Top 10 eCommerce Categories That Contribute to the Market Revenue

Top 10 Categories That Contribute To The eCommerce Revenue

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We are constantly witnessing changes in the E-commerce market; this is mainly because of the changes in our lifestyle. The trend of e-commerce is flourishing because of the dependency on smartphones and the internet. Digitalization is being seen in every segment of the industry. Here are few categories mentioned that stands in the top 10 in eCommerce market segment.

The contribution to the market revenue in the future would be expected from the below eCommerce categories:


One of the major categories looked up on the internet is fashion. The upcoming trends are encouraging people to shop more from online stores. The online fashion market is generating excessive sales due to the availability of variety and brand on the same platform. There has been a tremendous rise in the use of retail store apps for clothing and apparel too. 


Due to the constant innovation phase, several brands of smartphones and tablets now available at affordable pricing. This has directly resulted in the demand for purchases. Mobiles and tablets; among the top 10 searched products on e-commerce sites; thus, it has the potential to be a huge e-commerce category.

Consumer Electronics

Today, consumer electronics is one of the top-selling e-commerce categories. This category has seen a number of exclusive consumer electronic models. The following industry has seen new developments.


The lack of unavailability of books at offline stores has drawn readers’ attention to buying books online. Nowadays, many writers launch their books directly onto E-commerce websites with exciting offers. Quite recently Flipkart took over Amazon by giving customers the chance to buy Chetan Bhagat’s book, One Indian girl for a mere Re. 1 on the day of its launch.

Movie Tickets

Gone are the days when people stood in never-ending queues to buy movie tickets. BookMyShow empowers movie-goers in exchange for a small processing fee. You can book tickets, meals at seats at the touch of a button.

Baby Products

With nuclear families emerging, modern parents find comfort in shopping from the category of Baby products. Many sites apart from Amazon, Flipkart, such as Baby Oye, First Cey, Mom n Me, etc. cater to these needs.


This segment is expanding at a remarkable pace. Brands like BigBasket, ZopNow, Local Banya, Grofers are expanding their horizons with their hyper-local model.

Food Takeaways

The number of increase in restaurants across cities has availed more options for customers to buy from. After a hectic day, people choose to order a takeaway instead of visiting restaurants. Other than restaurants’ own sites and apps, portals such as Food Panda and Box8 are also competing equally.

Home Furnishing

On account of the rising demand for designed and innovative furniture, the home furnishing market in India has flourished significantly. The influence of western minimalistic designs has found its way into modern Indian homes.


Initially, this section did not see much appreciation due to the dilemma faced by the Indian crowd to buy Jewelry online. Due to the habituated browsing, Indian women have started browsing jewelry too. Hence, online selling for this category is taking flight year after year and will lead to immense heights in the coming years.

These are the top 10 promising eCommerce categories that have contributed to the e-commerce market in India. These categories have the potential to grow sooner or later in the near future. Other than these, we can expect more such categories to come up with the changing times. 


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