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Dash101’s #DoItAll Campaign Pumped Its Audience To Kickstart Something New #BaitheBaithe

Image Courtesy: Dash101

Dash101’s #DoItAll Campaign focuses on pushing its audience to start something of their own #BaitheBaithe. The campaign was a major success. With multiple social media posts with quirky content conveying its message of kick-starting something unique, their audience always wanted to, this New Year. The campaign was month-long and Dash101 used Instagram as its social media platform.

Through a video on Instagram, it asked a few team members,” What they like to do #BaitheBaithe. While few stated they loved playing with their kids and dogs. The others stated how they loved planning for their next trip. Some said they liked singing or reading a book while the others loved being on social, even stalking influencers. The video ended with Dash101 asking the audience, “Why not create their own brand #BaitheBaithe”.

In multiple other posts, they even used Bollywood movie dialogues and common analogies with monument and bucket lists references. Which indirectly put the message across to its audience. 

While some of the posts connected to the filmy side of the audience. The others persuaded the audience to put on a thinking cap. It also convinced the audience that pursuing their passion in the form of business is not that difficult. And with Dash101, you can #DoItAll. 

Say Goodbye to 2020

The year 2020 reminds us of the unending challenges we faced throughout our schedules, skills, and most important; our habits. Desolated with one or the other excuse to procrastinate or quit what we were confident about achieving. That’s exactly what the online store creator brought out in another video published on Instagram Social. The video urged its audience to kickstart the new year in a new way. Even in the comfort of their homes.

As stated in the press release published by Dash101, it states that the full stack eCommerce platform helps one to start afresh as they bring out the productiveness in oneself. The challenging times of lockdown 2020 should not let any business ideas go down the drain.

”Online Business is not really tough but if you have ideas. You might have had delivered after careful planning. And you don’t try it out then you are missing out on actually something really great. Dash101 strives to help smaller traditional businesses go online and make your dreams come true guiding you through it all. They understand the efforts and challenges an entrepreneur faces. And they can help you grow your business and its digital presence.

“You need to believe in your business and primarily aim to make it into a well-recognized brand across the country”, it states. 

The online store creator also helps to ship products hassle-free across 27000+ pin codes PAN India with Dash101 Logistics. With the shipping partner, one can also choose among the best eight courier integrations. Along with tracking and managing order features embedded within the app. “Dash101 can #DoItAll for you as your one-stop online business partner”, the press release added. 

What do the experts say?

As quoted in the press release, Saurav Chatterjee said, ”Sitting down isn’t as unproductive as we make it out to be. In society, if someone is seen sitting down and on their phone, it’s stigmatized to think they’re being lazy. Over the past year, sitting has pretty much been normalized. The message we want to drive home is that you can sit down on your barcalounger and run the online business you’ve been planning. Business daudao, lekin baithe baithe”

Steffi Chiramel said, “If you are reading this while sitting on a chair then this video is your story and also the answer to how you can change your future.

We want you to know that all of us is a lead character in our own film called life and it is our role to create the way forward. A short video that is visually pleasing yet answering a lot of questions, will rekindle your desire to start your own business. Just like the theme suggests, you can now create an online store for your business from any chair and at any time!”


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