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9 eCommerce Benefits for Small Business and Entrepreneurs Post-COVID

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The internet has become one of the most important parts of our lives. We are dependent on it even for the littlest of needs. Be it finding a good restaurant to eat out, answering simple questions to looking for something we need. For almost everything the user journey begins though the Internet. One of the greatest applications of the Internet that has emerged in the past few years is ecommerce. Ecommerce helps bridge the gap between sellers and buyers, making them meet on a digital platform. Ultimately, ecommerce benefits small business entrepreneurs. 

The extent of popularity of ecommerce is so much that even traditional retail is impacted by it. Gone are the days when customers would head to a retails store and wait in the queue to purchase something or find their favourite product. Today, with busier lives and less time to head out, eCommerce has picked up the pace. People can just order stuff from websites like Amazon, and even subscribe to products for auto delivery at their doorsteps. 

While this has created problems for the retail businesses, ecommerce benefits small business entrepreneurs. That is because, anyone with the dream of selling can actually reach out to the customers without the constraint of investment. Setting up an online business is almost free, thanks to the efforts of platforms like Dash101. This means that all sellers have to do is create accounts and get started with selling online immediately. 

The question of owning inventory is also ruled out. With options like dropshipping sellers can ask the suppliers to directly go ahead and fulfill customer orders. Therefore, the dream to sell to a large audience has now become much simpler and achievable. 

In addition to this, the advent of the pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and provided a boost to ecommerce. More and more people are purchasing online, thanks to lucrative offers and the convenience of home delivery. Customers want to avoid crowded places but they still want their favourite products. Thus, eCommerce has emerged as one of the most wonderful options for both the sellers and buyers. Moreover, eCommerce benefits small business entrepreneurs as well as large enterprises to help reach out to customers from all across the world. 

If you are planning to step into the world of eCommerce and wondering about its benefits, we’re here for you! Take a look at the top benefits that eCommerce has to offer you!

Top eCommerce Benefits Small Business Entrepreneurs

With the lucrative business options that eCommerce has to offer, it has also become competitive in the market. But, most people assume that eCommerce unlocks the doors to unprecedented profits instantly. While this is not true, you do require to put in efforts to help achieve a good return on your investment. But, here is what eCommerce does for you without any doubt!

Maximize Business Reach

Reach out to customers from all the world with eCommerce. No matter where your geographic location is, it doesn’t have to be a constraint for reaching out to customers. You can sell to the farthest of locations with ease. It is possible that there might be a lot of scope for setting up  physical business in certain parts of the world. But, with ecommerce to the rescue, you can provide convenience to customers by delivering their favourite products at their doorsteps.

Greater Revenue

Maximize your business revenue with ecommerce. eCommerce benefits small business entrepreneurs by helping them grow their business seamlessly. Once the growth happens, it is natural the greater business revenue will flow in. For example, with a good logistics solution like Dash101, you can deliver products at the lowest costs to 26000+ pin codes across India. Thus scaling your business doesn’t require much but brings in a lot of profits. 

More Search Engine Traffic

When you’re carrying out the right promotional activities for your business, search engine traffic is bound to flow into your business. Marketing efforts like email marketing, creating content and videos, doorstep sales and more can make you feel exhausted. It is also likely that they cost you a heavy sum of money. However, this is not the case with eCommerce.

 When you’re selling you products online, search engine traffic will land on your website. Of course you will have to tweak your website and content for SEO, but this will help you stay competitive in the long run. In addition to this, you will also be able to have a loyal base of customers. Search engine optimization ensures that your business stays relevant and ranks high in the visibility of the search engine when customers search for the products you have. This is another way that eCommerce benefits small business entrepreneurs. 

ecommerce benefits small business entrepreneurs

Lesser Operational Cost

With eCommerce, there is surely much less cost of operation. You can reach out to a large number of customers at minimal costs. For example, one of the biggest sources of costs are owing capital, hiking staff, setting up a billing desk and more in retail. With eCommerce, all of this is ruled out. Customers are able to shop online and maintaining an online store costs quite less. Moreover, if you do not want to set up your online store, you can sell on marketplaces for some subscription fee. This frees you from the little burden of maintaining your ecommerce store. 

Branding and Reputation

Branding and reputation are two of the most important factors for any business. In a physical business, building a reputation costs a lot. You might have to adapt to conventional sources of marketing such as television and radio. In addition to this, you will have to heavily invest on these efforts. eCommerce benefits small business entrepreneurs by helping them build a reputation quickly. As a business you can simply ask your happy customers to spread the world and give their testimonials over different platforms on the Internet. This will help in gaining a reputation as positive reviews flow in for your business. 

24 * 7 Availability

You might have to shut a retail store at night. This means your business is seeping with you. However, this is not the case with ecommerce. Your ecommerce store goes on no matter what you’re physically doing. This means that your customers can place orders and reach out to you at any time of the day. This opens the doors of unlimited profits for your business. This is one of the biggest ways that ecommerce benefits small business entrepreneurs and sellers. Your customers sitting in even the remote parts of the world get access to your products as per their convenience. 

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth is the fastest source of marketing for any business. Remember that nothing spreads faster than the words of an unhappy customer. And it’s only one review that takes to destroy your business. Ecommerce benefits small business entrepreneurs by helping them spread the customer reviews instantly. If you are doing everything right about your business, the happy reviews of your customers can echo all over the Internet, helping other customers make the purchase decision. 

Business Transparency

eCommerce also brings transparency in your business. You can leverage an inventory management tool to understand where your products are at the present instance of time. Similarly, you also get to track them effectively. The same goes on for your customers. Your customers get to know about their ordered products through a tracking page. Moreover, they are notified of their purchase and constant notifications are passed onto the customers every now and then. You also get to know which of your products are about to go out of stock in time so that you can replenish them. Thus, business transparency is maintained. 

Technology Convenience

With ecommerce, you can leverage the latest technological advancement for your business. In other words, you get to make use of automation tools that do a job in half the time for you. Therefore, with minimal human resources, you can get most of your job done. This also means lesser dependency on the manual tasks. For example, with smart logistics such as Dash101 Logistics, you can ship products using 8+ courier services from a single platform. This enables faster delivery and ensures that you don’t have to pay a lot of money in logistics. Similarly, creating offers for your customers, customizing product options and sending updates, everything becomes easier than ever before .


Now that you know the ways eCommerce benefits small business entrepreneurs, it is time that you get started right away. Make sure you pick the right solution to set foot in the eCommerce industry. Dash101 is a one stop solution that can help you build your business online. Right from creating your website to helping you sell on Whatsapp and Facebook, it lowers your business costs, while helping you reach out to customers on all fronts. In addition to this, you can also leverage Dash101 Logistics to ship your products to 26000+ Pin codes at the lowest costs starting Rs 23/500 gms. Unlock the potential of unlimited profits for your online business today!


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