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5 Ways On How To Boost eCommerce Business In 2021

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The eCommerce industry is on a rise. And this has added to every eCommerce business taking a leap into staying ahead of the competition. Every business model in the market is taking a step to move online. Whether B2C. B2B, G2B, C2C, or C2B; the online presence is important and hence it needs to be enhanced. In this article, we will recommend 5 ways on how to boost eCommerce business in 2020.

How To Boost Your eCommerce Business

This year the eCommerce industry has seen a quite a few highs and lows. While the ratio displays the highs and wins on a positive angle, it surely creates room for better opportunities. As an eCommerce owner, you definitely want to stand up with the given competition. For which continuous improvements and changes need to be made. Your eCommerce website needs to be updated with the eCommerce trends that are changing with every passing day.

Whether you are a new business into the eCommerce world, or an established one. Change is always good. Well, if this seems too much, do not stress. We have brought together 5 ways on how to boost eCommerce business in 2020.

Retargeting is the Key

When your business goes through its dark days, the first thing you want to do is target potential prospects, launch new products, and re-plan your strategies. Well! That’s not what you should be doing. Instead on focusing on customer acquisition focus on customer retention. While customer acquisition plays a vital role in any eCommerce business, it is not the only thing to do. Your business will do well if your loyal customers are catered to. Hence Retargeting!

Loyal customers have a major impact on any eCommerce business. They help to increase sales by re-ordering, increases the conversion rates, increase revenue, increase visitors, and impact potential customers.

While new customers also have an equal on sales, old customers will overpower the new. Also, re-targeting is cost-effective, they are well-versed with your brand and products. All you need to do is help increase their overall experience with the products by personalizing them. One of the ways to do this is Customer Loyalty Programs and Reward Points to redeem discounts and offers during sales.

Customer Reviews

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By displaying your product reviews of your existing customers with a product image adds value to your existing brand. It is a way in which customers are given proof that your brand is reliable. additionally, engage in storytelling. Testimonials hold value if there is a Name, Place where your customers are located in and their image is out there. It seems like the review is real. Nameless reviews are done for promotion’s sake. It looks scripted, which definitely won’t convince your existing customers. 

Also, reviews that are just a line or two with the person’s name doesn’t bring in conviction. Customer reviews bring attract customers and hence it is a must and should be incorporated for your business. 

Bestseller Promotion

Best Price Offer Promotion Commerce Marketing Concept

If more than 10-20 customers have ordered just one product in a span of a week or a month, that indeed is tour bestseller. Highlight it! Put it out there. 

Upload in on the front page or home page of your website. Here your visitors know that a particular product has some kind of benefits which is why its a bestseller. Also when a visitor clicks through your site, they may not know what is actually in store for them. You need to tell them. Along with your best seller, display products that have a high margin. They do not need to know if its a best seller or no, you need to make it sound the same. 

Best Selling and Profit Making products hells to build your business. There is also a kind of ripple effect that is created. They have purchased, I too should give it a try. Your bestseller will give you more sales and in turn increase revenue. Hence, why not implement this method from today

Videos over just Product Images

how to boost ecommerce business

ou have an eCommerce website, you have listed your products and its description. Well! That’s not it! Videos are the bonus your website needs to increase conversion. As per a recent study, 52% of marketers state that video is very much needed for brand awareness. And 50% of users believe that videos help understand the product or service better in any eCommerce website.

However, videos too long can bore visitors. A human mind has become less attentive and low tolerance level. A study stated that approximately 2/3 rd of the consumers prefer videos that are less than 60 seconds
Social media development has led to videos being an important part of any business. With almost 500 million people watching videos ofter Facebook, the competition has pulled up its socks.

Analyze If Mobile Shopping is Effective For Your Ecommerce Business

how to boost ecommerce business

Mobile Shopping or Mcommerce is a new way of shopping. With the growth of technology, eCommerce via mobile has taken the front seat. Desktop and laptops viewers are on growth but not at a momentum that mobile viewers are increasing. One thing to understand is that, just because an eCommerce website in out on the world wide web, visitors are only from a desktop, rather now mobile.

Millennials, nowadays are shopping via mobile. Reasons for choosing mobile over desktops are; convenience, comfort, faster speed, leisure, etc. As per research, 63% of millennials prefer to mobile shop than via the desktop.

Hence, as an eCommerce owner, it is necessary to ensure your website is mobile-friendly. You may lose quite a few potential prospects and loyal customers if your website is not mobile-friendly. Mobile applications have grown in order to make it more personalized for the customer.

Lastly, customer experience is what you need to look at. If a consumer has had a good experience, they will definitely re-order again.

The above mentioned 5 ways are few of the best ways to help boost your eCommerce business. Apart from the above, implementing the right shipping strategy for your eCommerce business plays a major role to increase sales. Oder fulfilment is complete only when the product has reached the customer and has given his/her feedback. eCommerce shipping helps you to deliver your product and increase the shipping experience.

And for this, Dash101, your eCommerce shipping solution. The logistics aggregator platform has its reach over 27000+ pin codes across the country. Additionally with 8+ shipping partner integrations and cash on delivery feature helps to choose the best service in the country. Lastly, easy plug-in and shipping rates as low as Rs.23/500gms with no commitment fee sums up all the reasons to Why Dash101!


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Every business model in the market is taking a step to move online. Whether B2C. B2B, G2B, C2C, or C2B; the online presence is visible and hence it needs to be enhanced. In this article, we will recommend 9 ways in which you could boost your eCommerce business in 2020.
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