Ecommerce Courier Service- Cheapest Available In India

Ecommerce Courier Services – Cheapest Available In India

eCommerce Courier Services

An online eCommerce store consists of millions of products to choose from. Although these products are visually appealing and create demand, the real challenge lies in delivering the image replica to the customers. Thus, eCommerce shipping via a courier service plays an important role in an eCommerce business. The reason being, these services deliver quick, safe, and at affordable costs.

Online business is on rapid growth. As per data, the eCommerce industry in India is soon to transcend in the US market. Back in 2018, online shoppers recorded were 120million in India. And by 2025 it is expected to touch 220 million. For any eCommerce business, a courier service acts differently towards business and a customer.

eCommerce business owners often lookout for the cheapest courier service that can benefit their business. They ensure that the courier partners do not use up a major part of their profit margins and at the same time deliver efficiently. Having said that, the cost of shipping plays a major role while finding the right and the cheapest courier service. Affordable and reliable are two major features of a courier service that grabs the attention of the business owner.

However easy the find may sound, with the variety of options available, choosing the best of the lot may seem confusing. Listed below are some features that can help one filter and choose the right courier service for an eCommerce business.

Features To Look Out For In A Courier Partner

In terms of data, India has almost 100000 pin codes recorded. Out of these, online retailers have expanded their product delivery across 15,000-20,000 pin codes.

Moreover, once you have created your eCommerce website and have started selling, you need to understand the various attributes that go into picking the right and cheapest courier service partner.

  • Real-Time Tracking Order tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Supervision over Customer Queries
  • All Round Insurance Coverage
  • Clientele Experience
  • Review Services
  • Informed and Communicative
  • Affordable
  • Updated Shipping Rates
Ecommerce Shipping Carriers

Cheapest Courier Services Available In India

eCommerce courier services

The eCommerce business partially depends upon the quality of your cheapest eCommerce courier service. As a result, these services have taken a leap in terms of competition in the market. The increased demand paves the way to choosing the right shipping carrier.

Here are the few cheapest courier services to pick and choose from:

Blue Dart


Started in 1983, Blue Dart is South Asia’s premium distribution company.  Moreover, it has been at the forefront of innovations in the logistics industry. The company is spread across 40,000 areas with 85 warehouse locations across the country. Additionally, its express air service is available across 220 countries globally.

Bluedart is a part of the Deutsche Post DHL Group. As a result, it works on custom clearance solutions, freight forwarding, and supply chain management.

Moreover, Blue Dart uses the latest technology to provide accurate details about the location of each package. Moreover, its system ensures the utmost security and handling. Additionally, customer satisfaction is what they look for. The Blue Dart customer service number is active and responsive 24/7. As a result, they answer all customer queries within seconds.

Services by Blue dart

  • Dart Apex – Door-to-door couriers service across India.
  •  Heavy packages are ensured secured delivery
  • Dart Plus – Quick and Fast One Day Delivery (Dart Plus)
  • Dart Surface line – Door-to-Door distribution service for express shipments
  • Blue dart smart box – A Standardized Packaging Unit for Safe Delivery. Currently available sizes – 10 kgs and 25 kgs  
  • Express pallets – Durable wood-free palletized packaging for shipments weighing 50kg -100kg


Ekart started in 2009 as the in-house service to Flipkart. As a result, it is known to deliver an approximate of 10 million shipments a month to 3800+ pin codes. The logistic service company is a pioneer to cash-on-delivery, one day delivery and same-day delivery services across the country.

Ekart is technology-driven and it is on a hunt to transform its core supply chain. Initially, it just focused on delivering for Flipkart. However, today it has partnered with other brands, sellers, eCommerce platforms as well.


Courier Service

FedEx, established in 1973 is known to be leading at the international forefront. Headquartered in the USA, it has a record of being the world’s largest transportation corporation. Moreover, various services offered by FedEx include end-to-end logistics, domestic and international service, door-to-door delivery solutions, and automated tracking details. Furthermore, across India, FedEx has its reach across 19000 pin-codes.

Various Services FedEx offers

  • FedEx One Rate – Pricing that suits one, suits all
  • FedEx Home Delivery – Door-to-door delivery made easier
  • Packaging Services – Warehouse and packaging
  • Express and Freight Shipping for cross border countries
  • FedEx SameDay – Same day delivery for time-based packages
  • An efficient supply chain management solution
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Proof-of-delivery with shipping invoice.



DHL is known to be the expert frontier with regard to international shipping. It is a US-based shipping company, that spreads across 220 countries worldwide.  Since its inception back in the year 1969, DHL handles 15 million parcels every year. BlueDart is a sub-sequent courier service for DHL in India.

Services offered by DHL

  • International and Domestic Shipping
  • Express Delivery and Door-to-Door shipping
  • Affordable shipping prices
  • Real-time tracking
  • Quick and Fast delivery service



Gati, headquartered in Hyderabad, is India’s front runner as a multinational courier delivery service.  Since 1989, the shipping company spreads across 672 districts and 19000 pin codes. In addition, the express distribution and supply chain management solutions are a few of the unique propositions that GATI offers. Excluding the above, warehousing, freight forwarding, trading, cold chain, e-commerce is few of the other services.

GATI’s services in India includes:

  • Express Delivery
  • Same Day/ One Day Delivery
  • Efficient cargo services
  • Cost-effective pricing



India’s largest supply chain company, Delhivery started in 2011. It has its presence across 2300 cities in the country. Since its inception, the domestic service has delivered 650 million orders to more than 250 million households across India.

They have almost 24 automated sort centers and 85+ fulfillment centers. Until today there are 70 hubs, 3000+ direct delivery centers, and 11000+ partner centers currently active.

Delhivery services in India includes:

  • A wholesome integrated solution with self-owned pickup, mid-mile and delivery operation
  •  Track orders in real-time
  • On-Demand Delivery, Same-Day/One-Day Delivery, Time-Defined/Slot-Based Delivery, Returns Management
  • Flexible payment on pricing
  • Delivery of all types of goods with utmost care
  • Exempts any kind of fraud through address validation



Shadowfax incepted in 2015. Moreover, it is a trusted on-demand last-mile logistics network in India. The shipping carrier service offers a fully tech-enabled delivery solution. Furthermore, it aims to connect with every micro-entrepreneur and suppliers in the logistic chain through IoT.  

Shadowfax spreads across 500 cities, 7000 pin codes, 35 air routes, and over 4000 commercial vehicles.

Services Offered:

Ways to Improve A Courier Process

cheapest courier service

Smooth logistics and supply chain management often require a trustworthy delivery partner. As a result, a trustworthy courier company can aid business needs and accelerate the supply chain processes with faster and on-time delivery.

Now that you have a list of the cheapest courier services in India; Here’s are some ways to improve courier services and thus drive better sales and customer loyalty.

A Streamlined Inventory Process

Timely delivery and shipment are of the utmost importance. Customers often leave reviews about received orders and on-time delivery. Narrowing the duration between an order placed until an order received can affect the trust factor in the brand’s services for the consumer. 

Here is when the warehouse inventory plays a role. It can be difficult for you to locate items if your warehouse is unorganized. This will eventually cause delays or may goof up as well.  Optimize your inventory by analyzing which orders are bestsellers, or on the basis of their size, type, or volume. This also reduces the possibility of disarray between the shipment of orders is minimized. Evaluating this once in two months can ensure business growth.

Offer Real-Time Tracking for Orders

We’re all consumers at the end of the day, and similarly, we’ve all been at the receiving end of the checkout process. For this reason, it’s a known fact that being able to see the various touchpoints of the order delivery and shipment process can help reassure a customer.

Providing information on the shipped order with real-time tracking allows a consumer to know exactly when their delivery will reach them, how far along the shipment is, and prevent what is known as buyer anxiety as they wait for their order. 

Businesses also stand to benefit from having real-time tracking systems in place as it helps them keep track of important orders and keeps them aware of any issues or halts with the delivery. For sellers who use Facebook and Instagram Marketplace, this can be even more essential. Offering such tracking capabilities helps build trust, as it sends out the message that you are a reliable source. 

Offer Different Shipping Options

Have you ever faced a situation wherein you have ordered an item but are unsure of your presence during the time of delivery? Or a situation wherein you need on-day delivery? Likewise, other customers deal with the same problems. In fact, some consumers are willing to pay a little extra for one day/two-day shipping, as what matters to them is quick and smooth delivery.  Consumers on social media platforms and marketplaces may also opt for purchase on these platforms if various shipping options are made available.  

Notify Customers with Notifications and SMS

A shipment process that allows you to inform consumers through notifications and SMS alerts about the order purchase. This helps build trust and loyalty. Moreover, these updates can help a customer know exactly what time their order will arrive. A few of which include, “What is the contact number of the delivery person” and “Reminders if any pending payments”? 

Be Transparent about any Delays or Mishaps

Certain delays or mishaps may occur due to unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather, vehicle breakdown, route blocks, etc. Addressing these concerns immediately to the customers can help prevent negative reviews or calls to customer support team. As an online business especially on social media, this can have disastrous consequences as word of mouth travels fast and can impact your brand’s image quickly. 

You need to reassure that you are working on it the delay and it will soon be delivered. This creates personalized communication to the customer, thus building an image of reliability and accountability. 

Switch To A Reliable and Credible Partner

Having a reliable and trustworthy partner for your shipping services can make or break your business. As a result, it is important to track records of the company, rather than just the costing and pricing of the services. Alternatively, before you finalize a partner, keep a check on the clients they are associated with and note down their experience.

 On-time delivery is the most important part of any ecommerce and delivery business, so check that before you choose a shipping company. 

Allow Special Instructions To be Added

Another way to fully optimize your eCommerce shipment process is to allow customers to add special instructions. This can be added as a little box during the checkout process. It gives customers the option to add a note on anything and everything. Thus, enabling them to tell exactly how they want one to personalize their experience. 

You can even list out examples to help first-time buyers understand this feature better. For example, ‘handing the package to the guard’, ‘adding a birthday note for the recipient’, or ‘informing the delivery executive of the timings they will be available at the address provided’. Moreover, there is a gateway for consumers to bridge the gap between the shipping handlers and delivery, removing the possibility of misinformation or the complete lack of it. 

Ensure the Safety and Security of the Order

No customer likes it when they receive a damaged order, or worse, tampered with. Therefore, ensure that the shipment is safe and secure. Moreover, complete thorough checks before choosing a courier service for your deliveries. 

However, there is always a possibility of unforeseen issues creeping up, and in such a situation, recalling the product before it reaches the customer can be a smarter move. Inform the customer that their product was damaged during the shipment process, and let them know that they will receive their order soon, but with a delay. This helps reassure the customer of your quality services.

Hence, a pan-India delivery network covering 26,000 pin codes, it guarantees remote product reach. While you have found the best and cheapest the cheapest courier service available in the country; Dash101 is your affordable shipping partner. Through the carrier integration feature, you can rely on business growth. For an eCommerce website, Dash101 also offers channel integration with platforms like Shopify to simplify order fulfillment.


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