Shiprocket vs Dash101 Logistics – The Better Bet!

Dash101 Logistics vs Shiprocket – The Better Bet

Shiprocket vs Dash101 Logistics

With the rise of D2C brands in India, there has been a rush to fill the gap in the eCommerce shipping space. This is primarily led by aggregators like Shiprocket, Nimbus Post to name a few. This is the same opportunity that we at Dash101 logistics cater to, as a full-stack eCommerce platform. Launched in mid-2020, during the peak of a pandemic; as a result of which Dash101 Logistics has had many takeaways from each and every business, seller, entrepreneur we brought on board with us. In this article, we will talk about which of the two eCommerce shipping partners are good for your online business.

Shiprocket vs Dash101 logistics- Everything you need to know

Shiprocket is an eCommerce shipping solution and logistics aggregator. It helps you ship to 27,000+ pin codes in the country with 17+ courier partners. With Shiprocket, you can integrate your website and marketplace directly into the dashboard and auto-import orders to ship them quickly. You also get the feature of generating labels and scheduling pickups from multiple locations. Also, an AI-backed courier recommendation engine that helps you select the best for your partner for every shipment.

We at Dash101 Logistics, aim to become the shipping partner that grows one’s business and improves bottom lines by reducing costs and improving customer experience. At Dash101 logistics, we allow you to integrate your existing online store and sync all your orders into one dashboard. For integrating your online store, you can choose Shopify and WooCommerce and merge them with your new dashboard. Furthermore, we offer customized pricing for every client; some of them offering up to 30% discounts. So, there lot in store for one’s online business that can only help it grow rapidly in a short course of time to boost your sales and improvise your customer experience manifold. We aim to help your business grow and we are more than just a service provider for your business solutions. We are more like your business partner!

Support at Dash101 logistics as compared to Shiprocket

Dash101 Logistics Shiprocket
Chat Support Yes Yes
Call Support Yes, Priority Support for every single client Yes – Priority call support.
WhatsApp Yes No
Relationship Manager Yes, every single client Only Enterprise

At Dash101 logistics, the focus is on the client and that is because there is a very strong chat and call support in place. Not only is every client called on priority, but there is also constant communication on WhatsApp for the same. To back this up, there is also a dedicated relationship manager for every single client that offers them support at every step.

Features that might interest you

Dash101 Logistics Shiprocket
Courier Recommendation Engine Yes Yes
Multiple Pick Up Addresses Yes, for every client  Yes, for all plans
Mobile App Android Android and iOS
Shipping Rate Calculator Real-time calculator Real-time calculator
Payment Modes COD and Prepaid COD and Prepaid
COD Remittance Thrice-a-week Thrice-a-week
Early COD (Get COD Remittance in just two days of order delivery) Yes, for every client  Yes
Packaging Solutions No Yes
Fulfillment Solutions No Yes
Hyper local Delivery No Yes
API Access / Customized Integration Yes, for all clients Yes, for paid users
Free eCommerce Website Yes No
Multiple Shopify Integration Yes, FREE for all clients Yes, Paid

Both have Courier Recommendation Engines as part of their services. They cater to multiple pick-up addresses, have real-time tracking and calculator, and COD and prepaid payment modes. In addition, we also offer API access and customised integration for their clients. You can use the benefit of a free eCommerce website that business owners can create for their online business. Even in the case of syncing your existing store to Shopify or WooCommerce, you don’t have to pay to do that. All this can be done under one dashboard at Dash101 and for free of cost. Plus, we are just a phone call away for any of your business and shipping related concerns.

Integrations at Dash101 Logistics and Shiprocket

Dash101 Logistics Shiprocket
Single View Dashboard Yes Yes
Buyer Action for Undelivered Orders Yes Yes
IVR calling Yes Yes
Manual Calls Yes Yes
Emails Yes Yes
SMS No Yes
Cloud Calling With Buyer No Yes
RTO Cost 10-15% lower than forward charges 10-15% lower than forward charges
RTO to different address Yes Yes
NDR Call Center Setup Yes, FREE for all Paid
Dash101 Logistics Shiprocket
Starting Rates Rs. 23 / 500 gms (for all clients)
Up to 30% savings on enterprise plans
Rs. 29/500 gms (for all free users)
Rs. 22/500 gms (for Professional Plan Subscribers and above)

Single view dashboard that shows you buyer actions for undelivered orders is what we at Dash101 logistics can offer you. We have an NDR call centre setup that you can use for free. Our dashboard provides a wholesome chunk of information when it comes to your shipping analytics, making shipping a seamless experience with reduced RTO, IVR calling, Emails, etc.

Shipping at Dash101 logistics starts ₹23/500 gms for all subscribers (including free users). We offer low cost shipping and we guarantee you high returns for your business with the additional benefits and features that it has to offer. At Dash101, we want to be more than just a service for your online business, we would rather be your business partner and help you with shipping solutions to boost your business.

If you are an eCommerce business owner, you must understand the importance of shipping for the same. We hope this article helps you understand what your business needs and how we can help you easily grow your business to the next level; Choose the best for your online business and get all your shipping solutions in one place.


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Dash101 Logistics vs Shiprocket
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