers decide about the products that they have liked. Besides this, your business gets to target customers where they are already present.

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social media platforms
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social media platforms
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