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27 Proven eCommerce Conversion Optimization Tips for 2021

ecommerce conversion optimization tactics

You launch your business in the market with a lot of aspirations. You want customers to find your brand and go through your products. But, more than that you want to make revenue by selling more products and retaining your customers. After a lot of marketing efforts a few customers come to your website and make purchases. Congrats! you’ve successfully driven conversions for your ecommerce business. But, with growing market competition, you need to make sure that you keep them coming in. and that’s what you need ecommerce conversion optimization tactics!

Conversions sit at the heart of ecommerce. Every business tries to maximize them with all their efforts. Because at the end of the day, if you are not converting customers you are not making any profits. While conversions can mean different things to different businesses, it all comes down to sales. After all, that is what brings you the revenue for the efforts you’ve invested. Therefore, you need to make sure that you adopt the right practices that help you drive your business revenue. 

Whether you’ve just set foot in the ecommerce industry or have been selling for a while, you need to maximize your revenue. This is directly related to the number of conversions you make. In other words, the more you reach out to your customers and push them to purchase from you, the better your positioning in the market gets. 

With eCommerce conversion optimization tactics you can drive in profits for your business. Moreover, you can reach the full potential of your business. So, if you’re interested in making the most of your business, you’re at the right place. We’ve gone ahead and brought the best proven tips and tricks for you. Read on to find out more!

What are eCommerce Conversions?

eCommerce conversions simply refer to the number of successful sales you are able to make from your store. This is in relation to the traffic you are getting or the overall number of people coming to see your products. For example, if you are getting a traffic of 1000 and the number of people purchasing from you is 10, your conversion rate is 1 percent. 

Most of the ecommerce businesses get a lot of traffic, but very less conversions. Ideally, for a successful ecommerce store. 2-3 percent of conversions are fair enough. But, if you want to perform exceptionally well, you must try and increase your conversions.

Good conversions mean that you are making profits in your business in return to the investments. It also means that your customers love to shop from you. Therefore, you are doing well with your inventory. But, due to new competition and altering practices of your competitors, it might become difficult to compete in the market. As a result of this, your conversions will suffer. This is where you will need to change your strategy and leverage ecommerce conversion optimization tactics. 

25 Best eCommerce Conversion Optimization Tactics

Now that you know what conversions are why you need additional tactics, let’s move on. Here you will find the top 25 strategies for your ecommerce business that will help you drive sales, traffic and more conversion parameters!

Understand Your Conversion Rates Better

Make sure that you understand your conversion rates better. There are chances that you might be missing out on a lot of metrics and parameters in your process of conversions. Make sure that you take these into account before deciding what drives your conversions. This will help you make better strategies around your sales.

Leverage Analytics Tools

Another effective ecommerce conversion optimization tactic is to make use of analytics tools for your business. There are several tools in the market such as Crazy Egg, Inspectlet, Mixpanel and others that help you analyze your business information better. They will also suggest the best conversion rates you should target in your business.

Start with Google Analytics

Google analytics is one of the most fundamental tools you must have for your business. For example, if your conversion goal is to bring more readers to your blog, Google Analytics can tell you about the number of visitors you are getting, repeat visitors and the bounce rates for your pages. Similarly, depending upon your business, you get to set different trackers for your ecommerce conversions goal.

Use High Quality Images of Products

Most of the conversions do not occur because the customer fails and doesn’t find the product images convincing. Understand that since the customer is not able to get a look and feel of your products, it is the product images that create the difference. By looking at them one can make a decision to go ahead and purchase or simply abandon the product. 

Offer Lucrative Deals

Remember to keep on offering lucrative deals to your customers. Sometimes when your conversions are stagnant for too long, ecommerce conversion optimization tactics can be used to lure your customers with free shipping. Create flash sales and more. All these catch the eye of your customers and reinforce their purchase decision.

Create Coupon Codes

Why not create an effective coupon code for your customer? Leverage email marketing and send your customers some exclusive coupon codes. This will drive them to make a purchase on your website and make them feel valued. Tell your customers that you are lucky to have them, which is why you’re offering them a coupon code.

Focus on Your Pricing

Never neglect your pricing strategy. Another important rule is to not fix on them. Remember that the pricing of your products can create all the difference in your business. Having said this, you must take a look at the competitor’s pricing strategy and make adjustments to yours. If it’s a seasonal inventory, be sure to offer lucrative prices.

Simplify Your Checkout Process

One of the most effective ecommerce conversion optimization tactics is to simplify the checkout process. Make sure that you are providing a user friendly experience to the customer. Don’t ask too many questions. If your customer doesn’t want to sign up to your platform, provide them with a guest checkout option. Similarly, make the options and CTAs clear and visible. 

Pay Attention to Cart Abandonment

Your abandoned carts can tell a lot about your dropping conversions. Do you have the bad habit of surprising your customer with shipping rates at the last moment? Or do your out of stock products are prompted to the customers just before they’re paying for the order? Make sure you avoid these habits and reduce cart abandonment rates for higher conversions.

Build a Good Customer Support

Good customer support goes a long way in building a relationship with the customer. If you are really helping your customers solve their problems and find resolutions faster, they will stay with your business. Most ecommerce sellers don’t provide customers with support and keep them waiting for the longest time to solve their issues. This is a bad practice and a reason whyc conversions don’t happen. 

Offer More Payment Options

The higher your payment options are, the more satisfied your customers will be. Make an effort to offer all new and trending payment options to your customers like debit card, credit card, UPI, wallet, gift card options among others. This is an effective ecommerce conversion optimization tactics. 

Improve Website Navigation

Is your website fairly difficult to navigate? Are your customers finding it difficult to find the buy now button? Issues such as these can make your customer lose interest in your website. Therefore, make sure that your ecommerce store is easy to navigate and helps customers find what they are looking for in the shortest duration of time.  

ecommerce coversion optimization tactics

Secure Transactions

Make sure that your transactions are secure. Opt for a reliable payment gateway that helps your customers make purchases without any threats. A secure transaction strengthens the relationship with your customers. This in turn has the potential to drive repeat purchases, ultimately increasing conversions.

Add Valuable Product Description

Your product description is like the sales agent that convinces the customer to make a purchase. Therefore, make sure you add valuable product information besides the image of your product. This will help your customers understand your product well and the way it fits well in their needs.

Provide Product Reviews

Make sure you provide product reviews besides each product. It is one of the most effective ecommerce conversion optimization tactics. Product reviews help reinforce a customer’s decision in purchasing a product. 

Add Customer Testimonials

Unless you’re Amazon or Flipkart, you need customer testimonials to keep pushing your conversion rates. Effective ecommerce conversion optimization tactics suggest that customer testimonials help new customers or first time buyers find your brand as reliable. They might not hear what you have to say, but they will surely listen to other customers who have purchased from you.

Have No Hidden Costs

Hidden costs are a big No for your business. Nobody likes to land on a checkout page to find out they have to pay Rs 500 extra as taxes for the purchase.  Avoid any such practices as they can kill your conversions. 

Improve Your Logistics

One of the most effective ecommerce conversion optimization tactics is to improve your logistics. The way you deliver your products says a lot about your brand. Make sure that you partner with a reliable logistics provider such as Dash101 Logistics for the best in class ecommerce deliveries at lowest costs. 

Prepare a Mobile Friendly Website

A majority of the customers make purchases through the mobile phone. mCommerce is gaining popularity as people spend more and more time on their smartphones. Therefore, it is very essential that your ecommerce store is mobile friendly and does not exceed the parameters of the viewing screen of a mobile phone. 

Package Your Products Well

Never forget to package your products well. Even if you do not want to invest a lot in packaging, make sure that you package your products securely. This ensures that they are delivered safely to the customers’ doorsteps. Always add fillers such as bubble wrap, shredded paper, etc. to secure your product.

Focus on SEO

Search engine optimization is an important factor for driving conversions. Most of your customers come from Google. Therefore, it becomes essential for your website or products to rank well on the search engine. Make sure to include keywords and adopt healthy SEO practices. 

Keep Adding New Products

When you keep on adding new products to your store, it retains the interest of the customer. They will always have something new to look forward to. Highlight the new products you are adding and make sure that they are trendy in order to grab customer’s attention.

Offer an EMI Option

Not all customers prefer shopping by spending all the money they have. If they are buying some products that are expensive, they would love to have an EMI option. You can partner with banks to provide this to your customers, which also serves as ecommerce conversion optimization tactics.

Adapt to Changing Markets

Make sure you adapt to the changing market conditions. With seasonal changes or disruptions due to competitors and new entrants, you might require to change your strategies. Make sure you keep an eye on the market trends to evolve your business and drive conversions.

Stay Away from Fraudulent Activities

Never promise what you can’t deliver. Remember to stay away from fraudulent activities in your business. If you promise your customer one thing and deliver another, they will assume your business as fraud. Avoid any such practices at all costs.

Offer Faster Shipping

Faster shipping options mean that the customers get their products within the least amount of time possible. This is what customers want today. Nobody wants to wait for weeks for their product. Faster shipping option is a great way to lure your customers into making a purchase on your store.

Make Returns Hassle-Free

One of the most important ecommerce conversion optimization tactics revolves around returns. Make sure that your returns are hassle free. Clearly state the policy of returns and make them free for your customer. This establishes transparency in your business and reinforces the trust of your customers in your brand. 


Now that you know about the eCommerce conversion optimization statistics, it is time that you start implementing these. Remember that the faster you analyze your current strategy, the better decisions will you be able to make. Implement the strategies that align with your business and analyze what changes does it bring in. In most of the cases, you can do an A/B test sending different versions of a campaign to different customers and monitoring their responses. This will tell you which tactics work the best for your business. In addition to this, make sure that your logistics provider is reliable. Dash101 Logistics is India’s top logistics service that helps you drive conversions with effective delivery. You get to deliver to 26000+ pin codes at the lowest costs starting Rs 23/500 gms. In addition to this, you also get to ship with 8+ courier partners from a single platform. So, what are you waiting for? Get started right away!


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