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Courier services for eCommerce website: All you need to know

While shopping has always been therapeutic, there’s a difference in the way we shop now. 10 years back, people enjoyed going to stores and malls. Today, people enjoy shopping online. Technological developments have revolutionized the way we shop. Since we don’t need to step out to buy our favourite products, we can shop in a more convenient way. If you didn’t know already, you have eCommerce to thank for this revolution. Today, most brands are realizing the importance of being online because online shopping expands your audience and your reach like no other. eCommerce helps you take your business to the world. All you need is an online store and courier services for eCommerce website.

Courier services are complementary to an eCommerce website. While eCommerce widens your reach, courier services actually help your product reach people across the country. In a country like India, it helps to widen your base and spread out in terms of reach. Today, more and more Indians want to buy from small businesses and they’re willing to pay the price for it. In turn, all you need as a small business owner is a website which gives them information about products and the ability to ship products to them wherever they live. Now you could independently post or courier orders from time to time. But if you do this, it’s not very convenient and turns out to be expensive for you in the long run. If you truly want to grow you must start learning about courier services for eCommerce website. We will now deep dive into the different options you can look at and how you can get started.

What to consider before partnering with a courier service

While your product is your greatest asset as a business owner, your courier service partner is just as important. Your courier service provider’s efficiency will decide how customers see your brand. Since the courier partner is responsible for delivering the product to the customer, it is important to select courier services for eCommerce website that you think will prioritize the quality of service. At the same time, you must stick to your budget as a small business. Since courier services are expensive, you must partner with one after considering several aspects. Some courier services charge based on the weight of the product. While some charge by the kilo, others have different mechanisms in place.

Another consideration is the distance. Do you want to initially ship within a district, a state or a region? Or do you want to start shipping across the country? Couriering a product to a longer distance will cost more, so you need to note all of this down. After this, you can look at courier and shipping services. There are a bunch of courier services that are reputed and provide great services, but as an upcoming business, your best bet is Dash101.

Access multiple courier services with Dash101

Dash101 is the one platform that all small business owners must go on, to grow their business! It is a platform offering integrated solutions for all your logistics and eCommerce needs. Dash101 connects you to 8+ shipping and courier companies, so if you’re seeking courier services for eCommerce website, this is it. The platform also offers shipping starting at Rs. 23! What’s even better is that you can ship to 27000+ pin codes when you partner with Dash101. While logistics are taken care of, you can also get help regarding your eCommerce setup. Dash101 helps you set up your online store seamlessly, so you don’t have to worry about anything else!

With Dash101, you can #DoItAll. Go download the app now!


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