How Can Writing Help Earn Money Online? 4 Ways

How Can Writing Help Earn Money Online? 4 Ways


In India, there are several ways through which you can earn money online quickly. Writing is one of them! Writing can be a good way to earn money online. If you are an amazing writer or if you love writing then you can earn yourself some money.

Below are some of the ways through which you can use your skill of writing to make money online or offline 



Blogging can help you make money for a living if you keep writing and publishing blogs. 

What is blogging? 

Blogging is basically written content on a particular thought or teaching. It also includes images and videos making the blog more informative and engaging. You can easily find reliable online platforms for blogging or also have a self-hosted blog with the help of WordPress, which is considered to be a good platform for self-hosted blogs. 

With the help of a self hosted blog, you can start making money online. 

Guest Blogging


Guest blogging might sound unfamiliar to most of y’all, but guest blogging can help you make money as you publish blogs for another’s blog. Basically you pitch your blog to a certain owner or individual that requires a quality blog of a particular topic. You get paid once you start writing and the owners approve your content. To start guest blogging, you can  look up for jobs on freelancing sites or on Google as well. 

Affiliate marketing 


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money through writing. You promote a product or service of a company, and for each sale you direct you earn a commission. Once you begin affiliate marketing, you get a link of a certain product that you need to promote and include on your blog or your social media. 

People preferably choose both the options to promote the product well, and as a result it boosts their online sales. 

You get your commission once a user visits your link and purchases the product. 

Amazon affiliate marketing is the easiest way to make some money as they have thousands of products that you can promote on your blog as well as your social media. 

Assisting Entrepreneurs 


You can reach out to some of the entrepreneurs that you know personally or through internet research, those who face difficulties or tend to miss the tasks like email management, customer support or attending replies on their blogs. 

Pitch your profile to them through the mail and ask them if they need help in the execution of certain tasks. It’s better to approach and get jobs than to hold back and wait. 

There are many other ways through which you can make money through your writing like for example;  writing an ebook, promoting it on your blog, and marketing it on Amazon.  You can learn a lot as you keep writing and working your way through. You just need to stay confident and keep working on your plan. 


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