3 Reasons - Why Your Business Needs A Shift To Green Shipping?

3 Reasons To Make A Shift Towards Green Shipping

Greeen Shipping

In recent years, climate change is the talk of the down. And with various disasters that occurred in the year 2020 itself, many have switched to being sustainable and environmentally friendly. Well! The same is applicable to eCommerce shipping as well. Consumers have made a shift towards a green shipping solution. Before knowing the reason for this switch, let us understand what is Green Shipping?

What is Green Shipping?

Green shipping is nothing but a type of shipment that is made by using eco-friendly and sustainable methods to deliver the goods to the customers. This includes using recycled products for packaging, omitting the use of transport that would increase carbon emission, converting multiple packages into one, using motorbikes or smaller vehicles for local deliveries, etc. 

Customers in today’s age and time are shifting to an eco-friendly nature. Hence, they are keeping a track of which retailers are using a green delivery shipping strategy. It all depends on how you package a product and what are the eco-friendly methods you are using for your delivery. This would not just increase your brand’s reputation, rather help in attaining loyal customers as well. `

Why Should Your eCommerce Shipping Business Go Green?

You may have the best shipping strategies and solutions. You may provide your customers with free or low shipping costs as well. But subconsciously what you don’t realize is, if your business is affecting the environment or no. Are you taking enough measures to battle climate change? These aren’t statements and questions that we are advising or suggesting, rather questions that run through your customer’s mind.

When you ship a package to a customer if its a small product how much space of the box are you actually utilizing? While shipping one – day delivery or two days delivery packages, are you sending just a few products in the transport? A small reflection on these questions needs to be answered for your business to go green. Let me tell you a few reasons why your eCommerce shipping business should Go Green:

Your Customers Are Watching You

Customers do appreciate when a unique of different modes of packaging is delivered to them. And with the issues being a global one, every switch to an environment – friendly way of functioning is looked after. As per a study conducted by Nielsen, almost 81% of the total respondents states that they appreciate a company with an environment-friendly initiative. Having said this, you know that your brand reputation is at stake if your packaging or shipping methods are harming the environment.

It Helps To Reduce Costs

With eco-friendly packaging materials, your business not only is contributing to environmental conservation but also reduces your costs. How? By using eco-friendly packaging materials. Recycled boxes and reusable plastics will save up from buying that extra set of boxes. Additionally, the more the materials, the higher the shipping costs will be. The fewer the materials, the cheaper your packaging and shipping costs will be.

A Greener Tomorrow

The 3 R’s stand for Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. While using materials for your industry ensure that you make use of them. Reduce the packaging size and the use of non-biodegradable materials. Reuse boxes, containers and paper. Recycle what needs to be rather than throwing it away in waste. Make use of Eco-friendly shipping solutions while transporting packages. Reduction of carbon emissions is the need of the hour.

The eCommerce shipping industry is moving towards a green future. All of the above would help increase brand reputation among your customers. You will automatically attract prospects and increase customer base. This will, in turn, help your business to stand ahead of the rest, thus being a known face in the eCommerce shipping industry.

How To Implement Green Shipping

Customer have higher expectations. While they would want to choose a shipping partner that apply Eco-friendly shipping strategy, they also want fast, secure and a hassle-free delivery. Hence here are few ways on how you can apply green shipping solution to your business.

  • Partner with those shipping carriers that have made sustainable packaging a part of their supply chain.
  • Encourage the use of those vehicles and modes of transport that do not make use of limited resources.
  • Make use of reusable items for packaging.
  • Ensure that the items you are using are biodegradable and can be decomposed easily.
  • Make it a habit to use more eco-friendly products such as recycled papers, cardboard, plastics, etc.
  • Make certain that your product size and packaging size are similar. Do not waste carboards and provide bigger boxes for small products.
  • Try and incorporate multiple products ordered by a single customer into one.
  • Cut down on excess waste, find ways on how you can reuse these products
  • Schedule and plan your delivery right. Multiple packages being transported to a selected region can be delivered all at once rather than multiple rounds.
  • Encourage pick-up services rather than delivery for smaller packages.
  • Give customers what they want. This will help in reduced RTO (Return To Order) and save time and money along with a positive impact on the environment.
  • Double-check the packages before you send it out for delivery.
  • Go Paperless as much as you can.
  • Introduce to opting for green shipping at the checkout process
  • Do not rush into one-hour, one-day or two-day delivery if it causes harm to the environment

Dash101, Your Shipping Partner Towards A Greener Future

The world is moving fast but also has its eyes on saving the planet. Where you ship isn’t the major concern, rather how you ship. Whether roadways, railways, waterways, or airways, limit the impact it causes to the environment. Switch to a practice of Eco-friendly and sustainable shipping. You are not only saving mother Earth, but saving your own costs and also a lot of time.

Hence, Dash101; your 101 shipping solution. With cutting edge software and automated order fulfillment process, we help with quicker and greener delivery. Also, Dash101 helps in the reduction of RTO and seamless shipping with up-to-date information to your customers. As it is said, we are not only shipping, rather your business partner.


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