Courier charges in India per kg: Which one to choose for your business?

15 Logistics Companies and Their Courier Charges in India Per Kg

courier charges in India per kg

Running a business online is a challenge. The biggest challenge is making sure your product is delivered on time and in good condition. In a country as big as India, distances and costs often pile-up and it becomes difficult to expand your business. But, what if we told you that by working on one key area, you could take your business to a new height? We’re talking about logistics. eCommerce courier services can help you organize your order fulfillment. But, to ship with them, you need to know courier charges per kg. Also, The weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package

Furthermore, start by analyzing the pros and cons of every courier company. The chances are that you might have only heard about big names such as DHL and FedEx. But, take time to explore other regional couriers as well. Many regional couriers are often cheaper and better. This will help you with a much fairer idea of the market. 

However, sometimes choosing just one courier company isn’t enough. Thanks to modern solutions, you can now ship with more than one courier partner. And that is too using a single platform. Also, The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package.

Wondering how? Let us help you with that.

It’s with the help of an all-in-one logistics platform!

Why Choose Multiple Couriers to Ship Your Products?

Shipping with just one courier company limits your business’ potential. In other words, you have to depend on them for every order. Moreover, you are bound to ship at the price they quote you. On the other hand, if you ship with multiple courier companies, there’s a lot that you get to do. 

You get to ship a particular order with the most efficient courier partner. For example, let’s say that you’re shipping to a regional Pincode. Chances are the top-rated courier partner might not have good serviceability in the area. 

Alternatively, their services might be expensive. For some orders, you might be able to pay more for shipping. But for some other orders, cheap shipping might be a priority. To make the most of it, it is advisable to have multiple shipping partners. Choosing an alternate courier service helps you leverage low-cost shipping. It also maximizes your reach without any constraints. 

Shipping with multiple partners also gives you the option of choosing the best option for different orders. It gives you the power to make decisions for your business.

To get you started with shipping, let’s first take you through the courier rates in India per kg- 

eCommerce Courier Charges of different companies in India Per Kg


DHL courier charges in India per kg

DHL is one of the top courier companies in the network. It has one of the biggest delivery fleets across the world. DHL is a German courier company that has years of experience in delivering orders. It is reputed because the company has been making successful deliveries of parcels for decades. 

The best part about DHL is that they are a reliable courier company. They can accommodate any of your requirements. For example, if you have to ship both domestic and international orders, DHL is your one-stop solution. 

DHL has an attractive price that helps online sellers ship thier parcels at ease. Moreover, they have a separate division for handling eCommerce orders.


courier charges in India per kg

FedEx is another famous courier company that helps people ship their products easily. It is a reliable and trustworthy company. This is because FedEx has been shipping parcels for more than a few decades now. The company has a dedicated division for eCommerce orders.

 This means it lets online sellers leverage their services of smart shipping. FedEx also has one of the most affordable rates for shipping in India. Moreover, if you want to take your business to the world, you can leverage its international shipping facilities. 

FedEx holds your hand in your eCommerce business and helps you make it a success. The regional delivery fleet of FedEx is also good. Additionally, the company has helped several eCommerce businesses take their business to the next level by streamlining their shipping operations.

ECom Express

ECom Express is one courier company that helps you ship across multiple destinations. The company lets you have it all without high investment costs. ECom Express is a good choice for getting started in the eCommerce business. Moreover, if you are getting plenty of orders, chances are you’ll also have eCommerce returns. 

ECom express sorts out the reverse logistics scenario and helps you ship seamlessly. It handles return orders at lower costs than forwarding shipments. 

Moreover, if you’re planning to sell internationally, ECom Express will help you every step of the way.


Gati is one of the cheapest courier companies in the market. The company has an excellent delivery fleet. This helps you reach out to remote areas without any trouble. Moreover, if you are looking forward to delivering express shipments, Gati is there by your side.

Gati only ships domestic orders as of now. But, it is a reliable courier partner that many eCOmmerce businesses use. The courier company will deliver your shipment on time. Additionally, it will also help you offer multiple payment options to your customers.

For example, if you have some customers who want to pay via Cash on Delivery, you can use Gati. Gati will help you deliver your cash on delivery orders and collect the payment from your customers. 


Some of the most popular eCommerce startups use Xpressbees to ship their orders. One of the biggest reasons why companies trust Xpressbees is that they are reliable as well as fast courier services. The company helps deliver on time and keeps the business’ promise to its customers.

If you want to enhance your delivery experience with your customers, you can use Xpressbees. They are also low-cost courier services, so they will help you ship at the lowest courier charges per kg. 

Xpressbees was founded in 2015 and has ever since been earned a name for themselves. They are known for their ultra-fast and high-quality last-mile services.


Holisol is an Indian courier company that was founded in 2009. Chances are you might not have heard its name. But, it is a top-rated courier service among eCommerce sellers. One of the most distinctive qualities of Holisol is that it offers its customers an end to end fulfillment service. 

In case you’re not familiar with end to end fulfillment service, there is nothing to worry about. It merely refers to the sum of the entire logistics processes from the first mile to the last mile. First mile services include picking up the order from the seller’s doorstep, while last-mile services mean delivering the parcel from the courier hub to the customers’ doors. 


DTDC is one of the most standard courier companies in India. Its courier rates per kg are quite less. For this reason, it provides eCommerce sellers with an advantage in shipping. It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that DTDC is also one of the most preferred courier partners in India.

The company has its headquarters in Bangalore but has expanded its services to all across the nation. DTDC has fast courier tracking services and excellent serviceability. It is also convenient to contact the support of DTDC in times of need.

DTDC understands the needs of the eCOmmerce sellers and provides quality shipping experience. 


Regardless of whether you’re an eCommerce seller, you couldn’t have gone without hearing about Bludart’s services. Bluedart is a courier company that heps ship orders. You can ship both eCommerce and non-eCommerce orders with the courier. 

One of the best qualities of Bluedart is its expedited shipping and reliable tracking. Let’s say that you promise your customers an expected delivery date for an order. With Bluedart by your side, you can get your parcels delivered before the scheduled delivery date.

This creates a beautiful experience for your customers. Moreover, you fulfill your promises beforehand, earning your customers’ trust. Bluedart is an excellent option to provide a delivery experience at low costs. Its courier charges in India are the most economical per kg.


courier charges in India per kg

Another popular courier service that makes it to our list is Delhivery. Delhivery is a trusted courier company that helps deliver parcels seamlessly. It has a dedicated unit for handling eCommerce orders. In other words, Delhivery will help you maximize your reach. At the same time, it will help you ship in your budget. 

Moreover, Delhivery does more than shipping. It doesn’t just help in shipping. But enables you to fulfill your orders. In other words, Delivery has a full-fledged order fulfillment service. By leveraging it for your business, you can forget about your logistics woes. The courier charges per kg for Delivery are extremely low.

India Post

eCommerce courier

One of the oldest postal services in India is the India Post. India Post is a courier company that is government-backed. Moreover, it falls under the department of posts in India. The company is one of the lowest-cost courier service providers.

While India Post doesn’t highlight its eCommerce shipping facility, you can use it to ship your orders. India Post can tale your business to new heights and help you save business costs. Moreover, the delivery services by India Post are fast and reliable. Its courier charges per kg are something that’ll make your mind for online selling.


One of the lesser-known courier services in India is the Gojavas. Even though not many know about it, Gojavas are excellent delivery partners. If you’re shipping with them, you need no minimum order commitment. 

This means no matter how small your package is; you can ship with them seamlessly. However, Gojavas is more than a simple courier company. It is an all-encompassing logistics package. In other words, Gojavas helps you manage your entire supply chain operations. 

The courier has the lowest courier charges per kg. Additionally, it helps maximize the reach by delivering across 100+ cities. 

First Flight Couriers

First Flight is relatively new when it comes to the world of eCommerce shipping. Nonetheless, it is strengthening its position in the market with rapid shipping. Even though they started slow, but have now spread their reach to a majority of cities in the country. The best part is that First Flight also helps ship your parcels internationally. 

Therefore, if you want to leverage low courier rates in India per kg along with superior Delivery, First Flight must be your pick.


While taking your business to the world has its advantages, it is also profitable to ship locally. By local, we mean your neighborhood. Take your business to your neighborhood with low courier charges per kg. 

With Wefast, this kind of shipping is possible. In other words, Wefast is a hyperlocal delivery partner. It helps you deliver across 50 km in your neighborhood. Moreover, it presents an opportunity for you to start your hyperlocal delivery business. 


Just like Wefast, Dunzo is yet another courier company that helps deliver hyper-locally. It takes your parcel from your doorstep and delivers it to your customers in the neighborhood. They are present in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc., and have the lowest courier charges per kg for hyperlocal Delivery. 


low cost courier services

While many people know about Aramex only as an international service, it also helps deliver domestically. Aramex is one of the world’s most popular courier companies. It has a delivery fleet spanning across borders. Aramex helps deliver parcels hassle-free and at low courier charges per kg.

Sell Online, Ship Hassle-Free!

Now that you know about multiple courier services and their shipping rates reach out to your customers. Use courier services as a value addition to your selling strategies. But, don’t limit yourself to just one carrier. Moreover, for a profitable shipping experience, use logistics platforms like Dash101.

With Dash101, you get to ship with multiple courier services at the lowest costs. And guess what? The more you ship, the lower your courier charges per Kg become! Dash101 ships to 27,000+ pincodes in India! With affordable shipping and great customer service, it is the best option for your business!


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