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Increasing Cyber-attacks and Measure That Can Be Taken in 2021

cyber attacks

As India is gearing towards a more digitized world. One of the major reasons is the COVID-19 Pandemic. One can expect the beginning of an era where mobiles and cloud systems will take the charge. However, a digitized era comes along with cyber threats of its own. Additionally, for quite some years now, eCommerce platforms have been a go-to target for hackers, read Express Computers.

eCommerce platforms are dependent on technology and user trust. As a cyber attack is a breach on both ends, it leads to a huge monetary loss as well as reputation.

These are certain measures that you can put into practice to minimize potential mishaps.

Use a web application firewall:

Websites are constantly vulnerable to hacking attempts, malware injection, and distributed denial of service attacks. ECommerce platforms must adopt security measures like Cloudfare or Succuri to block any unnecessary threats to their website.

Conducting a VAPT:

Since companies operate from remote locations, hackers have taken advantage to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. A VAPT (Vulnerability, assessment, and penetration testing) will help companies to identify vulnerabilities. As well as devise a plan of action to protect the ecosystem.

Using a strong SSL certificate

Using a Secure Socket Layer certificate is not an option in 2021. Hence, customers can easily identify this by the green lock symbol on the left hand of the URL. These encryptors act as locks to protect sensitive information such as details, passwords, login credentials, etc.

Security certification

An ISO 27001 is a certificate that ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information in a company. It is generally implanted to manage the security of important assets. Such as employee and user details, information about third-party vendors, etc.

Information Source – Express Computers


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