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Effect of COVID-19 on eCommerce and How to Cope With It?

effect of covid19 on ecommerce

The world of ecommerce has changed drastically in the past few years. Right from being an industry that is slowly and steadily growing, it has skyrocketed in the economy today. In fact, ecommerce has become this popular that is tuning the scenario of brick and mortar completely upside down. However, ever since the advent of the pandemic, there has been an effect of Covid19 on ecommerce. 

Life came to a standstill in March of this year. While the COVID19 pandemic took many lives, it also impacted several key industries of the world. While some of these changes were for the worse, others also had some positive takeaways. The effect of COVID19 on ecommerce has also been diverse in this aspect. 

Interested in knowing the trends of the effect of COVID19 on ecommerce? Read on to find out everything you need to know!

Interesting Statistics

The pandemic has affected both big and small businesses earning money through online trade. Due to the effect of COVID19 on ecommerce, brands have to now revamp their selling strategies. Since the landmeic has also impacted the ways customers used to shop, it is wise in understanding this fresh perspective. 

While the entire order forecasting system flooded, sellers had nothing but to lie at the mercy of the market to pick up the pace. The worst was when the movement of goods was restricted. This then created a lot of problems for all kinds of businesses, because the sole pathway of their earnings was put to a halt. 

However, the worst is behind now. Take a look at some of the most interesting statistics that have emerged out of this!

Digital Spends

The digital spends have experienced a rise due to the effect of COVID19 on ecommerce. Statistics suggest that customers have spent as much as 12 percent more this year on digital payments. It’s Intuitive to think that the reason behind this is the fact that digital payments have paved the way more.  Due to the pandmeic, people have not been able to visit retail stores that often. Moreover, they also want to avoid touch at all costs, which includes the conventional payment system. Therefore, everything has started being paid for digitally.

Time Spent on Mobile Phone

The time spent on mobile phones also has experienced a rise due to the effect of COVID19 on ecommerce. There are two popular reasons for this behaviour. One is that people didn’t have many options to explore physically. Therefore, they started doing everything that was possible in the mobile phone after all, in today’s age the smartphone has become an inseparable device. Statistics suggest that as many as 10% customers spent more time on mobile this year than any other year. 

Spends Forecasting

Even though the coronavirus restricted the movement of goods and people were not able to go out of their homes, it is safe to assume that this might have impacted the spends adversely. However, the trends suggest otherwise. As many as 79 percent of the customers continue to spend more than ever before in the months to come. 

Ad Spending

One of the most popular marketing strategies for online business is advertisements. Due to the effect of COVID19 on ecommerce, the marketing department of online businesses have also experienced the shift. The buying patterns of the customers have changed. And more importantly, the way they are looking at the online business has also transformed. 

Therefore, like any smart business, the marketers had to also adapt to a new strategy. Statistics suggest that as many as 11 percent of marketers believe that due to the effect of COVID19 on ecommerce, there is an increase in ad spending. This is especially in the fourth quarter of the year.

Online Shopping

The biggest impact has been on that on online shopping. Nothing was scarier than when the government ordered a strict ban on transfer, delivery or supply or any type of goods in the market. In other words, the people had to just stay at their homes to contain the spread of the virus. This ultimately hampered several industries. However, due to the effect of COVID19 on ecommerce, 62 percent of the customers have started shopping online more than ever before. 

effect of covid19 on ecommerce

How Has the Shopping Habits of Customers Changed Due to the Effect of COVID19 on Ecommerce?

While the above trends throw a direct light into the current state of ecommerce there is another thing to take care of. In other words, customer behaviour has gone from linear to establish other relations. And therefore, no matter what is the size of your business, you have to understand and strategize accordingly. 

Statistics suggest that as many as 36 percent of the customers have started shopping weekly more often ever since the rise of the pandemic, we all have seen the demands of some special products rise. For example, cleaning equipment, sanitizers, household supplies, cleaners and others are on a rise in sales. 

This number has increased as much as 28 percent from the time before pandemic. In addition to this, as many as 29 percent of the customers said that they shop more online. This is obvious because of the challenges of COVID19 and the fact that people have to stay at their homes to stop the spread. With everybody social distancing, customers are exploring online options rather than going to retail stores. However, 35 percent of the customers also say that they now shop a mix of online and offline. 

Home Delivery

Since online shopping is on the spree for customers, they are also expecting the home delivery of products, in other words, 90 percent of the customers now prefer home delivery of products. They are avoiding the store visit. Similarly when it comes to communications, customers want to communicate with agents and sales reps though digital methods. 

Missing Retail

But, there are also 24 percent of the customers that say they are finding it hard not to shop in store. They are eagerly waiting for the pandemic to end successfully, after which they will be able to go to a physical store and make a purchase. 


Another element that has emerged due to the effect of COVID19 in e commerce is the option for contactless processes. Be contactless deliveries, payments or pickups, sellers and customers want to avoid human interactions as much as possible. For this reason, 79 percent of the customers say that contactless pickup options are highly desirable. 

While this is what has been happening across until now, let’s look at the future trends. Around 28 percent of the customers say that they will continue to shop online. And this is when the pandemic has already begun to settle. Because online shopping avoids a lot of contact, they are becoming the custom’s favourite. More and more customers are now looking for easy and convenient online options. Not only does it save their time but also avoid all sorts of human interaction. 

Another thing that is on the rise is contactless options. Be it online deliveries, store pickups or any other activity. Customers want the option of contactless processes everywhere. Having said that this is also transforming the scenario of retail payments. The banks and technology experts are coming up with contact less cards and payment options. 

So, Has Online Business Accelerated Due to the Effect of COVID19 on Ecommerce?

The answer is Yes! Online businesses have accelerated due to the effect of COVID19 on ecommerce. While it has reshaped lives, it has also busted more than a few trends. While people assumed that online deliveries were not very safe, today it has become a household name. From ordering dairy products every morning to vegetables and all other essentials, online deliveries have become the king. 

Statistics suggest that ecommerce is projected to grow at least by 20 percent this year. Popular brands such as Walmart experienced their sales go up by as much as 97 percent. The only thing is that the department stores might not be able to survive in the time to come. While this will be harsh to watch, it will impact a lot of livelihood. But, since the ecommerce industry is booming, the efforts in retail will transfer to online business.


The post-pandemic scenario of the coronavirus will have shifted the market to a great extent. People will continue to purchase online and the behavior will only accelerate. However, while retail will not entirely come to a dead end, there will be some aspects of it that will no longer remain profitable. But, if local sellers decide to embrace online selling, they will cope with the effect of COVID19 on ecommerce rapidly. As companies begin to deliver online, leveraging an ecommerce logistics platform like Dash101 will become the new normal. In other words, if you are shipping, you will be able to maximize your reach while minimizing your costs. Start shipping for as low as Rs 23/500 gms with multiple shipping partners lik FedEx, Xpressbees, Bluedart among others. 


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