Do You Need A Business License for Your Online Store?

Do You Need A Business License for Your Online Store? Let’s Find Out

Business License

In the growing industry of the online retailing market, starting an online store is never a bad idea. Especially when the growth and development look so promising for the future. Hence, your online store is your market where you sell your products and services online. Also, receiving your payments right on purchase. You don’t even have to maintain a physical commercial store. Wherein you don’t need to manage your sales accounts with the customer on paper. Therefore, all your payments accepted online through payment gateways provided by some e-commerce platforms. However, do you need a business license for your store? Let’s find out!

There are a few things you need to know before you start promoting your market. Along with driving customers to your website! 

Have you registered your E-commerce business?

To get your payment gateway for your business transactions, your company must be registered under sole proprietorship. Moreover, if the companies not registered cannot accept online payments as the integration restrict payment gateways,

How to register my E-commerce business? 

The registration of E-commerce businesses under sole proprietorship done at local municipal corporation offices. 

Hence, to register your online business with the authorities, you can visit your nearest local municipal corporation office. Submit the required form which needs to be duly filled. This form is known as the Shops and Establishment form. This needs to submit along with some essential documents. 

  • Undertaking 
  • Registration form
  • Fee schedule 

Payments and Pricing

You will also need to have an account in the name of your business at any bank of your preference. However, no subsidiary cost to establish your business undertaken sole proprietorship. Address proof of the establishment required like the electricity or telephone bill. Or even a rental agreement, etc. while opening the bank account for your business. 

Once you have completed this process, you can move on to the final process. Which is applying for the company’s registration. Furthermore, the application forms are available for proprietors at the nearest local municipal office or even available online at

Once your business has successfully incorporated after being approved by the municipal corporation. A confirmation email and your form are updated as approved.

The local municipal corporation office also provides a Form 32. Hence, this is for the appointment of new Directors, Managers, and Secretary, for a new E-commerce company. You can also download the form from the

If this process is complicated. You can hire professional services of well-known law firms that manage such Company Registration processes. Additionally, there are reputed service law firms available widely in most of the cities in India including Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune.

Finally, when you have registered with the government, it is time to get your domain name for your business. Lastly, many e-commerce platforms provide efficient domain services for businesses at a reasonable cost which can be found easily online. 


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