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How Can You Register As a Snapdeal Seller?

how to register as a snapdeal seller

When it comes to ecommerce, sellers want to maximize their reach. They are able to do this by either partnering with a good logistics provider or by selling on multiple platforms. For the second case, marketplaces make a good option. This means that as a seller you can sell on multiple marketplaces and leverage their audience. Snapdeal is one such platform. If you’re thinking about leveraging it and wondering how to register as a Snapdeal seller, you’re at the right place!

Snapdeal is an amazing ecommerce platform. It helps you reach out to many sellers and expand your ecommerce portfolio. We can all agree that it is not as popular as Amazon or Flipkart, but there is also no reason to underestimate its potential. With Snapdeal you can sell many different kinds of products that you’re not selling right now. 

But, getting started with a new platform can sound a little scary. For this reason, you need to be very careful about the steps you take. One step on the wrong front and it can lead to a lot of issues ruining your ecommerce efforts. Therefore, before we tell you how to register as a Snapdeal seller, let us take you through the journey on the platform-

What is Snapdeal?

Snapdeal is a popular ecommerce marketplace. It is based in New Delhi. The foundation of this high selling marketplace was laid back in 2010 by its founders Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal. Ever since, the platform has been selling successfully to customers all across India. They sell a wide range of products right from apparels to health and wellness toys, equipment, gadgets and more.

The lucrative options offered by the ecommerce store is what pushes the customers to make a purchase from them. The prices on the platform are less as compared to others and the deals are more appealing. Therefore, a large number of customers head to Snapdeal on a daily basis to make the purchase. 

How to register as a snapdeal seller is also simple to answer. The platform has an uncomplicated process. Therefore, sellers can register there without any hurdles. Statistics suggest that the annual income of the ecommerce platform in 2019 was around US $130 million. Therefore, with such a huge number, it is pretty obvious that selling on this platform can be a big opportunity for your business.

In case you are still having trouble making up your mind for the process, take a look below. We’re giving you a few more reasons why Snapdeal might be the best platform for selling online.

Why Sell On Snapdeal?

Before you know how to register as a seller on Snapdeal, make sure that you have enough reasons to do so.  Take a look at why most sellers rush to Snapdeal for selling online-

Effortless Selling

When you’re selling effortlessly to your customers, your business grows. However, even the slightest signs of struggle can result in a bad reputation for your business.selling effortlessly is one of the biggest advantages of selling on Snapdeal. Everything is right there in front of you. Most importantly, if you’ve been thinking that selling on a new platform involves a lot of technical knowledge, you’re wrong. With Snapdeal it is as easy as handing over the product to the customer and taking the money in return. The motto of the platform is simple. It helps you stay ahead of the curve with effortless selling. All you need to focus on are your business decisions that will help you scale your business.

Superior Customer Reach

Superior customer reach directly means that you are opening your business to new possibilities. When you are selling on a platform that already caters to the needs of this business, you grow. Customers know the reputation of Snapdeal and therefore they also come to trust you because you’re selling on the platform. Therefore, while earlier your reach was limited to only the north part of the nation, with Snapdeal you can sell everywhere. 

Easy Onboarding

One of the best parts of Snapdeal is that the platform has an easy onboarding princess. This means that you can easily get started with it. How to register as a Snapdeal seller therefore, becomes a very uncomplicated question. With an easy onboarding process, you can do everything yourself. In other words, you don’t need to hire an expert to do the job for you. Moreover, there are several resources available on the platform that help you do the job easily. In case you get into any trouble. Snapdeal has a robust support that offers you experienced advice on many things. 

No Investment

Establishing your ecommerce store online means investment. No matter how many advertisements you see that claim to offer free selling options, there are always some hidden costs involved. Even if you try to establish your brick and mortar store, you need investment. You’ll require a renting space, staff to manage your store and pay all additional bills such as electricity, rents, parking and more. And there is no escaping from it. Moreover, with the pandemic hitting the world, most customers are also avoiding visiting physical places.

This is not the case on Snapdeal. When you’re selling on the platform, you need a heavy investment. Therefore, the question of upfront costs is completely ruled out. And that’s not it. When you have your own store, you also have to make sure that the payment happens in a safe environment. This is not the case with Snapdeal. The platform ensures that all of these activities are carried out with utmost care and precautions.

24 * 7 Availability

Another reason why you should think about how to register as a Snapdeal seller is its 24 * 7 availability. When you’re running a brick and mortar store, your business sleeps with you. You have to shut down your store and open it every single day. This means that you’re losing business while you’re sleeping. This is not the case with ecommerce. In addition to this, your customer will also not walk into your store in the middle of the night. However, people do stay up and browse the Internet, which is the case with ecommerce. Ecommerce lets you stay available to your customers at all times. It gives you the flexibility of running your store from anywhere in the world. 

ow to register as a snapdeal seller

How to Register as a Snapdeal Seller?

Let’s come back to the big question now. Registering yourself on Snapdeal might involve a little bit of nitty gritties. You will have to prepare your documents and any relevant proofs. It is best that you read about them in the below section, before you open the registration page. This will help you save time in the process.

The registration process is simple and can be completed in the least amount of time. You need to stay prepared with your proofs. Snapdeal doesn’t ask for much. It’s just the basic documents that everyone selling one has. 

How to Register as a Snapdeal Seller: The Documents Required 

Below is the list of documents that are required for registering in Snapdeal. There is nothing to be scared of, because these documents are very basic.

PAN Card

As a basic document proof, you need to submit the details of your PAN Card. This is the standard activity across all selling platforms. PAN Card is used to keep a check on the taxes that you have to pay for the commercial activity. In case you are registering yourself as a company, you must submit your company details. 

GST Number

The Goods and Service Sales tax is a stand tax that replaces a lot of indirect taxes. Every person conducting business or a commercial activity has to apply for a GST number from the government. Failing to do so will result in the banning of all activities. Therefore, like other platforms, Snapdeal asks you to submit your GST number along with the scanned copies of the relevant document. In case you are stepping into the world of ecommerce, you will have to go through the process. 

How to Register as a Snapdeal Seller: Registration Process

The last part of the job is finally registering on the platform with all your details. For this, head to the website of Snapdeal and click on the Register as a Seller Option. 

  • As you register, you will be asked to enter your name, email address and phone number.
  • The screen next proceeds to ask you about your PAN card and GST details. Make sure you complete the registration process completely. 
  • Next, go ahead and choose the products you want to sell. Create a catalog and set your pricing. And you’re done!


Now that you’ve created your store in Snapdeal, make sure that you partner with a reliable logistics provider for the job. Dash101 can help you ship your Snapdeal orders via multiple courier partners at the lowest costs. Ship to 26000+ pincodes at shipping rates starting Rs 23/500 gms. Take your business to the next level with effective shipping and selling. 


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