How To Start an eCommerce Business In 4 Simple Steps?

How To Start an eCommerce Business In 4 Simple Steps?

eCommerce Business

eCommerce business is one of the fastest-growing businesses. It can help you achieve your goals or at least have a sense of them. Being an inevitable trend, there are a number of e-commerce activities running across the countries.  Hence, starting your own seems in 2021 seems to be an ideal plan forward.

The Indian eCommerce business model is on an upward growth and it is sure to surpass the US market by 2034. As per data by IBEF, the Government of India aims to create a trillion-dollar online economy by the year 2025. However, the E-commerce business is not anyone’s cup of tea. It requires careful and focused research as well as planning in abundance. 

We are here to help you kick-start your online business planning and teach you the right way to do so!

Steps To Start Your eCommerce Business


The first obvious thing to begin with is Research and find the right business for you! 

There may be a number of eCommerce business owners selling the same products or services. This leads to much market competition.

It is always better to conduct thorough research and find the right niche.  The best way is to look out for other markets and compare their products and their uniqueness. Thus ensuring that you are in the right space to establish your brand. 

eCommerce Business Name

The next step is to choose a perfect name for your business and finalize your legal structure

Your business name can play a minor role in drawing customers to your market. Looking at the specialty and services of your business, an innovative and suitable name should be decided for better marketing. It is also recommended to consult your local secretary of state’s website.

This is to confirm that the name you’ve chosen is not claimed by another company. 

The legal structure of your business is basically the choice of a sole proprietorship, general partnership, LLC, or corporation. It is better to consult an attorney or any legal professional to help you choose the right structure for your business as each of them include their own benefits and drawbacks. 

Create A Website

The next thing, which sounds interesting and fun. However, requires good hard work to help your business is to Create your website

Your online business website will be your business marketplace. Wherein your customers are going to view your business details and shop your products. Every detailed information of your business, as well as the innovative ideas for marketing your products, should be included. Thus, resulting in an advanced online website for the consumers to shop from. 

You can take the help of many domains creating platforms to build a good online website for your business. You can manage your inventory, ship orders, payments, etc. With the help of many e-commerce platforms, one of which is Dash101. Being a full-stack eCommerce platform that allows you to create your business in just 4 simple steps. Well! that’s less than a minute. Furthermore, with Dash101 Logistics, you can rest upon all your shipping needs.

Market Your eCommerce Business

The final thing is to Market your business 

Once you are ready with your online store and your products and services are good to go! Start marketing your online business through your social media, google ads, and more. The most preferred way is found to be marketing through your social media as it attracts users through the visual content and a written description of your products and services. 

Strategize your business and keep analyzing and questioning your operations to make it grow day by day!

So what’s stopping you from creating your business when all you need to do is Sign Up for free. Get started today!


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