Free Website Builders for Your Online Business in 2021

Free Website Builders for Your Online Business in 2021

Free Website Builders

Through depth research and information, we have brought some of the best website builders for you. Build a website that looks professional for your business and build it the way you need with the features provided with the help of these website builders. You can choose the right website builder for your business after studying some of the best ones below. Here are 5 Free Website Builders for your Online Business.

Wix Website Builder 

It ranks as the first and the best website builder after comparing it to many other free website builders. The online website builder impresses every user on the market today with its amazing features and benefits. 

Wix provides a lot of customizable designs with over 500+ options available, the user can choose and design their website creatively. According to users, wix website builder is easy to use and enhances the creativity in the user. 

The paid version of Wix is not necessarily required as the free plan itself provides plenty of features. The only drawback of the Wix website builder is that the user cannot change the template after publishing content. 

Weebly – Free Website Builders

The website builder is considered as perfect and is an eCommerce website builder for small businesses with the feature of building a professional business domain with limited features. It helps in easy and quick building of websites with free SEO tools to help beginners achieve the best. 

Although, the designs and templates are pretty limited to that compared with Wix.


This free website builder can be ideal for beginners to learn and create good websites. Site123 is easy to use and helps the user in building simple and good websites but limits the user’s creativity with limited and outdated templates restricting the customization of the domain.

On the other hand, Site123 provides free regular assistance to beginners with support and design guidance on a live friendly chat.


This website builder is not at all for businesses, but more useful for personal websites.

Strikingly is considered to be the best choice for one page websites providing attracting and modern templates 

that brings most of the creativity out of the user. However, Strikingly does not provide a SSL certificate to websites in their free plan making the site look insecure.  


It is the no.1 choice for bloggers. The store creator basically has everything from website tools to website designs. 

The website builder is an advanced website builder that is not recommended for beginners trying to build a website. WordPress provides 3 GB  of storage that is comparatively the highest among these website builders. 

Dash101 – Free Website Builders

Another free website builder that is now popular in India. This free website builder requires no subscription or commitment fees. One can create a website in less than a minute and in 4 simple steps. It is a full-stack eCommerce platform that can create an online store as well as look after the eCommerce shipping needs.


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