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Save Time and Money with eCommerce Packaging Tips for 2021

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One of the things that is absolutely non-negotiable in ecommerce is packaging. You might invest a little less in your marketing efforts, but when it comes to packaging, it has to be on point. A well packaged product speaks tones about your brand and your values. While a poorly packaged product can lead to disrupted customer experience and more. This is where you need ecommerce packaging tips. 

Ecommerce packaging tips have the potential to transform your business. You might not be even realizing the amount of time and money you are investing in packaging your products right now. It is when you leverage the best ecommerce packaging tips that your processes become hassle free.

With the right ecommerce packaging tips, you can save a lot of money. Moreover, you can safely deliver your parcels to the customer’s doorstep. Remember that it all ultimately comes down to the packaging of your products in an online business.

You might be doing everything rightly in your online business. This starts from finding a good niche to sell products and partnering with the right supplier. The quality of your products is also high and the pricing is competitive. But, unless you pack your products effectively, none of this will matter to the customer.

When an order is poorly packed, it risks the product. And that’s because the courier handling is rough during the transit. Even with the fragile labels on top of your parcels, it is not guaranteed that the intermediaries will handle your product with sophistication. So, if you’re thinking of optimizing your packaging with the best ecommerce packaging tips, you’re at the right place. Read on to find out more!

Why Can Packaging Be a Game Changer in eCommerce?

Packaging can have a lot of impact in ecommerce. It can help you build an impression with the customer. It is more than just responsible for the safekeeping of the product. It builds a brand, personalizes a customer’s experience and helps them find the product in the exact same condition that they wanted.

Safekeeping of the Product

The safekeeping of the products is what packaging fundamentally tries to accomplish. Imagine that you have the dream of selling a vase to you customers. When you’re doing it online, your customers will order it from all regions you cater to. This will give you the boost deserved in your business. However, this will pose another problem. 

How do you plan on delivering your products to the customer? The vase has to be packaged efficiently so that when it is taken away by the courier partner, it stays intact. Ecommerce packaging tip here would mean adding extra layers of packaging elements. This will keep your parcel safe during the transit. Imagine if you just hand over the vase in a simple box to the ocueir company. There is no way that it will reach the customer safely. And thus, not only will you have to refund the money to the customer but also lose the purchase cost of your product along with the shipping charges.

Customer Satisfaction

While costs are important in the business, customer satisfaction is an altogether different element. There is nothing that beats customer satisfaction. And for that companies travel an extra mile if they have to. The idea is that if your customers are satisfied, you can get more business. And more business is definitely good news. With ecommerce packaging practices, you can optimize your packaging effectively. This will ensure that your product is delivered in a good condition to the customer. And as a result of which the customer will be satisfied. This is considering the fact that your products are already of superior quality. 


Brading is another area where packaging plays a key role. If you’re a small business and want to make an impact on customers, you can leverage packaging. This helps get your name out there in the market loud and clear. You must have seen all major brands like Amazon, Myntra and Flipkart get their brand names printed on their outermost packaging. This is the first step of the process. When you want to stand out from the competition, you must separate yourself with packaging. Ecommerce packaging tips for branding include picking a uniform box for a particular line of products. At the same time, get your logo or brand name printed on the box.


Every other business today is running after personalization. But, what is it after all? Personalization is the ability of the business to speak to the customer directly. Nobody wants to buy a product that is made for all. They want to see if that product fits perfectly into their requirements. And that is where personalization has a key role to play. With personalization, you directly address the customers’ needs. 

And the packaging is one of the best ways to do that. One of the most effective ecommerce packaging tips here is to add certain beautiful elements to your parcel. This includes added tissues, silk wrapping, cards, and gratitude notes among others. Such distinguished packing helps you stand out from your competitors and create an experience in the customer’s hearts.

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6 Best eCommerce Packaging Tips to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Now that you know how packaging can transform the very identity of your business, let’s move on. Here are the top ecommerce packaging tips that you need for your business-

Proper Boxes

Selecting the choice of boxes is very important in ecommerce. It forms the entire foundation of your packaging. But, there are a few things you need to take care of. For example, you cannot choose a very big box when your product can comfortably fit in a smaller one. 

Make sure that your box is of the appropriate size. Your ideal box should be the one in which you can comfortably put the product, you must also have some space left for the fillers. If you choose an extremely big box, your products will just float inside it. Moreover, the courier company will also charge you a lot of money for shipping since they calculate the shipping costs based on the volumetric weight of the parcel. 

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is yet another kind of wrapping material. In packaging fragile items that can break or spill, bubble wrap becomes mandatory. So, if you want to deliver your products safely to your customer, make sure you add sufficient bubble wraps to the product. If you have several products in one package, make sure of them are individually wrapped well. 

Strong Tape

Use a strong tape when it comes to sealing the package, many times, when pressure is applied to a box, the tape comes off. Moreover, in case of adverse weather conditions such as rains or winds, the tape might come off as well. As a result, your entire package will lie exposed and unprotected. As smart ecommerce packaging tips, you can use a pressure resistant tape. Use a tape that is at least 2 inches wide. This will reinforce the packaging perfectly. 

Proper Labels

Don’t underestimate the power of the labels. Remember that when your packaging is complete, you have to paste labels on top of it. They will have all the information related to the customer’s shipping address, their phone number and more. In addition to this, you will also have to attach the invoice for the order.  In case you fail to attach a label. Your shipping will be delayed. Moreover, your entire process will be disrupted due to this. 

Air Tight Packaging

If you are shipping perishable items, air tight packaging is something you must look forward to. In fact, if you don’t package your products in an airtight container, they might absorb the moisture and become stale. Therefore, when you enter the food industry and prepare to sell them online, make sure your packaging is prepared as well. One of the most effective ecommerce packaging tips is to seal the package with a strong tape and attach a label of ‘Perishable’ on it. 

Cardboards for Sharp Objects

You might be shipping industrial equipment or sharp objects to your customers. Therefore, you have to make sure that they don’t end up tearing the overall package. Industrial items are not just heavy but might also have edges. One of the best ecommerce packaging tips here is to leverage cardboard pieces to conceal the edges. You can also use air pillows and lots of bubble wraps to ensure proper and safe packaging.


E-commerce packaging is a little bit more tricky than you can imagine. You have to make sure that you pick the right packaging materials for the right type of products. Pay attention to the size of the package so that you don’t end up paying more to the courier company. In the end, leverage a 3PL logistics provider like Dash101, that can help you to ship to 26000+ pin codes at the lowest costs. Maximize the reach of your business as you ship at rates starting Rs 23/500 gms.


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