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#CelebratingTrust With Shop101 – A Trusted Reselling Brand In India


Shop 101’s campaign went live on several social media platforms. A few of them included Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Share chat with the hashtag #CelebrateTrust.

The campaign had a few videos as well as social media posts. All through which they acknowledged the trust instilled in them by their audience. It was an online event planned around the centric theme of celebrating trust. Celebrating trust has also been the theme of Shop101’s LIVE NOW sessions.

Furthermore, many of which incorporate live sessions on Facebook and Instagram. This was to give its resellers tips and support for their online businesses. The campaign was a few weeks long and all throughout spoke about the idea of being a trusted brand in India.

Shop101 – A Trusted Brand

Shop 101 is known to be India’s most trusted reselling app, its network ranges over 9 million.  The company’s strong family showcases the efforts and trust put in in the past years. With everything happening around us, Shop101 still chooses to rise above all because we, #CelebrateTrust with our reseller family.

Homemakers play a pivotal role in a family’s function. They possess the capabilities to drive the process without really driving one. After waking up in the morning, we trust we’ll have a good breakfast ready to energize us for the rest of the day. We can ensure to go back home to an organized and tidy house after a long day. We know for a fact, that we needn’t worry about making a house a home.

Shop 101 considered this observation and drew a parallel to the trust that homemakers have in the Shop 101 business. Simply to make sure that they have something to offer for the dynamic women who do what no one is ever taught, to manage a household. Just the way women entrepreneurs have put their trust in Shop101 to keep the business flourishing, similarly their families have also buried trust in them. It’s safe to say that it’s going about a full circle in this ring of trust.

A Message From The CEO

Abhinav Jain, Founder and CEO of Shop101 said, “Celebrations are going to be different this festive season, but one’s online business is how your customers will still celebrate the trust they have in our resellers”. He continued, “We want to make festivities of 2020 work more for the reselling business and resellers to celebrate trust with not just us but with their customers. Just the way the family trusts the reseller and breadwinner, we know resellers rely on us”. 


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