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How to start an online shopping business?

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Before the millennium started, in the 80s and 90s, going out to shop was a big thing. People dressed up and planned their shopping needs in advance. Kids got excited when they were taken shopping. In those days, it wasn’t even easy to just go and buy something. Clothes, accessories, jewellery- most lifestyle products were expensive, incomes weren’t that great for most of the middle class and shops were all scattered. A few years later, in the 2000s came the malls and everything came closer-all shops under one roof. But this was still limited to the metro cities. While shopping has always been extremely popular in India, it was revolutionized after the growth of the online shopping business. The online shopping industry truly revolutionized the way we buy anything and everything!

Today, online shopping is therapeutic. When you feel bogged down at work, buying something online can improve your mood. Got an impromptu weekend getaway? Shop online and you’ll have the clothes in 48 hours. Today, the technology, communication, shipping and logistics industries have developed so much that they’re able to provide a superior consumer experience, both online and offline. This is why online shopping is an extremely successful industry and an even more lucrative business option. If you see yourself as an entrepreneur, now is the best time to start an online shopping business.

If you don’t know how to start an online shopping business in India, fret not. We will now delve deeper into the pointers you must keep in mind! Let’s go through the different ways in which you can start an online shopping business!

Get a website for your online shopping business

A website is to an online business what a physical store is to an offline business! Your website is your digital identity, your online address. It helps potential customers find you and it gives them an idea about what you offer. It is, therefore, extremely important to design your website in the most optimum manner possible. You must include pictures of your product to give consumers a reference point. Pictures must be as accurate as they can be, because if the pictures are different from the actual product, your customers might lose trust! Next up, be very careful of the information you put on the website. Carefully prepare the website content to reflect on your business, your product and your USP.

Getting a website is a good way to start an online shopping business. You will need a team of professionals to work on this. Consider getting a website developer, a UX/UI specialist and a content writer to help you get started. If you don’t want to spend that much money on individual developers, look at website creation websites such as Dash101, that allows you to create and operate your website easily.

Start with an eCommerce-enabled website

Now you may think that a website equals e-Commerce, but both of them are slightly different. A regular website shows information about your business, pictures and all the details, but it is not directly possible to buy from the website unless you have an eCommerce-enabled site. Enabling an eCommerce marketplace allows you to list your products so that customers can view prices and buy products directly from your site. While this is very convenient, building an eCommerce marketplace is expensive and requires more resources. So consider this option by looking at the pros and cons!

Sign up on an aggregator site

Don’t want to spend money on a website? That’s okay, you can still establish a successful online shopping business. All you need is to put your products on an Aggregator site. An Aggregator is a site like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. which lists products in different categories from different brands. The advantage of such sites is that a lot of people view these sites so you get a lot of visibility. You can also see how your competitor brands are doing on the same site and thus get ideas on how to improve. A lot of aggregator sites also provide a lot of logistics solutions which we will discuss next.

Logistics: Key to your online shopping business

The great thing about online shopping is that customers don’t need to step out from their homes. The products are delivered to them. While that is one less worry for them, it’s an added task for you as an online business owner. Once an order is placed, your work has just begun. You need to ensure that the order is packed, shipped properly, shipped at an affordable rate and delivered in impeccable condition. All of these things come under logistics. Logistics is one of the key areas of an online shopping business and you must pay special attention to it. In a country like India, so many things could go wrong with logistics, so extra focus must be given to it!

You might be thinking that running an online shopping business is hard, with so many things to take care of. But with a platform like Dash101, you get complete solutions in one go!

Dash101 is an integrated platform that provides all-round solutions when it comes to setting up an online shopping business. From managing a site to starting an online marketplace, Dash101 helps you with everything. Additionally, Dash101 Logistics helps you manage inventory, handle shipping, and takes care of all your logistics responsibilities. With Dash101, your dream of running an online business can become a reality. You don’t need to run in 10 different directions because all your tasks are taken care of, in one place!

What are you waiting for? Get started with your online shopping business. If not now, when? Start now and with Dash101, you can #DoItAll


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