4 eCommerce Shipping Strategies To Implement For Your Business

4 eCommerce Shipping Strategies To Consider in 2020

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eCommerce shipping is a central focus of any business. However, the process has slowed down due to the coronavirus outbreak this year. The global eCommerce shipping industry has seen a shift in trends and strategies. Hence, let us check out these 4 eCommerce shipping strategies that will help optimize your eCommerce business’ shipping needs.

Optimizing eCommerce Shipping Strategy for your Business

Shipping Strategy

Given the current situation, there is a need to alter your supply chain process. No, we aren’t talking about complete transformation rather a slight altercation can help smooth functioning of your supply chain. Here are  ways of how you can optimize your supply chain with the best strategies that would help boost your business during COVID-19.

Close Shipping Boundaries 

eCommerce Shipping Strategy

Expanding your boundaries across high shipping zones can cause hindrances in your supply chain process. With various rules and regulations imposed due to the current situation, the virus can be your biggest enemy. Besides, if your shipping business has established across various cities and regions, then the other alternative would be to locate your business in a central location. This would be the center from where all your packages will be shipped. This will help improve order fulfillment and thus optimizing your supply chain. 

For example: If you ship across India, then storing your inventory in a central fulfillment centre would be an ideal way forward, i.e. Maharashtra or Delhi. However, based on the shipping destination, the costs may differ. 

Single Warehouse Would Add Up Time And Costs


Depending on the nature of how you ship and where, a single warehouse is never a perfect plan. If you are just into hyperlocal courier service or have a set of targeted customers you ship to, then a single warehouse is something you can go along with. But if your business is into shipping across cities, or regions across boundaries, then multiple warehouses is what you should invest in. This is mainly preferred to cut down on delivery time, costs and efficiency while in transit. When the inventory is located at more than one fulfillment centers, you are sure to expand boundaries and reach a wider customer base. And the lockdown regulations too won’t hamper your shipping process. This is also ideal for international shipping. 

Local Manufactures over International ones

Closeup of parcel box
Closeup of parcel box

Products you ship are sourced from different manufactures and suppliers. The current situation can call for various challenges while sourcing these products from manufacturers that are located far away from your fulfilment centers.  What you need to understand is the source from where the raw materials are brought to the manufacturing unit and if the same can be manufactured closer to your center. If your manufacturer is located overseas, then consider a supplier that is within your country. This will help decrease the transport costs as well as reduce time for the product to reach the fulfilment centers.  


While most of the restrictions have been relaxed right now, the supply of non-essentials good too have resumed. This also means that every eCommerce business needs to up their game and stay ahead of competition. Hence, businesses have started with provisions of offers, discounts and clearance sales. In order to stay ahead of competition, you need to analyse and understand what customers are looking for amidst your product range. Look out for products that have a higher demand and strategize your supply chain accordingly. With the festive season around the corner, sales and discounts are something that customers would be interested in. 

Through current purchase behaviour,  plan your future supply. This is called demand planning. Through this method, you can create a blueprint of how customer orders, order fulfilment and shipping will take place.  

While these strategies would help in applying a smooth shipping strategy, it can get a little expensive too. For example, investing in warehouses can increase investment costs. Hence, to curb this problem, switch to Third Party Logistics or a Logistics aggregator for the fulfillment of your supply needs.

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