5 Ecommerce Packaging Trends of 2020 You Should Check Now

5 Ecommerce Packaging Trends of 2021 You Should Check Now

The year 2020 has opened up many avenues for the Ecommerce industry. Since this is an industry that thrives on all things digital, certain aspects have been looked into, to make it more personal. One such aspect has been that of packaging. From playing around with colours to creating unique experiences, packaging is seeing an all new meaning. Also, exploring with different packaging materials to innovating new ways to package; 2020 is seeing it all. In this article, we will tell you about the different Ecommerce packaging trends of 2020 that you should incorporate now!

With the prolonged and indefinite COVID-19 situation that all of us are in, it is needless to say that safe packaging is the need of the hour. That makes you accountable for the packaging materials that you use for your business. Not only should you use materials that doesn’t encourage the virus to stay on for a longer period of time but also materials that are sustainable. That being said, your brand still needs to make its way through all of this. To help you achieve all of this, we are enlisting 5 Ecommerce packaging trends of 2020 that is ideal for your business. Check them out below:

A personal packaging experience

Since you’re missing out on a store-front experience and buying directly, your packaging should actually impact your consumer on a personal level. Make sure you let your brand ideology do the talking through the packaging. While adding personal touches will work wonders, you still need to add the essence of your business in there. Make your customer experience what a physical store invokes in them and you’re definitely going get some brownie points there.

The luxurious labelling

Ecommerce packaging trends of 2020

Do you have skilled designers on board? If you do, then one of the Ecommerce trends of 2020 is about focusing on luxury. Luxury does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money on fancy packaging materials. You can make the design of the package and label in a manner that makes it look topnotch. A lot of luxury brands include a personalised note or a symbolic gesture to show that they value their customers. It is a great way to ensure that your customers enjoy a wholesome experience, having chosen your brand to buy from.

Sustainable packaging- an Ecommerce packaging trend of 2020 that we need

Ecommerce packaging trends of 2020

In the last decade, we’ve witnessed a lot of climatic changes globally and this is something that needs our attention. While we have taken baby steps towards banning single-use plastic items, there’s still a long way until we adopt the same for other items too. Many a times, we find brands using a lot of bubble wrap or foam for a product that is rather unbreakable. As a business, you need to be more aware of the materials you use for packaging, the quantity of it, how eco-friendly it is and so on. You can always switch to other alternatives; materials that are sustainable and reusable.

Innovative approach

A very exciting Ecommerce packaging trend of 2020 is that of bringing innovativeness in your packaging style. This is something that will challenge your business and will in turn set the bar high for your competitors. Try to introduce differently shaped boxes or adding small pop-open elements to the package. Based on the products you have, you can introduce origami style packaging. For smaller items like cosmetics or accessories, you can have handmade paper packaging. What will be different about this is that the paper will consist of seeds, which on disposal, contribute to a green environment. Isn’t this an Ecommerce packaging trend of 2020 that you want to consider?

All about the Brand

This is a healthy way to promote your brand. Introducing your brand on the packaging itself is a great way to spread the word and gain a greater reach. If your designers approve then you can also mention your social media account names with the respective icons, on the label. The only thing to remember is that you don’t want your brand name to be overdone in the design. Keep it effective and keep it minimal. These two things will ensure that the highlight of the packaging is your brand name. Avoid too much clutter in the design and also avoid using extremely bold colours. They will interfere with what you want your consumers to notice.


Ecommerce packaging trends of 2020 are as rapid as the Ecommerce industry itself. Now, that you know of some of the trends, you also need to pick the right logistics aggregator who will deliver your package with care. When it comes to delivering with care, there is Dash101, that is spread across 27,000+ pin codes and has 8 integrated shipping partners to choose from. It is more of a business partner than a shipping partner! So, do check them out to send out your packages.


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