5 Ways To Use Facebook Ads Efficiently in eCommerce

5 Ways To Use Facebook Ads Efficiently in eCommerce

Facebook Ads
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One of the best ways to promote your business on Facebook is through Facebook Ads. It opens up a large market of potential buyers for you.  Facebook ads can help you gain more engagement, followers, and most importantly increase your sales.  Here are five ways that can help you use Facebook Ads efficiently.

Ways To Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Narrow Your Audience

Facebook users commonly make use of a third online platform to connect and socialize with friends. Very rarely, people decide to make purchases through Facebook.  Hence, if you’re using Facebook ads, you can find the appropriate audience. A very simple example would be, if you’re selling women’s apparel, you can exclude men from your targets. You can target men living in a specific geographical area as well. Other filters can be used to narrow down your audience.

Brand Advocates

Brand advocates are customers who have used your products and can spread positive words about your brand. If your current customer is satisfied with your service, then they can become your brand advocates as well. Their testimonies can be used to run ads and increase sales. 

You can also partner up with influencers that are relevant to your business. Influencers have a large social media presence and their followers are always eager to know their views and opinions about products that they are related to.

Decrease Cart Abandonment

If 15 customers add an item, only 3-4 end up making a purchase. To boost the conversion, you need to reduce the number of people who desert the carts. Quite often, people need a push to make a purchase, Facebook ads make this easier, in your ads you can ask them if they forgot to make a purchase. Even just looking at the picture again can act as a reminder and encourage them to buy the product.


There are many businesses that are advertising on Facebook, but your offers make your business stand out from all of the others.  When customers are presented with tempting offers, you can push them to take prompt action.  Customers are always on the lookout for deals, most customers prefer shopping during seasonal discounts. Referral discounts are a great option too, this is a nice way to convert your loyal customers to brand advocates.

Reduce Shipping Costs

Many studies have revealed that customers abandon their carts after learning about the shipping costs. Work on lower-cost shipping options for your customers. Look for shipping solutions that provide cheaper shipping solutions, efficient tracking, and management of shipments as well. With lower shipping costs you will see a significant increase in your sales.

Conclusively, if Facebook ads are run effectively then they can be beneficial for your business. An ideal ad is different for every business, there is no single easy to increase e-commerce sales. Employing the above basic strategies and similar practices will eventually result in a higher conversion rate too. 

By being consistent, you will see better results over time. Using Facebook analytics for the performance of your ads can also make a significant change.


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