3 ecommerce-shipping-trends-to-watch-out-for-post-covid-19

3 eCommerce Shipping Trends To Watch Out For Post COVID-19

eCommerce Shipping Trends
eCommerce Shipping Trends to watch out for

2020 is the year where eCommerce shipping has seen a complete shift. From the traditional way of functioning, it has become more automated and technology-oriented. While the shift was initiated last year itself, this year it saw a change. Let us understand 3 eCommerce shipping trends to watch out for post-COVID -19.

How To Ship Right?

Online sellers are packing products into boxes for shipping to customers.

eCommerce shipping is a kind of service that is undertaken to transport products sold via an eCommerce business. These products are shipped from the point of origin to the customer’s doorstep. eCommerce shipping covers the overall business aspect of providing the best in class customer experience while delivering a product.

New entrants in this business can choose courier services through companies in order to ship their packages. However the important thing to know is how to  implement the right strategy at the right place with the right partner at the right time.

When considering your eCommerce shipping strategy, the two most important components to keep in mind is free shipping and competitive pricing strategy. While free shipping is what any consumer would prefer. But before you assure free shipping, you should make certain that you aren’t burning your pockets.

Apart from free shipping, the other shipping strategies to consider are flat rate, table rate or a blend of the two. It all boils down to the budget you have saved aside and what’s convenient for your customers.

Key Steps To Strategize Right!

eCommerce Shipping

With the increased number of eCommerce websites, the competition has kicked in. And in order to stay ahead of your competition, all one needs to focus on is catching on the eCommerce shipping trends. As a business owner, sitting back and watching the conversion of online sales isn’t enough. From automated marketing tools to AI taking over the advertising industry, the eCommerce industry has notched higher. Digitization is one of the major reasons for the eCommerce market revolution. The global retail landscape has taken a 180-degree turn and as online business owners, speeding up is the way forward. 

Firstly setting a foundation for your shipping procedure is the first step to having a smooth and faultless shipping system. There are a few basic steps that should be incorporated, these key decisions make up for a high-level shipping strategy.

  • Deciding shipping rates and methods
  • Consider the weight of the product
  • Suitable packaging
  • Confirm the shipping destination
  • Source your shipping carrier

Apart from the above trends that as an eCommerce business we need to keep up to, there are many others that will take a step forward post the global pandemic. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the way in which buying and selling have revolutionized since the last decade is tremendous. From mainstream brick and mortar stores to eCommerce, the global market is now online. Additionally, the pandemic and lockdown since the beginning of 2020 have added to the growth of eCommerce. Alongside, the growth of eCommerce shipping as well. 

With each one sitting within four-walls, the preference has changed from pick-up to doorstep delivery. No! Not doorstep delivery, rather contactless doorstep delivery. Complicated but real. The pace at which eCommerce shipping functions is fast, quick and under the lockdown regulations. 

Here are few trends that will be the future of eCommerce shipping with changing times. 

International Shipping

Loading of the cargo airplane

The concept of global village is for real. With the growth of online shopping and eCommerce shipping, anyone located from any part of the world can buy/sell products to any part of the world. This has given rise to international and cross border shipping. And not just international shipping, rather an express international shipping, wherein the product reaches the customer within a period of days.

Here are few things to keep in mind when you ship intenrationally:

  • Set different types of payment methods; Know which method suits the best international shoppers
  • Know the legal laws and regulations of every country you ship in
  • Maintain transparency about the international shipping fees between your business and customers
  • Keep a track on the excise duty and fees levied on your package
  • Know the fastest mode of transport to deliver quick
  • Schedule your deliveries to avoid delays
  • Update your eCommerce website with changing rules and prices

Multi-Channel Presence

Online shopping

With giant competition like Amazon, it is important for eCommerce brands to be present on as many online platforms as possible. Reason being, the online market is huge. With the growth of social media and the impact of revenue generation via social media platforms, multi-channel presence is a must. Besides, this isn’t restricted to only social media, rather other eCommerce marketplaces as well. 

Analyzing customer behaviour, one can state that every customer visits Google or search engines first, for their product research and followed by Amazon. Sometimes it is also the reverse phenomenon. Hence, being available on these platforms is a must to match up to the eCommerce trend. 

How can having a multi-channel presence help? Here are 7 ways:

  • Helps to increase your customer data by reaching out to multiple touchpoints
  • Increase brand awareness across all platforms
  • Your customers can choose their preferred medium
  • One channel helps to increases engagement across the other. For example – Having a Youtube video helps to increase your Google Search Rate.
  • You can incorporate cross-promotional strategies
  • Helps to know your audience better

A World Of Automation

Robot sorting boxes, blue studio background with empty space

With advancements in technology, the world is shifting to softwares and machines for all their business needs. And eCommerce shipping too is now mostly dependent on technology. So why this shift? Well the major reason is error-free information inputs, efficient, a more organized structure. 

The invention of chatbots for a personal assistant for customer guidance in exploring the eCommerce website. Use of drones for quick order fulfillment. Implementation of navigational features within mobile applications for easy routing and quicker delivery. Additionally, (IoT) Internet of Things and (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification Detection are the other technologies that have gained momentum. With the rise of these technologies, eCommerce shipping trends have definitely shifted to a more automated way of functioning.

Now that you have a complete understanding of what’s in store for the year 2020, go ahead and incorporate these shipping trends for your business. Choose a shipping carrier that will meet your shipping needs. With Dash101’s courier integration, you can choose the best courier service for your shipping. Currently, there are 8 courier companies to choose from with an expansion of 26000+ pin codes across India. Various other international shipping options are soon to be a part of the logistics aggregator. Dash101, not just a shipping but your business partner.


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