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Facebook and Instagram To Reshape Social Commerce in India

Social Commerce

Social Commerce has been a key platform for online selling in recent years. It has upscaled eCommerce when it comes to DTC (Direct To Customer) segment in India. As stated by ANI, there are approximately 200 active social media users. These numbers are estimated to reach around 370 million by 2022, records state. Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, GlowRoad, Shop101 among the top platforms boosting online selling and reselling in the market.

While social media has attracted millions of users for interactions and socialization, shopping and selling too gained prominence. Among the many shopping categories, fashion, healthcare, foodstuffs, finance, etc. have gained online visibility by online shoppers and sellers. Without a doubt, this year, due to the lockdown, groceries and medicines that fall under essentials have been a major driving force of Social Commerce.

Here are few platforms have taken over the Social Commerce market. Thus, attracting millennials to shop and sell via the online medium:


Social Commerce

The 16-year-old social media platform is the third most visited website after Google and Youtube. There are around 2.41 billion monthly active users, as stated by Hootsuite. Along with a high user base, Facebook also provides services that are apt for selling and marketing products. Facebook Shops and Marketplace allows sellers to display and sell via the platform. Additionally, Facebook Ads help to boost Campaigns as part of digital advertising. Furthermore, campaigns Manager and Facebook Insights, allows one to keep track of the page and market it to a million users, at just a few clicks.


Social Commerce

Not as old as Facebook, but owned by the same social media company, Instagram is a platform used for photo and video sharing. The social networking platform allows a user to upload photos, edit them with filters, use hashtags, and use the location feature. Through these features, sellers can display products over the platform and use relevant hashtags to make it trending on the platform. Influencer Marketing has been a prominent marketing technique used on Instagram to sell products. Small and Large businesses have made Instagram a part of their marketing tool while online selling. Well! Why Not? As per Adespresso, there are an estimated 1 billion monthly active users on this platform. It’s a popular networking platform among the age group of 18-29 and over 130 million Instagram users lookout for shopping posts on a monthly average basis.

Apart from the above two giant social media platforms, there are many reselling platforms that have become popular among the Indian masses. Few of which include Shop101, GlowRoad, etc. Online selling have taken a leap since a few years.


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