Which is the cheapest courier service in India? Dash101 or Nimbus Post?

Dash101 or Nimbus Post, which is the cheapest courier service in India?

At all times, all of us are scouting for the cheapest courier service in India. Courier is the last leg of any business, and hence to optimize that experience becomes crucial to enhance customer satisfaction. There are one too many courier services available in India and to find the cheapest among them can be a task sometimes. But here we are, yet again, to help you with all your logistics woes. To know more about the cheapest courier service in India, keep reading.

In the previous blogs, we did a detailed analysis of Shiprocket v/s Dash101, ePickr v/s Dash101, Pickparcel v/s Dash101, and readers seemed to like it. So we are here with yet another blog. This time, we are doing a detailed analysis of Nimbus Post and Dash101. So let’s dive right in.

Dash101 Logistics is an eCommerce shipping partner that helps to grow your business. Dash101 Logistics helps you scale your eCommerce business by reaching nationwide customers. Let’s now do deep dive on finding who is the cheapest courier service in India – Dash101 or Nimbus Post.

Which is the cheapest courier service in India?

If you have an eCommerce store, every penny counts. Saving on costs is extremely essential no matter what phase the business is in. Courier, as I said earlier, shipping is the last leg of any business, is crucial, but can also be the cause of rising costs. For this, you need an eCommerce shipping partner that can help you at all times, but at the lowest cost.

When we were comparing the shipping costs of Nimbus Post and Dash101 Logistics, we realized Nimbus Post is slightly expensive than Dash101 Logistics. Shipping at Dash101 Logistics starts at ₹23 per 500 gms. That is currently the lowest in the industry. On the other hand, the shipping cost at Nimbus Post starts at ₹27.

Clearly, the answer for who is the cheapest courier service in India is Dash101 Logistics.

Both the shipping partners help you cater to customers across 27,000+ pin codes, which is great because as a business, the more customers you can reach, the more revenue you can earn.

Apart from Dash101 Logistics coming with its pro of the lowest cost of shipping, it also offers SPRE, the abbreviation of Shipping Partner Recommendation Engine. It is an intelligent algorithm that suggests a delivery partner that will suit you best, considering various factors.

Dash101 Logistics also provides its customers a dedicated Key Account Manager to help solve the shipping problems quickly without it costing 3-4 business days. The quick turnaround time helps to accelerate your business and thus maximize the revenue.

Thus, Dash101 Logistics offers you a bunch of services along with the lowest price in the industry. Dash101 Logistics is not only a courier service for your eCommerce business but so much more than that. We are partners in your growth. To boost your business, download the app now!


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