India's reselling App Shop101 announces an interesting contest

India’s reselling App Shop101 announces an interesting contest

After its ‘Celebrating Trust’ campaign, the Indian reselling App – Shop101 has announced the ‘Ban Jao Lakhpati’ Contest. The contest began on 16th October and will go on until Diwali, November 14th.

As stated in its Press Release, the contest allows its resellers to participate and win prizes up to ₹20 Lakhs. All that one needs to do is resell via Shop101. 

While the above prize is for the top 2500 winners, the first prize winner wins an assured ₹1 lakh cash; Lakhpati indeed!

CEO of Shop101, Abhinav Jain says,”With festivals being celebrated slightly differently this year because of the pandemic, we really wanted to do something special for our resellers for the Festival Season. So, we came up with a really fun contest that also pays big! With ₹1 lakh as the first cash prize, there’s going to be tough competition to beat,” in a Press Release.

Furthermore, the Press Release by Shop101 also mentions the various positioning of the prizes that will be rewarded. From Shop101 credits to silver coins and guaranteed cash prizes, the contest has a lot to offer. 

The reselling app has over 1.5 lac orders placed over 50,000 resellers across the country at the time of the Press Release. So if you’ve always had entrepreneurial dreams, now is the time to make them come true. So download the app now and become a reseller with Shop101. You’re in for tons of exciting stuff and interesting features that will only help your business grow.


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