Fulfillment By Amazon - Everything You Need To Know

Fulfillment By Amazon – Everything You Need To Know

Fulfillment by Amazon
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As of the year 2020, fulfillment processes have increased drastically. Also, taking into consideration how there has been a boom in E-Commerce businesses. Fulfillment referred to a general term that utilizes for all services related to an order process where Shipping or Warehousing takes place. Once the product delivery is out to the customer, the delivery confirmation is received, and thus the fulfillment by Amazon. 

What is Fulfilment by Amazon?

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Fulfillment by Amazon as the name suggests is a process. Wherein, with the help of Amazon and its resources, one gets access to world-class services. 

FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) helps you by increasing online sales. Thus, providing you with fast, free delivery options for your products. This is a trusted and acclaimed customer service. The process is simple. You have to send your products to the Amazon Fulfilment Center. Where the inventory stored leads to pickup, packaging, and shipment of orders across India.

What are the benefits of FBA?

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  1. Amazon Prime – This service helps in making you eligible for one-day and two-day delivery options. A Premium delivery option also enhances the customer shopping experience and increases customer loyalty.
  2. Focus on your Business – Amazon not only stores your inventory. But also looks after shipping by sending it out to the correct customer. This helps you in saving time from a tedious process and increases focus on looking after the business.
  3. Building trust with your Customers – This is an important aspect that can make or break your company. As a customer, Amazon is a trusted brand that provides packaging, shipping, and great customer service and returns.
  4. Pay as you go – FBA has created a flexible payment plan and rate structure. This allows you to pay for only those services that you utilize. There are no additional subscription fees, no start-up fees, and no minimum units required.
  5. Pay on Delivery – Also know, as Cash on Delivery (COD), extensively utilized in India. One can make use of this option through FBA to get funds directly deposited into the bank account.
  6. Customers keep coming back – Customers have always trusted the Amazon for with FBA. The customer service and returns for items sold on Amazon take it one step forward. Products are eligible for Free Delivery options. Additionally, you can easily send your products to the fulfillment centers using the Amazon trained transporters. They pick up products right from your doorstep.

How FBA works?

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  • You can send your products to an Amazon fulfillment center or schedule a pick-up.
  • Amazon will store your products for you. It can be a single unit or the entire inventory you carry.
  • Customers can order your products from Amazon and opt for fast and free delivery options.
  •  Amazon will pack and ship orders straight from the fulfillment center to the customers.
  • Amazon has an equipped customer support system which helps to ensure one has a great experience.

Fulfilment by Amazon provides access to world class fulfilment resources and helps increase your online sales. They are fast, provide free delivery options and have a trusted and world-renowned customer service record. 

FBA offers you more than just excellent service. They help streamline your processes and make your work more efficient in turn resulting in the reduction of cost.

With FBA you have the opportunity to make your products more visible. Thus helping you gain access to millions of loyal customers. 

Companies like Dash101 in India are an end-to-end logistics solution. Dash101 partners with 8 leading shipping companies to deliver products across 27,000+ pin codes. They provide faster and easier COD options. Additionally, better KAM support and can create an integration with your online stores as well. Dedicated services provided to you to make your experience as easy and hassle-free as possible.

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