How to make an eCommerce store user-friendly post-COVID-19 Trauma.

How To Make An eCommerce Store User-Friendly Post Covid-19

ecommerce post COVID-19
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Having an eCommerce store is a necessity in 2020. It’s not optional even for small retail stores. The pandemic has forced business owners to move to an online platform for the continuity of their businesses. Every little element of an eCommerce website contributes to your conversion ratio. It is essential that as an eCommerce, you ought to have features that make the shopping experience enjoyable for its users. Here’s how to make an eCommerce store user-friendly post-COVID-19 Trauma.

Since a plethora of options are available when it comes to shopping online, your buyers will not hesitate to close the tab and move on to a different website. Here are some important features that can make your eCommerce store user-friendly post-COVID-19.

ecommerce post COVID-19

Faster Loading Pages

Your eCommerce store’s page load time is what your customer’s shopping experience is based on.  Having an aesthetic page with amazing offers will bring customers to your page, but the load time can shoo them away. Your customers are not the only ones who like a fast website, Google does too. When a buyer abandons your website, your bounce rate increases. Google assumes that you’re not providing relevant content and pushes your products down in search lists.

Easy Product Findability

Well, how will your customers buy a product if they can’t even find it? In regular brick-and-mortar stores, sales assistants offer their help if consumers are struggling to find a product.  However, since this is not possible online, you can lose out on potential buyers. Navigation of your website should be easy for users to find whatever they’re looking for. The search bar should be prominent and right at the top. You need a powerful search engine with parametric search and filtering options. We can also create Shopify stores online.

Payment Options

It would be ridiculous to lose out on potential buyers because you don’t have their preferred payment method.  Especially, if you’re an eCommerce store catering to different countries local payment options and a PayPal integration is a must. Not offering the customers their preferred mode of payment means losing out on what would have been confirmed otherwise.

Lower Shipping Charges

Customers highly dislike paying for shipping charges. High shipping charges are a major reason for cart abandonment. If shipping costs play such an important factor in generating conversion rates then they should be reduced to some extent. An effective strategy will work wonders for your eCommerce website. Be sure to communicate your shipping policy and let your customers know what to expect from you. 

Optional Registration

Once a customer has decided to buy something, you would want them to bill their items and be done with it. The last thing that you want is customers being annoyed about creating an account right before they can pay for their order. Keep in mind that customers prefer a quick and hassle-free checkout. A long registration form may just result in shopping cart abandonment.

To wrap it up, ensure that your eCommerce store supports these features. These are the basic requirements in today’s online eCommerce world. Big brands or the smaller ones can’t afford to slip out on these. Your eCommerce needs to stay up-to-date with the current competition. Choose Dash101 as your go-to online website builder and never skip a trend and stay up to date.


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