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How to Get Suppliers for Dropshipping In India?

how to get suppliers for dropshipping in india

Dropshipping might seem like an enticing business alternative. However, it can also be a tough nut to crack. Be it choosing the right products for fulfillment to establishing a presence on an online platform, and more. Dropshipping involves a lot of decision-making. One of the biggest out of these is to decide on how to get suppliers for dropshipping in India. 

Getting suppliers can be challenging in dropshipping because there are a number of factors to consider. Moreover, you have to take care of the quality of products and selling products, since that is what your business depends upon. However, if you’re worried about finding dropshipping suppliers in India, you’re at the right place. 

Read on to find out the A to Z of how to get wholesale dropshippers in india.

Why are Suppliers Important for Dropshipping in India?

Suppliers are your face of the brand in dropshipping. They are responsible for the well being of your business. Additionally-

Represent Your Brand

Suppliers pick, pack, and ship your products. In other words, they represent your brand. Unless you find an authentic supplier, you will not have the right quality products to provide to your customers.

Help You Bring Return Customers

It is only because of your suppliers that you earn return customers. After all, why will a customer buy from you again if they don’t have a good experience for their first purchase? With an authentic supplier, the order fulfillment is excellent, helping you turn one time buyers into loyal customers.

Maximize Profits

With the right supplier, you can find a product you want to sell at the best rates. This way, you can save on your business costs and make the most of your profits.

Getting Suppliers for Dropshipping in India

You can use different strategies to search for suppliers according to your preferences. Take a look at the strategies below to spot suppliers as per your needs. Contacting the manufacturer is one of the most uncomplicated strategies to find them.

Contacting the Supplier

If you want to dropship the product, you can call the manufacturer and ask for a list of wholesale distributors of the product. 

Then you can contact the wholesalers and check if they drop ship those products and enquire about setting up an account. This strategy would allow you to quickly select the products within the nation that you are exploring as most wholesalers carry products from various manufacturers. Due to this, you would be able to identify the leading wholesalers in the market quickly.

Leverage Platforms for Dropshipping in India

For dropshipping in India, the second strategy is using platforms, which allow you to import the products from suppliers directly into your Shopify store very quickly, after which you can ship the products straight to your customers with the help of a few clicks. 

The most important feature of this strategy is that it would import the products from suppliers and fulfill the order automatically. Moreover, it also customizes your product according to the preferences, and it also includes pricing automation and auto-update inventory and price auto-updates.

dropshipping in India

Use Search Engine

The third strategy for dropshipping in India is about searching using Google as using Google would lead you to find high-quality suppliers, although there are some rules that you must keep in mind. The first rule is that you have to search extensively, which means you have to dig through a lot of search results as wholesalers are bad at marketing and promotion. And they are not at all going to top the search results for wholesale suppliers for the product. 

The second rule is you must not judge them by the website as they have poorly designed the website as 90’s styles website, so you shouldn’t judge them by a website but through their service. Using key modifiers wouldn’t help you because wholesalers are not doing SEO to ensure that you find their websites, so try using modifiers like distributor, seller, bulk, warehouse, and supplier.

Take a Cue from the Competition

The fourth strategy is about the order from the competition, in case you cannot locate the right supplier. For this process, you would need to find a competitor and place an order from the company, and the moment you receive their package, Google the return address and then see who the original shipper is. This strategy is not one of the top methods, but you can try it.

Attend a Trade Show

The fifth strategy for dropshipping in India, is about attending a trade show as a tradeshow allows you to connect with all the major manufacturers and wholesalers at one platform. It is a great way to make contacts and research your suppliers and product all under one roof.although this only works if you have already selected your product. It is also not feasible for everyone, so in case you have the time and money to attend it, then it’s a perfect way to get to know about the manufacturer and suppliers hustling in the market.

Leverage Directories

The sixth strategy is about directories. A supplier directory is simply a database of suppliers. The directory organizes suppliers by the product’s market, although many directories employee screening processes to ensure that the suppliers were listed are the genuine wholesalers. Profit companies usually run diectories and charge people to access their directory. To brainstorm ideas, membership directories can be beneficial.

Worldwide brand is a famous directory for dropshipping in India. It was established in 1999. It is one of the oldest and best-known supplier directories. Moreover, it includes suppliers that meet a set of guidelines to ensure the quality of the wholesalers. It has thousands of wholesalers and comprises over 10 million products that entail $99 for a lifetime membership.

Salehoo was established in 2005. It caters to the merchants on eBay and Amazon. Besides this, it involves over 8,000 suppliers with the membership price of $67 per year. Doba was established in 2002. Unlike other companies, it Integrates with the drop shippers due to which it has only 165 suppliers but has over 1.5 million products that entail a membership price of $60 per month. 

Last but not least wholesale Central, which was established in 1996, has 1400 suppliers. It also has 740000 products and it is free of cost. However, the platform charges you a listing fee to


Apart from the strategies dropshipping suppliers have some attributes through which you can find an excellent dropshipping supplier. The first attribute is that they have export staff. Alternatively, look for good and robust support. This will help you reach out to them in no time.

A right dropshipping supplier invests in technology and also can take orders by email. Make sure that the supplier is centrally located and organized and efficient for dropshipping in India. You must check how they are under the order process and how quickly the items shipped out, and how they follow the tracking information and packing quality when the item arrives.


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