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How to start an online store?

Gone were the days when offline stores were seen as a status symbol. Today’s the whole world is online and if whatever isn’t online isn’t on the radar! It’s true, today everything has gone digital. All the businesses that went online are the ones that have kept up with changing times. Today, people shop online more than offline. Offline stores are now seen as an inconvenience because travelling to crowded stores seems like a nuisance now. The dotcom is booming today and so are online businesses. Being able to shop online is such a blessing and the rise in online shopping has made eCommerce a very lucrative business. If you see yourself as a business owner, now is the time to go online. But if you’re wondering how to start an online store, fret not.

Starting an online store may seem difficult, especially if you’re not a tech-savvy person. But in today’s day and age, there are so many tools and services available online that show you how to start an online store and guide you throughout. Setting up an online store does require some investment but compared to the returns you get, it is nominal! So let’s get started and delve into how to start an online store.

Set up eCommerce or Sign up with an Aggregator:

The main purpose of an online store is to ensure sales and so the first thing to take care of is that. You can do this in 2 ways. The first is to set up eCommerce within your brand website. This involves setting up your own website on your domain name. This gives you a unique identity online and you can integrate eCommerce into the website. This means that when people come to your site, they can get all information about your brand, see pictures, check the prices of products, and complete a purchase- all in one place! If you’re wondering how to start an online store, this is the first step!

The other option is to sign up or partner with an aggregator site. An aggregator site is one like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc where multiple companies sell their products. These sites get a lot of viewership because they sell a lot of different products. If you sell through such a site, you might have to pay them some commission, but you save on website and eCommerce costs. Additionally, you have the possibility of higher sales because a lot of people see your products.

The first step towards setting up an online store is taking your products online. Once you do this, the job is half-done! But there’s still another very important part of the process that you must manage. If you’re wondering how to set up an online store you cannot do it without this step. That is logistics, and we shall get into that next.


A layperson might think that the work of an online business owner ends once the order is placed. But in a sense, the work has just begun. If you want to know how to start an online store, you must know about logistics. Logistics involves the entire process from the moment the order is placed to the moment it reaches your customer’s doorstep. The entire process of logistics and order fulfillment can be divided into many stages and each stage is extremely important.

Logistics includes everything from checking the inventory to see if the product is available to packing the order properly to then partnering with a shipping service, tracking the order and making sure it reaches the customer within a specified period of time. In a country like India, a lot of things could go wrong at each stage. In a sense, logistics is one of the most important things if you want to learn how to start an online store.

While logistics requires a lot of time and involves a lot of tedious tasks, it makes sense to partner with companies to do it. But you must be very careful here because the work of the other company will reflect on your brand image. Another thing is that if you partner with one company for packing and another one for shipping, it becomes difficult to keep a track. This is why you need a reliable company that provides all-round solutions, like Dash101!

#DoItAll with Dash101

Starting an online store can be daunting but if you get help from Dash101, it’s a cakewalk! Dash101 is one platform that provides 360-degree solutions for those who want to start an online store. It helps you start a website and establish eCommerce. It also helps you manage logistics, shipping all in one place so that you can ensure smooth functioning of operations. Dash101 Logistics partners with some of the best shipping companies in the country so that you can ship your online orders in the most affordable and convenient way possible!

If you think you need to learn more about how to start an online store, the only thing you need is to get started with Dash101! With its integrated solutions, you can truly do it all and turn your business idea into a successful online store. So get started now!


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