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5 Proven Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Sales with Proper Product Packaging

how to increase sales with product packaging

How do you like it when you find your online order is wrapped in an extra layer of tissue? And when you open the package, you get to see a note of appreciation for the purchase. Doesn’t that make your day? Such little gestures can go a long way with the customer. Not only can it help you establish a great relationship with the customer but also earn you a good reputation in the market. But, to do this, you have to know how to increase sales with product packaging. 

The concept of sales relies on a lot of factors. While you must be selling good quality products and your product line must be impressing, there are other factors. Packaging is one of the most important factors that helps you create an impression with the customer. And if you get it right, you open your possibility to unprecedented profits. 

You might be someone who is stepping into the ecommerce market right now. Alternatively, you might be a seller you have been selling to a wide customer base for a long time. In both the cases knowing how to increase sales with product packaging is a must. 

But, don’t worry, if you have questions at this point. We’ve gone ahead and brought all the information you need for increasing sales with product packaging. Read on more to find out!

What is Product Packaging?

Product packaging is the process where you prepare your product for shipping online. Whenever you receive an order online, you have to pick the product and place it at your station. The next part of the step is to ensure that you find all the relevant materials to pack the product. The packaging has to be done carefully because you can’t have your products damaged in the transit. 

Product packaging therefore, forms a key aspect of ecommerce. Remember that while ecommerce has its perks, you do not have the leverage like that of retail businesses when it comes to packaging. If you are running a retail business you don’t need to package your product with multiple layers.

All you have to do is put the product in a paper or cloth bag and let the customer walk out of the store. In today’s times, even this becomes an option. A lot of customers carry their own shopping bags, so it’s the bare product they walk out with after boiling. Until obviously the product comes already with a box from the manufacturer. For example, fragile items like vases are products that naturally come in a box. 

In ecommerce, therefore product packaging becomes important. And it has a direct relationship with the sales you make. 

Why is Product Packaging Important?

Product packaging is important for several key reasons. It keeps the product safe. And it also creates an impression of the brand in the eyes of the customer. But it is also vial to understand how to increase sales with product packaging. Sales and packaging are related in the following manner.

When you sell a product to the customer online, you need to package it. Now there are several responsibilities associated with it. You have to deliver the product safely to the customer’s doorstep. And at the same time work to create a good customer experience.  

If you manage to win the trust of customers by delivering high quality products, you will be able to retain them. But, in the competitive market scenario, this is not sufficient. To need to create some sort of beautiful xperience with the customers. This will help them remember you. In other words, you have to associate and find a way to deliver a positive emotion, as you deliver your package. 

Packaging can be a key element here. It can directly impact sales. The question of how to increase sales with product packaging thus becomes even more fundamental.

Customer Retention

Your packaging should reflect the values of your business. A sophisticated packaging with high quality materials and add ons demonstrates that you really value your customers. Your products have the impact to cause a change in their lives. Therefore, with effective packaging leads to customer retention in the long run. If you are delivering safely and connecting with the customer in the process, your customers will come back from a repeat purchase. 

Brand Loyalty

Another important aspect of the business is garnering brand loyalty from your customers. As on online business, you always want your customers to purchase a particular product from your brand. In other words, they come back to you for their needs. Brand loyalty has to be built with experiences. The better you deliver, the better your experience gets. 

how to increase your sales with product packaging


Branding is also an important part of generating sales. Product packaging is important because it is the first tangible thing that the customer feels from your brand. And when you add your logo or company name to it, the customer easily recognizes it. Being visible in the market is a good thing. For this reason, you must get your packaging branded if you want to increase your sales. 

How To Increase Sales with Product Packaging?

Now comes the part where you take the measures on how to increase sales with product packaging. Take a look at some of the amazing tips below-

Add Packaging Inserts

Packaging inserts form an important part of your packaging strategy. These are nothing but small notes on paper that help you connect with the customer. No matter how digitally advanced we become, pen and paper have the power that no one does. Therefore, the physical notes have a thousand times more impact than a message online or an email. Use your creativity to the best when adding packaging inserts. It can help answer how to increase sales with product packaging.

Use a Reliable Box

Make sure that your outermost packaging is sturdy. Although it depends on the nature of your products, the outermost packaging must be paid attention to. For this purpose use a reliable and stylish looking box. This will make sure that your product is safe inside and helps customers find the joy of receiving an online order.

Add a Note of Gratitude

Adding a note of appreciation in the packaging box can be useful on how to increase sales with product packaging. Make your customer remember how special they are. Tell them that they mean a lot to you. Remember that some words are better said. Especially when you have to increase your sales, it is the experience you should be looking forward to.

Make it Convenient

Make sure that your product is conveniently packaged. Your customer need not have to find special tools to open the package. Some sellers in their attempt to create an experience, end up making the packaging too complex. If you’re adding too many layers of packaging to safeguard your product, it might not be a good idea. Your customer might end up thinking that you’re not careful on your packaging considering all the waste they are left with. 

Have a Similar Packaging 

One of the biggest factors that have to play a role in how to increase sales with product packaging is similarity. You might be selling different lines of product to your customers. Some of these might be fragile, other equipment and at the same time some perishable. To increase your sales, you must have all your products packaged with similar kinds of materials. If you have a particular coloured outer packaging, make sure that is the same across all product lines. Consistency goes a long way in establishing a relationship with the customer and ultimately increasing sales. 

Bonus Tip: Add Vouchers and Coupons

Add an exclusive coupon code to the parcel you’re sending your customer. This is one of the sure shot ways of generating more sales. When you provide customers with exclusive deals, you are inviting them to make more purchases on your platform. This can be very helpful in increasing your sales. Alternatively, vouchers also lt your customer know that they’re valuable to your business. It is something out of the way that you do for them. 


How to increase sales with product packaging remains one of the most challenging questions in e-commerce. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of maintaining everything together, break your problem into small chunks. In other words, research well about your packaging material for different lines of products and then decide which suits you the best. Remember that increasing sales isn’t an overnight thing. You have to plan things over time and make sure that everything happens at regular intervals. One of the most important aspects of packaging is logistics. No matter how well you are packaging your parcels, if your logistics provider is not good enough, you cannot deliver successfully. Dash101 is India’s most trusted shipping service that helps you ship with 8+ courier companies at the lowest costs. Your shipping rates start at Rs 23/500gms and you can reach out to 26000+ pin codes. Another opportunity to increase your sales!


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