7 Effective Social Media Advertising Tips To Boost Your Business

7 Effective Social Media Advertising Tips To Boost Your Business

For any company or business to boost its sales, an effective social media advertising strategy needs to be put together. The power of social media can make or break deals, based on how one chooses to execute it. Apart from knowing “how” to execute, you also need to keep in mind “where” and “whom” you want to direct it towards.

Social media advertising is a great way to promote your Ecommerce business. To make the maximum use of your resources, you need to ensure that you advertise on different channels. Based on the business that you run, you should have the basic demographics in place. Find out where you can find majority of your audience, what they prefer, the kind of content that sells and the best platforms to increase engagement. Building a community of loyal customers and converting the potential ones, should be your target. In this article, we will tell you about 7 ways that’ll help you achieve this like a pro.

7 effective social media advertising tips to improve your business

effective social media advertising

Know your target audience

All advertising needs to be executed by keeping your target audience in mind. Get a general sense of what interests them, the type of products they’re looking to buy, what they’re willing to pay and so on. This understanding will help you create strategies that are more target specific, ensuring that your visibility increases on their channels. Find out which channels they’re most active on and plan your campaign accordingly.

Organic growth

effective social media advertising

Good content sells, quality content converts! At the end of the day, every Ecommerce business is looking for conversions. The organic way to go about this would be to create quality and engaging content based on the requirements of your target audience. You need your quality scores to be soaring, if you want traction. The more hits and views that your content receives, the more likely you are to boost your sales.

Invest in ads

When you’re ideating a campaign and building an effective social media advertising strategy, don’t forget to include ads. Paid ads increase your digital presence and expands your reach. Create ads with specific CTAs; whether it is for downloading your app, following, clicking on the link to your product and so on. Preparing a budget for ads is a good way to increase your visibility.

Video content

While videos may seem like a lot of effort, having a good editor on board is worth every dime! Video content makes a good impression as it is an audio visual representation of your brand. This is likely to have more effect on your audience. Video content doesn’t have to be in the form of long videos. These days, with the ‘Reels’ feature on Instagram, you can have short videos that serve the purpose. Use the features that are readily available on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to save time.

Focus on SEO and re-marketing

effective social media advertising

Stay ahead of your game and customise search engines to brand specific keywords. Make sure to use your keywords wherever needs. Do not overpopulate it. SEO will help you rank better on Google, in turn getting you the traffic and impressions that you’re looking for.

Re-marketing is an essential part of social media advertising. Re-marketing can be done through sending newsletters, timely mailers, messages, paid ads and more. Understand the needs of your target audience and create engagement and conversion oriented content to turn them into loyal customers.

Content assessment

Every bit of content that you put out there, needs to be assessed! Figure out what works with your audience and what doesn’t. Get an understanding of which social media platform works best for your business. Utilise that platform considerably, while also posting content on other channels. It is a good practice to have business pages on different social media platforms as it entirely depends on what the users prefer to see and where.

Know your competitors

Competition is healthy if it is handled in a smart manner. It is good to know about your competitors and what they are doing on social media. This may trigger a few creative ideas for your business as well. There are many takeaways that come from observing your competition. You can take it up as a project itself, to assess their social media advertising practices and how best you can alter or make a difference to your brand per se.


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