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11 Courier Partners for the Best Reverse Logistics in eCommerce

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Returns shipments in ecommerce are inevitable. No matter what you do, you’ll have some customers returning orders. While you can try to minimize these, you must always have some mechanism in place to take care of these. This is precisely where you need courier partners for reverse logistics. These courier partners can help you manage your return orders smoothly without having to worry about the issue. 

Courier partners for reverse logistics play a huge role in defining your business. Return orders when left unchecked have the potential to bring immense losses to your business. Be it any reason that the shipment was not delivered to the courier, it ultimately comes down to your profits and losses. 

So, if you’re interested in knowing more about reverse logistics and courier [partners for reverse logistics, you’re at the right place. We’ve gone ahead and compiled all the information you need in one place. Read on to find out more.

The Role of Courier Partners for Reverse Logistics

While you really avoid return orders, what you can do is prepare for them. It all begins with your inventory management and choosing a good logistic provider. With good inventory management, you send the right product, in the right quantity and the best condition. Therefore, the customer receives the product exactly in a condition they had expected. Or the product is exactly the same as it was listed on your website. 

So, let’s say that you do everything correct regarding your product. You pick, pack and dispatch it in the best possible condition. Wondering what happens next? You hand over the parcel to the courier company for delivering it to the customers’ doorstep. And if there’s anything that goes wrong with the product, in the transit, it ultimately comes down to the courier service. 

Qualitative Delivery

Good courier partners for reverse logistics provide qualitative delivery of the products. Most of the times when the courier partner is not efficient, the package gets damaged. And when it reaches the customer’s doorstep, they deny to accept it. Therefore, the package is marked return to origin and shipped back to the seller. If you partner with a good logistic provider like Dash101, these issues are taken care of. The delivery made by the courier partner is qualitative. Moreover, the parcel is delivered in the exact same condition as it was packed. 

Better Handling

Most of the return orders occur due to bad handling of products during the transit. And this an issue that you can do nothing about as a seller. Therefore, it becomes fundamental for you to partner with a good logistics provider. When your parcels are handled better during the transit, there are fewer chances of damage. Especially when it comes to fragile items, better handling of products is mandatory.

Timely Delivery

If your parcels are not delivered to the customer on time, they might refuse the delivery. A good courier partner will make sure that the packages are handled well. In addition to this, they will deliver the parcel in the committed time frame. So, let’s say that your parcel is supposed to be delivered within one day. When you pass the information to the courier company, their efforts should help you fulfill the commitment. 

Lower Costs

If your courier partners for reverse logistics charge you a lot of money, things might not be very fruitful for you. Ultimately, it will raise the burden of costs on your business. Moreover, it has become mandatory for sellers to provide free returns to the customer. This helps build trustworthiness in the shopping process and the customer feels safe to make a purchase. However, if costs involved in reverse logistics are too much, it might not be very fruitful for your business. 

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Top 11 Courier Partners for Reverse Logistics

 Now, let’s take a look at the top 11 courier partners for reverse logistics!


Shadowfax iis one of the most popular companies for delivering parcels. It is also one of the best courier partners for reverse logistics. They haven’t been in the market for very long, but established their reputation with the credible work. They are active in more than 7000 pin codes in India. Therefore, you can get your parcel back from a large number of delivery locations. With a delivery fleet of more than 400 vehicles, Shadowfax also offers a doorstep quality check of the products. This is to make sure that the delivered parcel is safe and in the same condition as the seller shipped.

Ecom Express

Ecom Express is one of the most popular courier partners for reverse logistics. Even though sellers use it for freight forwarding, not many know that the courier offers reverse logistics services as well. The courier company is known for its quick and efficient delivery services all over India. In fact, Ecom Express also offers international shipping facilities. The best part is that their delivery fleet is working all around the year. So, no matter when a return shipment arises, it is delivered back to you in no time. 


Delhivery is yet another popular delivery service. While it is great for forward shipments, it is no less of a courier partner for reverse logistics. Delhivery has a dedicated fleet for commerce shipments. This means that not only are your parcels handled in a better manner, but also they are delivered on time. Delhivery is also one of the most cost effective courier partners for reverse logistics. 


When it comes to one of the most committed and timely delivering courier partners for reverse logistics. Xpressbees stands apart with its qualitative delivery and extensive reach in India. They offer timely pick up services and deliver the parcel well in time to the sellers’ warehouse. One of the best parts of shipping with Xpressbees is that they offer all these services at the lowest costs possible. Therefore, if you want to minimize costs for reverse logistics, you should opt for Xpressbees.


Bluedart is one of the most promising courier partners in India. They are not just known in India but also in many parts of Asia because of their reliable services. Having said this, Bluedart stands up as one of the most cost effective courier partners for reverse logistics. They have one of the highest pin code reach in India. Therefore, no matter where your customer is located or where the delivery destination is, you can get your parcel back in time. 

First Flight

Often sellers have to face inventories stock outs because the courier company was not able to deliver the parcel back to the seller’s warehouse in time. Not only does it harm the business but also damages the seller’s reputation. With First Flight courier partners for reverse logistics you can streamline your return order management. You can offer free returns to the customers and get your orders back within no time. In addition to this, the delivery fleet at First Flight is also responsible and handles the parcels well.

TCI Express

TCI Express handles reverse shipments dedicatedly. They have as many as 3000 cargo pick up points for ecommerce shipments. This means that they can help you leverage their staff and services for efficient and timely pickup and deliveries. In addition to this, TCI Express also offers tracking services for the shipments. So, no matter where your shipment is, you come to know through the tracking page. 


Even though it is not one of the very popular courier partners for reverse logistics, Safexpress is known for a variety of reasons. It redefines the distribution of parcels in India. Having said this, you can leverage Safexpress for their specialized handling of documents, and other parcels. They are very committed towards their process, where your business is well informed about the whereabouts of your parcels. The costs involved in return shipments is also quite less with Safexpress.


Another small yet effective courier partner for reverse logistics is Trackon. It offers dedicated reverse logistics services for your brand. If you are looking for a reliable and cost effective service, you can definitely consider Trackon. It has a good reach across India and delivers the parcels safely to the customer’s doorstep. In addition to this, trackon will keep you informed about your parcel with a tracking link. 


In case you are looking for a one stop solution for all your reverse logistics needs, you must partner with Dash101. With Dash101, you can ship with more than a few courier partners for reverse logistics from this list. All you have to do is create an account and get started. Reach out to 26000+ pin codes and get your shipments back at the lowest costs!


While there are many courier partners for reverse logistics, make sure that you partner with the one that fits your needs. Whether you’re a small business or a market titan, it is always advised that you have more than one option as a fallback. For this reason, it is always a good idea to ship with 3PL platforms like Dash101.


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