5 Good Practices That Help Maintain Your Cold Storage Warehouse

5 Good Practices That Help Maintain Your Cold Storage Warehouse

There are all kinds of Ecommerce businesses these days. The concept of going online with one’s business has not only proved to be profitable but also competitive. The shopping patterns of consumers have changed over the last decade. An estimated 65% of the people prefer buying products online today. This has not just upped the game for Ecommerce business owners but it has also helped them find innovative ways to manage their inventory. One such business that needs proper maintenance and management is the cold storage warehouse.

A cold storage warehouse isn’t a regular warehouse. You can’t accumulate inventory, stack them endlessly or for that matter use regular packaging material to store them. Maintaining a cold storage is a herculean task and one that needs constant attention. Owing to the perishables that make this industry one of the most sought after one, a cold storage owner needs to make the best use of his resources. Also, extra measures are needed to avoid products from spoiling. Cold storage warehouses are not only home to packaged food. Protein based items, biopharmaceutical products, dairy products all come under this. These definitely need to last over a period of time. Hence, there needs to be proper arrangements made at a cold storage warehouse for the same. Let us see how you can achieve that:

5 ways to maintain a cold storage warehouse

cold storage warehouse

Maintaining the right temperature

Every product qualified to be in a cold storage warehouse, requires to be kept under varying temperatures. This proves to be a challenge for the industry, with the demand being so high. Since managing a cold unit is comparatively more expensive than a regular warehouse, any change that you implement will revise the costs. Whether it is about having varying temperature zones or segregating the products using separators; make sure it is feasible and durable.

Cleaning the condenser unit

This unit at the cold storage warehouse is likely to attach itself with a lot of particles. When one shifts, replaces or transports products, this is likely to happen. You can clean the unit by using a coil cleaner. This will for one, get rid of all the debris that have accumulated there, ensuring that the condenser unit is clean and good for storage.

Using under-utilised spaces

You’re wasting money on cooling the warehouse, especially if there are large under-utilised spaces that exist. Design the cold storage warehouse in a way that you use up all the space to keep your products intact. Not just that, the entry and exit ways should be built in a way that doesn’t hinder the movement of goods being transported.

Check the evaporator coils

A cold storage requires constant cooling and unrestricted air flow. To ensure that the functioning is smooth, you need to ensure that the evaporator coils are clean. Make sure they are cleaned occasionally so as to avoid restricted air flow in the storage spaces.

Cost effective lighting

You can reduce costs a great deal if you go for appropriate and budget friendly lighting. Having the right lights also minimises the consumption of energy. This energy is practically used up by the coolers installed, spread across different temperature zones. So, opt for lights that are a maximum of 150 watts, as opposed to anything that is beyond 200-400 watts.

To sum it up

If you’re an owner of a cold storage warehouse, these tips will definitely ensure that your warehouse and products are well maintained. On that note, you also need to find a logistics aggregator to take utmost care of your products and manage deliveries and shipping alike. Dash101, is your one stop shop for all your shipping requirements. With their services spread across 27,000+ pin codes, integrated by 8 shipping partners, you’re sure to have a business partner than a shipping partner alone.


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