How can your eCommerce company save on shipping costs? Read now!

How can eCommerce companies save on shipping?

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eCommerce companies come with a ton of advantages like the flexibility of location, time, operation, inventory, investment, and a couple more. Since eCommerce companies have to deal with shipping almost every day, saving costs on it becomes essential to maximize profits by reducing costs. Shipping is a pain-point for many eCommerce companies and hence we decided to dedicate an entire blog for newbies to figure out and save on shipping costs.

While you as an eCommerce company would like to save, you also have to be mindful of the quality you provide and the one you promised to your customers. This is important to stand out in the competition. A seamless shipping strategy is an answer to all your shipping woes.

In this blog, we will be compiling all the big and small ways you can save costs on shipping. Continue reading!

4 ways eCommerce companies save on shipping

1. Reusing boxes

Yes, absolutely yes! Reuse the packages that you might have ordered stuff in before. Repurposing the package helps in two ways: a) saves the cost of buying a new box, b) helps the environment by reducing waste. It is 2021 and sustainability should always find a way in our lives and businesses! So, go on, use a box that you ordered anything previously and help save the planet one box at a time!

2. Get in touch with a logistics aggregator

Logistics aggregators like Dash101 have tie-ups with shipping partners like FedEx, Delhivery, XpressBees, Ecom Express, and many more. Dash101 will help you choose the one with the cheapest rate with its Shipping Partner Recommendation Engine. At Dash101, you can start shipping at ₹23! To save costs, get in touch with us. Let’s take your eCommerce company to a new height!

3. Detect fake addresses

With logistics aggregators like Dash101, who help e-commerce companies save on the costs of shipping in a number of ways, here is exhibit 2 of how it can help. Dash101 Logistics helps you identify fake addresses and saves you the trouble of wastage of resources. Some notorious netizens create fake orders to be delivered at fake places, which causes a lot of nuisance for the eCommerce companies, especially if they have selected cash on delivery. But, all of this is completely avoidable and thus can help you save costs on shipping!

4. Order Quantity

If you are just starting out it is understood that you might not have bulk order quantities just yet. In this case, reach out to a shipping partner that does not have any minimum order quantity. This will help you ship the package even if it’s a single package. Dash101 does not have any minimum order quantity and helps you ship the package of any shape, size, or weight! Let the quantity not affect the growth of your eCommerce company.

These were 4 ways in which your eCommerce company can save on shipping costs and maximize your profits without compromising on the quality of your service. Get in touch with us so that we can help you save more and thus earn more! Download the Dash101 App today!


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